Grand Secretary Shen Li

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Chapter 1
March’s Fallen Flowers

Shen Li felt his whole body ache, his head splitting in pain, wanting to stand up but faints. His eyelids not opening a trace. Since last night’s meeting with clients, he drank somewhat excessively, his hangover hitting him like a storm. Fortunately, the profit wasn’t small.Then in his ears was the sounds of women conversing. Shen Li was shocked, he was confused as to why there were so many women in his house. But after thinking about it, his assistant who remained sober probably threw all of them into a single hotel. Thinking back, since the co-workers have trouble working together, he probably won’t get his bonus the month either. Causing him to be quite regretful, but still too drowsy to care, He decided to go back to sleep.

But after some time, Shen Li woke back up, refreshed from the exhausting endeavor. His eyes lazily opening but was quickly startled awake. It was not his bedroom nor was it the luxury hotel room. He was lying atop an ancient antique wooden bed The sounds of small birds chirping atop a willow tree outside. Beside the bed was a little girl, with her hair tied in a bun. Wearing what seemed to be a cosplay uniform, strange. Her head fell on the bed sleeping. Shen Li be greatly shocked, the last thing he remembered was that he was drunk. But that was in December.

Now that he has woke up, the flowers were open and a spring breeze drifted through the air. Where is this place? Who is this girl? Shen Li wanted to reach out and ask the little girl what happened but before he could he saw his hand. His pair of well-exercised, slender and white, more made, it was not an adult’s hands! Shen Li looked at it several times over and over, just to be sure that it was not his mother’s hand! What happened? He saw a bronze mirror on the other side of the room, jumping up from the bed, not wasting time on socks and shoes. Walking barefoot on the cool floor and walked top to the mirror and sure enough, the face that he saw was not one of a middle-aged man and destroyed by tobacco and alcohol. But a ten-year-old boy, with long eyebrows, face like white jade, overall very good looking.

But more importantly, it’s not his face! Shen I shed had a tear and thought to himself, “What happened? Did I pass through time or something? But I really didn’t want to. I had just renovated a hundred and twenty houses, I just got an Audi. I don’t even have a girlfriend yet! I was so close to being promoted after all those years, my life was just going along. Could it be that I got so drunk I died? Curse the thieving heavens, I might have actually been a Vice Manager by now.”

Shen Li stood blankly for a long while, wiping his face and quietly climbing back atop his bed, thinking. Scared, he thought that if someone found out that he took over this boy’s body, then he might be captured and burned as a demon.

Shen Li ended up falling into a two-day long coma. During his sleep of the previous owner’s memories started appearing. The original body’s master was also called Shen Li. This year he turned ten years old. However, he retained the status of a bastard child of Marquis Shen Chun. The fifth in the family, and seventh young master in the clan. Shen Li’s biological mother was originally a tenant at the Shen household. Surnamed Yan, and given the nickname Siniang. Since childhood, she was lauded due to her beauty and pleasant voice. Ever since she reached fifteen, marriageable age, matchmakers would come knocking at her door.

The Marquis’s wife had birth to a set of twins but both had sickly bodies. Leaving her barren and so a concubine was chosen. Yan Siniang was quite sly about her behavior. In the face of the Marquis, she gave an uncaring attitude, a heartless concubine. While serving the Madam, but never done more than was needed. In the end, she gave birth to Shen Li, then separated by a year, a daughter, Shen Yishu. Then another two years and another daughter, Shen Lishu. Yan Siniang’s heart growing more and more affectionate. However, compared to the status of the Madam, her position was not so stable. However, the Marquis’s wife was much worse, Shen Wu was born weak and of the twins born, only the girl, Shen Luan survived. The Marquis and his wife both distressed.

