Chapter 12: Blurred Shadow

Warning: Somewhat NSFW In the morning, a ray of soft sunlight shone through the glass, lighting the dark room. As the room was becoming brighter, the unconscious Bai Xishan’s eyebrows twitched a bit. Followed by his eyes slowly opening. “Grandpa, you woke up.” Sitting at his side was Bai Xiya, who was so excited that she … Continue reading Chapter 12: Blurred Shadow

Chapter 11: Nightly Hunt

“Master Chen, are you okay?” Because Ye Chenfeng was too weak, Bai Xiya had to help him walk. It was inevitable that there would be some physical contact them, making the situation somewhat embarrassing. But the usually proud Bai Xiya didn’t feel disgusted or offended by this. Instead, after seeing Ye Chenfeng’s wondrous skills, she couldn’t help but admire him. “It’s nothing, I … Continue reading Chapter 11: Nightly Hunt

Chapter 10: Marvelous Medicine

“Swoosh!” One hundred and eight silver needles came alive, flying from the fingers of Ye Chenfeng. Each with a special trajectory flying in the air. “Marvelous Technique.” Seeing this performance, the three white-haired doctors were completely shocked. Perhaps with decades of use, they could not control the silver needles so well. “Genius, this person is definitely … Continue reading Chapter 10: Marvelous Medicine

Chapter 9: Still Think I’m Arrogant?

"Nice looking girl." The woman, wearing a pink long dress, with her curves prominently displayed. Wearing black boots, so that her long slender legs were outlined perfectly. Ye Chenfeng never thought much of beautiful women, but he had to admit, in front of this woman, very few could compare. Only perhaps the first beauty of the Zijin Imperial City could compete … Continue reading Chapter 9: Still Think I’m Arrogant?

Chapter 7: Golden Needle

Taking a deep breath, his hands following a printed schematic, by the golden needle's construction. Ye Chenfeng needed to control his soul force, to form the needle talisman. Golden Needle can be said of the lowest leveled offensive talismans. Composed of two offensive lines. But Ye Chenfeng's realm is too low and his soul force too weak. Making the refining of the talisman … Continue reading Chapter 7: Golden Needle