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Hail the King

Coiling Dragon
Slime Tensei

I don’t have time to mention every anime that I like. So I’ll limit it to two summaries.

Clannad Seasons 1 & 2
This series really makes you analyze the importance of family. My favorite part of this series is the connection between the MC and his father. And how it parallels to his future life. This is definitely a philosophical show rather than a simple romance.

IMO the funniest show, I’ve seen. It’s just ridiculous but makes sense.
Only Nichijou could make chewing funny

Fellow Translators
Sometimes, translators don’t have a particular style and don’t really communicate directly with their readers. Sometimes it feels like you’re talking to a machine. This list is for those translators that have their own flair and personality even when online.

(Sorry if this doesn’t include some other translators.)

  • The entire Noodletown Translated Team
  • Yukkuri
  • Nigel-Sama
  • Sylver
  • App
  • uselessno4