The Art of Translations


So this will be an informative article that I’ll write so that it can benefit those who wish to translate but can’t because of language barriers.

Tips for MTL

Resources that I highly recommend you use:
Google Toolkit (Side-by-side TL Tool) (Really In-Depth Chinese Dictionary)
Wikitionary (Multi-Language Dictionary)
And of Course:
Google Translate (Usually better)
Microsoft Translate

Also NEVER, EVER do a Historical Series unless you are very confident in your Chinese. It is by far the hardest Genre possible.

Finally, the most important part for an MTL’er if something doesn’t make sense. MAKE IT MAKE SENSE. DO WHAT YOU NEED TO MAKE IT FLOW.

Have a word that makes no sense? LEAVE IT OUT.                                                               What if it’s important? MAKE IT VAGUE.


NOTE: I think a good route is to go to /r/noveltranslations where every month there is a recruitment thread from a lot of the various groups. It also details the need and work requirements. Starting as editor or translation checker is generally a simple job for those unsure about their role in a series translation.

EX for June 2017

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