Peronsal Poems

Here are a variety of poems that I wrote over the course of my life.

The Warmth of The Heart

It feels as cold as embers upon the night. 
A chill that stirs my soul in fright.
In a land of snow and stones, 
Where no heat can be sown. 

But all my praise cannot hold these cinders. 
Whose efforts I exhausted myself upon.
A still heart stands alone,
In a land of snow and stones. 

I seek a dawn from this dream.
A desire that permeates the bones. 
The ice traps my heart of stone, 
Where no heat can be sown. 

Yet the snow has an alluring gleam, 
Piling atop this cold boulder.
In this land of snow and stones, 
Where no warmth can be sown. 

Atop the Sky, Mountain, and Sea

On the peak I gather atop a swift and cunning slope
A height much higher than most
Yet no closer do I seem to be
To the high and to the free

These paths wind towards the coast
On a path of mountains and valleys
Towards an end I cannot see

To what is beyond the next peak
Only the skies can guarantee

All I seek is on the highest summit
Where the firmament hangs low 
There at that great height, is all I want to be

Yet there, I glance at the horizon
Where the mountains touch the sea
For there is a spot in its depths, reserved for me
On this journey to the final sea

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