Chapter 19: Upgrading Star Stream

Being mage guardians, gargoyles are a favorite of all mages and magic casters. However, mages prefer versatility and most gargoyles are sub-par in that aspect. Their abilities outside of acting as bodyguards are essentially nil. However, it would be a huge waste to do nothing. So, for many mages, they not only serve as guards, … Continue reading Chapter 19: Upgrading Star Stream

Chapter 18: Gargoyles’ Heart

"Mr. Rhode! We found it!!" Hearing that squeaky voice, Rhodes immediately looked back and saw Metz standing in front of the church. He held a small but finely-crafted statue in his hand. It was of a gargoyle in a curled position. The ruby eyes shone a hint of red light. But more importantly, it was … Continue reading Chapter 18: Gargoyles’ Heart

Chapter 17: Summoning Master

The Summoner Swordsman's most vital piece of advice: absolutely never be alone. [Consumes 1 skill point, Moonlight Sword 1/5, Proficiency C - Moonlit Flower Unlock] [Consumes 1 skill point, Summoning Master talent tree opened.] [Summoning Master First-level talent unlocks: Soul Resonance (Increases number of simultaneous summons, can be upgraded) Spirit Call (Increase connection with summons, … Continue reading Chapter 17: Summoning Master