My Little Country

Alternatively Titled: My Country of Little People

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(Pretty good series for those interested in picking it up.)


Chapter 1
Your Existence

Shu City, a small third-tier city in the remote corners of the second most powerful country. The Blue Mercury Kingdom. The city once thrived for some time with its numerous coal mines. However, now it’s former splendor has since died as its vein were depleted.

By now, many of the younger generation would go out of this city and find work or other opportunities elsewhere.

Xiao Yu had just finished his college entrance exams. According to the age-old traditions of Shu city, he and his classmates were expected to travel or find jobs during the summer. However, it seems that Xiao Yu would not do any of these things. As his family and friends visited his house, they would secretly sigh at his newfound reclusiveness.

Presently, Xu Jun would receive constant phone calls from relatives concerned that he would turn into a waste.

Xiao Yu could only give a wry smile at this. It’s not like he could refute it. What, should say he’s found a spacial door in his basement and he’s been studying this door rather than going outside?

Early this morning, Xiao Yu had just finished washing off when he received a phone call from his head teacher.

The teacher was very excited to tell Xiao Yu that his college entrance exam scores were among the best in Shu City. Getting into his university of choice was now a simple matter.

This was terrific news in Shu City. During last year’s college entrance examination, the entire city only produced eighteen students that progressed to university. This news was enough to justify and large family banquet.

Xiao Yu excitedly talked to the teacher about a few things. However, in his heart, he was a bit disappointed.

After all, Xiao Yu found a door that led to another dimension in his basement!

After experimenting and attaching a camera to a dog yesterday, Xiao Yu was now convinced that this new world was equally suitable for living creatures!

In contrast, university didn’t seem as appetizing!

Furthermore, last night a new package was delivered. Making Xiao Yu terribly excited. After all, these items were all closely related to this new journey.

Hanging up the phone with his teacher, Xiao Yu hastily finished breakfast. Rushing to begin his preparations.

“Alright. So a cross-country expedition backpack. Um, a helmet, a full set of protective clothing, a compass, binoculars, windproof lighters, military-grade dry food, multi-purpose engineering shovel…”

As Xiao Yu started equipping his new inventory, he was still thinking. These things sure cost a lot of his money. Regrettably, it seems that in the future he would need to request some more money from his parents. Most of his money was spent on getting his basic necessities.

Especially … for that weapon!

“Novice-grade Chasing Moon hunting crossbow!” Xiao Yu was now neatly dressed. Looking cautiously as he inspected his new dark hunting crossbow.

“This seller really did not lie to me. Even for a beginner like me, they would be able to quickly master the basic skills. Together with my thirty crossbow bolts, so long as it isn’t a fantasy world, I should be able to have some self-defense.

Xiao Yu could feel the excitement of being an adventurer in his bones. Who would have the opportunity to explore the uncharted like this?

Thinking about how he would embark into a strange land, Xiao Yu could not help get some nervousness.

Although this set of online body protection has not been field tested, it still at least seems quite safe.

An added bonus was that it was quite stylish!

Xiao Yu’s current home is located in the suburbs of Shu City. A decades-old house with a brick and wooden structure. It had a small garden and a basement.

This basement was used in the past to store pickles, rice wine, and the like. However, as much of the population moved to other cities to work, this house was essentially abandoned. Xu Jun spend most of the time early summer cleaning the house. Planning to use the debris-littered basement as a utility room.

It was by this opportunity that Xu Jun found a strange section of the wall that issued a soft blue light – a door to another plane!

The spacial gate was in an oval shape, about three meters in height and one meter in width at its maximum.

The heavily equipped Xiao Yu stood before the gate. Taking a deep breath, he extended his hand out as it was enveloped by the blue light.

Feeling not the slightest sense of discomfort, Xiao Yu leaped into the gate!

Suddenly, he felt a strange new atmosphere. Slowly opening his eyes, he found himself in the land of another world.

“Whew, I can breathe clearly. The atmospheric conditions are confirmed.”

Xiao Yu started to do some basic movement activities. It feels a lot more comfortable than in Shu City, perhaps the gravity is slightly lower?

Looking around, Xiao Yu found himself in the area that resembled a valley or canyon. Behind him were the strange patterns of the door like in his basement.

However, this “canyon” was quite small. Both sides may be only three meters high. Making Xu Jun remember some of the miniature displays of canyons he’s seen before.

Feeling around, he walked with high spirits out of the “canyon”…

In an empty desert, a group of ragged men was being chased by more than a dozen light-cavalry soldiers.

These cavalrymen were dressed in a light brown leather armor. Wearing dome helmets and carrying no encumbering weight upon them. From time to time, they would fire their crossbows at the fleeing group.

The cavalrymen made it look like a game as they leisurely chased their prey. Loudly laughing as they casually shot their bolts.

“These damn traitors!”

