Chapter 10: In the Forest

As the fat merchant was stopped in his tracks, a shock was jolted through his body. Metz, of course, knew what a wolf was. However, he could swear to the High God that he’s never seen such a large wolf.

Just looking at the giant wolf’s body, it seemed large enough to swallow a person whole. The wolf seemed very relaxed as it bathed in the soft sunlight. Leiya had long since shut up and silently retreated behind Rhode. As a mercenary, she could accurately give a threat assessment to various monsters. This was no exception, very dangerous! Her breathing almost stagnant as he glanced at Rhode, awaiting his orders.

Rhode was also in contemplation.

The Silver Wolf “Moon Spirit”, a level 10 elite. Although it was not a BOSS, it still remained very troublesome to deal with. Often particular beasts will have additional traits based on their features. Such as this Silver Wolf, it has the Behemoth trait. Beasts are considered ordinary monsters, and Behemoths are an extension of them. They are monsters that are dangerous because of their size, ferocity, and character. When a Beast awakens their soul power, they will rise up into a Magic Beast. Once that happens, they will not only become stronger but also have greater intelligence.

The Silver Wolf is not as threatening as the wind-snake lord, and it wouldn’t be too difficult to kill. But…

Thinking about this, Rhode unconsciously looked around. If this was the game, Rhode would unhesitatingly attack the wolf and reap the experience points. But this was different, he only had three people with him. Leiya is a healer and has no offensive capability. As for Metz, he has no combat usefulness at all.

Rhode pondered for a moment before he made a gesture and turned to walk away. There was no need to put himself in a precarious situation. Besides, the Moonlight Lake wasn’t small and a simple detour won’t change anything. Leiya and Metz glanced at him and then followed behind. However, it’s a pity that luck doesn’t seem to favor them.


Just as the fat merchant turned around, his foot suddenly slipped and fell heavily onto a branch beneath him.

Almost immediately, the two saw Rhode lift his hand. With the sharp chirp of a songbird, a green figure flashed out of his hand and into the trees behind them.


Accompanied by blast there came a low howl from the rear. Leiya and Metz both turned their heads and found that the white wolf had disappeared from the lakeside. Instead, it was only a short distance away from them. However, its huge body was struck by the recent blast and toppled onto the ground.

Then, a shadow flashed back past the two.

Even before the fat merchant fell, Rhode had an ominous feeling. Sure enough, he Silver Wolf had already sneaked up and was ready to pounce on them. After all, in the Forest of Night, the sharpness and perception of these wolves could be ranked in the top three. Luckily, Rhode had plenty experiences from damnably sensitive monsters like this one. Regrettably, his perception is not very high at the moment. But, with his familiarity of these wolves, he was persistent on remaining constantly wary. It was unlikely that this Silver Wolf would launch an attack; however, that didn’t mean it was unaware of its surroundings. Rather, Rhode was sure it had detected them and if it did attack, it would quietly stalk until the prey was off-guard. Rather than passively waiting for the wolf to get closer, it was better to take the initiative and secure the advantage.

Rhode’s judgment was very accurate.

The Silver Wolf really was caught off guard. By the time it responded, the Soaring Spirit Bird has already smashed into its side. The heavy shock-wave sent it tumbling to the ground.

Before the giant wolf was able to get off the ground, it found that Rhode was already standing near him. Rhode’s vision fixated on the wolf as he extended his right hand.

“atalkit!” (Elven: Transform)

The turquoise bird flew back to his hands and turned back into a card. The green card quickly turned into a white one. Rhode didn’t waste time as he held the card over his head.

A white light came from his hand as he thrusted down and instantly pierced the wolf’s right hind leg.

“— !!!”

The Silver Wolf issued a loud cry and its large eyes were bulging in pain. The next instant in shot up and tried to stabilize itself.

But Rhode shot forward before he could give it a chance to do so.

He was already keenly aware of an elite-level monster’s most prominent attribute, its speed. Since he can’t kill in a single strike, limiting its speed was the best option. Now that the wolf had lost a hind leg, it would no longer be lightning-fast as before. Instantly simplifying the rest of the battle.

Although hindered by the loss of a leg, the Silver Wolf still did not panic. It only stared at the immediate enemy before it. The same moment Rhode charged forward, it raised its paw and swiped down.

Faced with the Silver Wolf’s attack Rhode revealed a calm face. His body leaned down and his sword spun in his hand. Slicing upwards into the claw overhead. Then, he swiftly retreated before starting another attack to the wolf’s chest.

Critical attack!

Broken Blade pierced the wolf’s huge body. The strike easily tore through the hard fur. Accompanied by painful wailing, the wolf was sent flying as it smashed into a large tree behind it. Half of its body was mauled by bloody wounds.

This scene is indeed revolting. Rhode who had intended to cast the final blow could not help but frown. In-game, damage was all in the form of data. Definitely not such a disgusting scene. Although he had battled the wind-snake lord, he was not completely immune to such carnage.

The impact from the Spirit Souring Bird, coupled with Rhode’s extremely precise attacks, it reduced the once fierce howl to a low whine. The wolf trembled as it lifted itself back up. But Rhode was not kind enough to give it the opportunity. The next instant, Star Stream was stabbed into its brain and quickly ended its life.

Although it may seem long, it actually took only a minute or two for the battle to conclude. This sight made both Leiya and Metz surprised. Such a large wolf surely wouldn’t be so easy to deal with. Leiya in particular was deep in thought. Even if it were her mercenary group, it would still be a tough fight to kill this wolf. But looking at Rhode’s performance she had to question herself. Was he fighting a wolf? More like chickens!

As for the fat merchant, his mood is even more complicated. Just as he tripped, his heart almost stopped in fright. Although the conclusion was satisfactory, he was scared witless to know such danger lurked behind each tree.

Even though the danger has been lifted, Metz was still uneasy in his heart. Anxiously looking at the young man. He was well aware that this was all his fault, but what would he do if he was kicked out? If it was normal, he wouldn’t be concerned about these problems. After all, hired mercenaries do what they’re told and are not qualified to question him for his mistakes. But this situation was different. This young man was neither his guards nor mercenaries. Their relationship was of equal partners. If this young man is angry, he could do nothing about it. By that time, he will be finished!

“This… I… I’m not…”

The fat merchant could feel a cold sweat on his back. His voice stammered as he tried to rectify the issue. By the time Rhode returned, Metz heard a short line that alleviated his worries.

“Walk carefully.”

And so, the fat merchant could only nod as if there was no tomorrow.

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  1. He won’t reveal his secret in front of those two. If u who is reading this would tame this wolf, u r/would become one of those dumb mc’s that always reveal their power for no f#ck’n reason……so please think…..😮


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