Unfinished Text

This page is dedicated to all sorts of text and poetry that I typically threw out in the writing process. However, it may be a good idea to get inspiration for your own sort of ideas.


So love, that ever so troublesome topic that has baffled thinkers the world over. For clarity, the version of love that I will be referring to is the modern romanticized form of love, Eros.

I think that we endeavor in love because of our fundamental irrationality. Many of the great Greek thinkers emphasize logic. They too would agree that Eros love is not necessarily logical. However, they would also recognize its importance in human behavior.

I think Aristotle was very correct in his recognition of love. In that love, in all its forms, is like a thread that ties people together. However, I also find it interesting that the notion of a thread connecting two people together is very much like the Karmic Threads of Eastern thought.

However, “Sowing karma” somewhat conflicts with the modern notion of love. If people are bound by destiny then the notion of finding love is null. There is no purpose should destiny bind the world together.  [Note: Karma in Hinduism and Buddhism is not representative of all Eastern thought.]

With that said, Western beliefs is undoubtedly heavily influenced by the Bible. With it, there are two views. One that God controls all things and one that man holds free will over themselves.  Now, in the commonly accepted notion of free will, love can be found through personal endeavor.

To conclude this point of finding love, it should be noted that…

I stare greedily at my bed but wait! I still haven’t showered

Reading Harry Potter for the first time was life-changing. The series is often underappreciated for some of the more mature themes. Strangely enough, it was the first time when political corruption was made interesting. I began to wonder the interactions between the Muggle and the Magical worlds. All of these things were condensed into a small and digestible package for children to read.

Meanwhile, there are a few short-term goals that will work in tandem with the one stated previously. The first step is to limit supply. This can be some through increased enforcement, albeit costly and somewhat ineffective. An alternative is to reduce demand, something that will be the result of changing lifestyle choices. Second, reduce the risk of using drugs. Clean needles were something desperately needed to combat the HIV rise in [Redacted] County. Yet not fast enough to isolate the issue. Third, is to provide rehab to those willing to receive it. Prisons are a nest for criminal activity and can incite further problems when inmates are released. A better option is to have the option for rehab in a separate facility. Although the success rate is not overwhelming, it still provides a healthier opportunity.

Every since realizing this, I’ve viewed economics as somewhat of an ongoing story. A tale that tells the wealth of individuals, institutions, and nations.