He feared that the existence of Shen Li would cause jealousy in his wife. Yan Siniang also knew of this and kept Shen Li distant and away from the Madam. In order to not anger his wife with the bastard child, he could only distance himself from Shen Li. But also spoiled him when possible and by the time Shen Li turned ten, he was only somewhat literate. As a bastard child with poor talent, he didn’t live up to expectations. His siblings not caring for him and for a long time, Shen Li felt alone. Growing more and more unruly, never reflecting and addressing his issues. Shen Chun and Yan Siniang both felt some grief at this and tried their best to teach him, but a ten-year old’s temperament is easy to change, a moment of negligence and it was all for naught. Shen Li once climbed up a tree to look at a bird’s nest, but stumbled and nearly died. Causing Yan Siniang to nearly collapse from grief.

Today, Yan Siniang was sitting beside the bed, seeing Shen Li’s sleeping form, she could not help but become grieved, faintly crying. Then Shen Chun walked in, seeing her tears his heart also grew heavy. Shen Li is the only son of Yan Siniang and one of his only two sons. The eldest son, Shen Wu is good at reading books and has promising talent. However, his body is weak and feeble, last year he was sick two or three times, and now currently very ill. Although his second son is unruly and vigorous. Shen Chun pampers him much like Shen Wu. Not wishing for this kind of disaster to befall him. If Shen Li had another accident then Yan Siniang would probably truly die from grief this time around. Shen Chun only has two sons, his eyes displaying his anxiety. The two were sitting silently when the servant heard a series of coughs. The quickly summoned the father and the aunt. Walking in and seeing Shen Li actually sit up.

Yan Siniang cried and rushed to hold her son. Shen Chun also urgently stepped forward to see Shen Li’s pale face. His eyes shining a happy bright light. Releasing a long breath, easing his hanging heart. Shen Chun turned around and went out to call for the doctor and when he returned he scolded, “You mischievous child, you get more unruly by the day! Not only did you recently almost fall to your death, also implicated others to worry.”

Yan Siniang gave a gentle look at her son waking up. Seeing Shen Chun reprimand her lifeblood she felt some agitation. She usually displays a gentle and quiet personality, but now she could not help but complain, “Seventh Young Master just woke up, also I’m unsure about the state of his body. For Marquis to reprimand him just goes to show how little the household cares about this aging concubine.”

Shen Li could see Shen Chun’s dumbfounding look on his face, then Shen Li quickly interrupted Yan Siniang’s words saying, “What is Auntie saying? You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve seen. Even sister Yishu says that she is jealous of aunt’s skin.”

Yan Siniang could not help but burst into tears, “You’ve only seen a few people!”

Shen Chun face was surprised: “Clever words.”

Returning with a smile, “Learned it from Father.”

Shen Chun said, “You’re surprisingly honest today, taking the words right out of my mouth.”

Shen Li said: “This son has not been sensible, these couple days this son attained some perception. Carefully recalling the past but also felt some regrets, this son only knew to play and almost was killed. But also grieved grandmother, father, mother, elder brother and aunt, causing them to be worried for this son. Elder brother is the son of the Madam, he excels in his studies and I can only look up to him. This son is ten years old, I have little in the way of talent, whether it be in the brush or sword. To rely further on father and brother would not be wise. This incompetent son has shamed the family name with my recklessness. After all, it was this son who was at fault, I will change my behavior so that Father does not continue to worry.”

Shen Chun froze for a long while, then said, “Since you have learned to speak so eloquently. This disaster could be a blessing for you, I hope that you learn and make your father happy.”

Shen Li replied, “I hope that I can impress Father then.”

As they were speaking the doctor arrived, the Marquis’s family doctor. He was originally hired to look after the Madam and Shen Wu’s health. After a quick examination, it was found that there were no issues. Causing Shen Chen and Yan Siniang to finally relax. Shen Li was about to go the Madam and report his well-being before he was stopped by Shen Chun, “No need to hurry, I have asked for someone to let her know. First, go rest.”

Shen Li understood and then urged Yan Siniang. “Aunt has been taking care of me for the last couple of days, you would surely be tired.”




