About MD

Hmm, interesting stuff about me.7a30d2f7e879c95fb2974f14d18d3b6e--nirvana-chibi

Things I’m excited for:
SAO: Alicization is out!
Smile Tensei is looking really good so far.

I’m really anxious to start My Wife is a Beautiful CEO again. I put it on hiatus because it wasn’t fully translated. So, once it is, I’ll be on that. Same goes for Cultivation Chat Group and A Will Eternal.

I’m absolutely pumped for Overlord Volume 14. I do wish Sebas had a bigger role, seeing as he’s the most humane person in Nazarick.


3 thoughts on “About MD

  1. I’ve been thinking about that series but I’m kinda hesitant on starting ongoing series 😦


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