“Demons! They should go to hell!”

Among those fleeing, two fairly unassuming men cursed out loud. Closely following a wounded one-eyed man as they fled.

“This is all my fault.” The within the one-eyed man’s remaining eye was a trace of sadness. “If it were not for me, they would not be able to catch up with us in the wilderness…”

“Your Highness!” One of the men beside him shouted. “Do not be ridiculous! Obviously, it was that shameful Archduke of Nanan who violated the pledge of the kingdom and launched this rebellion! Everything is their fault!”

“And, Your Highness … The valleys in front of us! The oath of our ancestors will allow us to regain everything we’ve lost!”

“Those rebels will die!”

Leaving the one-eyed man to feel a painful heart as he sped forward.

His name is Anrick Youze, of the eleventh king of Steel Kingdom. The lord of a million people was now like a bereaved dog as his life was threatened with every second.

He was unwilling to take the last of his last followers to die in search of a canyon… However, Anrick knew that it was too late now. The fuzzy outline of the canyon was already in sight.

Gulch Canyon, the name of this canyon in the middle of this desert wilderness. However, while others were not aware, a strange rumor circulated through the royal family.

It was said that ancient gods and their children slumbered within this canyon.

The Founding King of the Steel Kingdom once entered the canyon and was fortunate enough to meet a son of god who had just woken up.

With the help of this god who wielded infinite power, he built up the Steel Kingdom.

This is the secret of the royal family, handed down from generation to generation. However, it was also the most unbelievable secret of the royal family.

By Anrick’s generation, the Steel Kingdom had gone through more than 500 years of wind and rain. However, over these numerous years, the royal family had launched thousands of expeditions into the canyon. Not to mention gods or sons of gods, they didn’t even find a strand of god hair.

It can be said that for the royal family, this rumor was nothing more than the rhetoric that the founding monarch used to gain power.

However, at the moment when the kingdom was overthrown, Anrick looked at the message given to them by their founding king. Regarding the canyon as his final hope, he sped out of the capital.


As Anrick was thinking, he heard a sudden scream. An arrow had pierced into the head of one of his followers. Falling straight to the ground.

The missile cavalry’s attacks became more focused and direct. Behind them were a team of armored cavalry.

These armored cavalry were the real hunters. Seeing how the leisurely the missile cavalry was treating this, they let out a dissatisfied growl. Suddenly the light cavalry began to get nervous and started shooting more rapidly.

“The ancestor… Am I really going to die here and cut off the lineage of the Steel Kingdom?” Looking back at the pursuing soldiers and his exhausted followers, Anrick’s heart was filled with dread.

“That’s his highness Anrick. A pitiable man.” The knight leader who was riding a particularly mighty horse, said as he shook his head slightly.

“Anyhow it’s time to finish this. Now the entire royal family will become extinct.”

The knight slowly raised his right hand as he prepared to charge forward. Ready to strike the final blow to this former king.

But he was too late to win this great contribution.

Suddenly, the knight’s body turned. Causing the horse to immediately stop.

“What was that!” Knight noticed something strange. Rather, not only him, the other cavalry also showed the same response.

An uneasy feeling arose in his heart.


As all of the cavalry stood still, they finally could distinguish an abnormal sound coming from the canyon.

“The earth is trembling?”


Another loud yet dull sound. But this time it seemed louder than before. Leaving everyone to stand in bewilderment and shock.

“Is it an earthquake?”

A timid knight asked.

“Yes, perhaps.” However, the knight leader did not say this with confidence.


Again! The shaking of the ground was now more obvious. The horses also began to appear restless.

“Damn, catch up and kill those people!” The knight shouted out.

He waved his spear and ordered: “It’s mere wilderness here! The earthquake will not kill you! Kill! A gold coin for every head!”

The knight leader’s reward was enough to turn the light cavalrymen into beasts.

However, just as the cavalry were ready to attack the ragged group, a large shadow appear over them, blocking the evening sun. Appearing almost instantaneously, it left everyone stunned stupid.


A soldier’s sword fell to the ground.


As the shadow spread over the earth, the sound of the earthquake was almost right next to them. All of the soldiers felt their bodies trembling in fear. Their weapons falling on the ground one after another.


“How can this be!”

Looking at the canyon, their mouths were hard to be closed.

Anrick, the king of the Steel Kingdom was lying on the ground, seemingly unaware of the changes. Thinking of his near death, he was surprised to see his enemies stop and stand there without a single word.

Looking at the now weaponless cavalry, he felt his body also feel cooler. As if the sky was filled with dark clouds. Turning around and looking at the entrance of the canyon.

Suddenly, this king started to tear up from his remaining eye.

He saw a sight he had longed for. The words of his ancestor were true! A being a hundred meters high, an indescribably great existence!

The son of god has arrived! He actually exists!



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