Chapter 2
Doubting the Winter Snow

Seeing that Shen Li was alright, Yan Siniang felt much more at ease. Feeling somewhat tired she said, “Since Seventh Young Master is unharmed, this concubine will return to the Madam.”

Shen Chun said: “You acted quite well today.”

Yan Siniang was displeased with the rules but still returned to Madam Li’s residence. She has long since adjusted to this lifestyle. Where Madam Li is the most powerful figure in the household, even above the Marquis. Shen Chun could only comfort Yan Siniang with some words, as he saw her off to rest.

Shen Chun said to Shen Li: “I don’t really care if what you said was true or not. I will only wait until I see the results, this time I will not punish you. However, if you are to keep making trouble then I’ll have the law enforce you.”

Shen Li nodded then said, “This son will also attend school tomorrow.”

Shen Chun sighed. “I do not want you to fight this day and night. But I’ll say this, Shen Wu is dying. I don’t want you to die from another accident and I be left with no heirs.”

When Shen Li heard “Shen Wu is dying” his heart inadvertently trembled, his mouth slightly agape as Shen Wu turned and walked out. As the door curtains fell, I heard someone’s voice in the yard. This time it was two maidservants, the first was a fifteen-year-old girl, wearing a pink jacket over an emerald skirt. Her hands carefully holding a food box. Followed by a ten-year-old girl an apricot colored shirt. Who struggled to hold up the door curtain for the previous girl. Shen Li was quite surprised seeing them come in. The girls also quickly said, “Servants Yangtao and Yingtao greets Seventh Young Master.”

Shen Li’s memory should have seen the two before, searching through the memory. While the memories are scattered, he finally recalled that the two should have been part of the Madam’s servants.

Yangtao gave the food box to Yingtao and started to explain. “Because the original servants were negligent to young master allowing the young master to have an accident. The Madam was furious. The Marquis ordered the two of us to serve the young master, as for the other servants selected, they should be here tomorrow.”

If it was the original Shen Li, if he heard that the servants were driven away then he would be afraid that the Madam was angry at him. But this Shen Li was not the least bit concerned about that. He was actually inwardly rejoicing that Madam got rid of the people most familiar with his past self, reducing the chances of being caught. Yangtao was looking at the boy’s surprisingly composed face. She thought that the young master truly matured and seemed different. Perhaps when he grows up he won’t be as simple. However, serving him will reap little benefits. Although on the surface, she still needed to show attentiveness. Shen Li carefully looked at the two maidservants. He saw Yangtao’s increasing attentiveness. However, there was still some of the arrogance between her eyebrows. While Yingtao is still childish and still naive.

Then he remembered that about Shen Wu and his illness and casually asked. Yingtao showed a trace of sadness and said, “It seems that you are close to the Eldest Brother. Because he is sick two or three times every year, the household has gotten accustomed to it. However, it can be seen that both Fifth and Sixth Master are very anxious for him. Not to mention Young Master.”

Yangtao told her, “What are you blabbering! Since when can you speak about the Eldest Son like that? Or else someone will whip you.”

Then looked back at Shen Li, “Sorry for troubling Seventh Young Master, the Eldest Son should be fine in about two days. Although the physician has not allowed him out of his room, he is allowed to walk back and forth within it. His mind also has also cleared up for the better.”

Shen Li nodded, his heart sighing that the two girls are not very appropriate. Yingtao is very young, not very useful, and likes to quarrel and bicker. Yangtao’s head is somewhat unclear, and still subconsciously sounds like Madam Li from his memories. No matter if she wants to serve him or not she could not openly show her opposition to him.

After lunch, Shen Li sent away the two maidservants and grabbed the book near the bed. This mind still pondering what Shen Chun said to him.

Shen Li’s grandfather was Shen Mian, formerly known as Shen Erwa. He grew up Jingyang, where many didn’t think much of him. Born in turbulent times, Shen Erwa was often starving and hungry. He met the Emperor, Shao Lian, in a chance coincidence as he was marching to war, armed with a hunting knife. The somewhat foolish Shen Erwa followed the “王” banner into war. Heading onto a northern campaign. After the war, his sister, Shen Niu, became a favored concubine to Shao Lian. Shen Niu became quickly renowned for her beautiful appearance and wisdom.

Although only one princess lived to adulthood, she was still pampered by the Emperor. However, through the joys and sorrows, Shen Niu eventually became a royal consort. As a highly respected figure, she single-handedly supported Shao Ying to ascend the throne, even while his birth mother was of low status. So the Shen family has ingrained itself within the royal family. Shen Mian later married a woman of lower status, Lady Tian.

Further down in the family tree, Second Master Shen Chun inherited the position of Marquis, and now has two male inheritors and four girls. Sixth Master Shen Wo, was Lady Tian’s youngest son, now thirty-six years old and has a single son, currently seventeen years old. As for the Third Master, Shen Han, he has since, unfortunately, died, leaving his wife and three children. As for Fourth Grand-Aunt, Shen Yi, she married far away. Then finally Fifth Master Shen Ling, with two boys and a daughter.

Furthermore, Shen Chun, Shen Han, and Shen Ling all have two sons. However, Shen Chun’s eldest son is constantly ill, and his bastard son almost died. He’s also neglected to attend to military matters recently. Shen Ling’s most impressive son is part of the Ministry of War, while only being twenty years old. Shen Han, although dying early, still left a scholarly son of fourteen years old, Shen Feng. As for Shen Wo, he only recently had a daughter. Shen Chun’s worries about being left with no heirs were not completely unfounded.

Yangtao seeing that Shen Li picked up a book and then started to close his eyes, knew that she would not be needed. Then she quietly asked Yingtao to stay as she quietly slipped out. Then a surprised cry came from Yingtao and Yangtao then saw Shen Li sitting on the bed silently watching her. Yangtao was not too surprised, her mouth putting on a blunt smile, and stammered, “Uh…Young Master?”

Shen Li gently said, “Where are you going?”

Yangtao embarrassingly said, “Madam has told the servants that whether we see young master or not, we need to report back, lest Madam grows more concerned. This servant has also seen that your bed curtain is a winter style and not fit for this warm weather. I thought that we needed to change it….”

Shen Li frowned slightly and said, “Since you’re just going back to the Madam Li’s residence just tell me. Why all this sneakiness? I even had to stop and question you. Not to mention that Father had assigned you two to me. If I need the two of you and you’re gone, could it be that you too are too busy to care for me?”

Yangtao drooped her head and said, “This servant was hasty.” Catching a glimpse of Yingtao laughing at the side, she scolded her in her heart.

Shen Li shook his head, “You are the direct servants of Madam and this is your first time serving me. Yingtao is still young if they see that there is only a little girl here how can feel obedient?

Yangtao felt relieved and also ashamed, “This servant was wrong, I initially thought that Young Master would not pay much mind.”

Shen Li then said, “I am only this age, I have no real responsibilities, in addition to reading, I only need to show filial piety to my parents. People do not want me to be involved, only paying my respects every day is enough. Elder brother is ill and presumably, Madam is still very anxious. However, don’t tell that you are going to comfort her. Also if you changed the bed curtains because they were annoying wouldn’t others think I’ve gone crazy!”

Yangtao gave herself a slap to the face and said: “This servant has failed to meet your expectations.”

Shen Li sighed, “If you’re afraid of having your freedoms restricted then as long as you serve me well, I will not mind. The people Madam sent over are all decent but to be detained in the courtyard and not be allowed to walk around, it would be criminal. But once there is another accident, all your hard work would be useless!”


[MD: This is only a teaser and anyone that wishes to TL is available to. This was a relatively early TL for me so there may be some mistakes and grammar.

These two chapters have not been posted on NU. So anyone picking up the series can just take their translations to their website.]

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