Chapter 14: The Two Attacks


Leiya showed a surprised expression. Metz’s mouth was also opened in bewilderment.

It was common knowledge that Healers were much like pharmacists, doctors, and nurses. They are basically the supporting pillar for a team. Tasked with dressing wounds, applying healing magic, casting shields, and expelling poisons. That said, they are mere support. Since when did Healers fight on the frontlines? Such a thing was unheard of!


Rhode nodded and led the team forward through the mist.

“Make sure to listen to my orders. They’re not particularly sophisticated but it may be demanding of you. You must always be aware and be able to quickly react. But don’t worry too much, I’ll tell you exactly what to do. What’s the scope of your abilities? How many times can you use Divine Radiance?”

Although Rhode could roughly guess her rank through the strength of her healing spells, it’s safer to confirm personally.

“I’m a dedicated Healer. I am at the outer ring, seventh. As for Divine Radiance… I’m only able to use it once a day. It can last about a day… But I’ll need time to recover after that.”

The strength classification for mana-based classes is different from melee-focused careers. In addition to the traditional level system of 1-100, there is another system for mana. The ranking of that consists of the outer ring, middle ring, and inner ring. The outer ring having ten sub-ranks, the middle ring having seven, and the inner ring with three. This is because casters believe that mana comes from the depths of the soul. The deeper a caster explores, the stronger their powers. Leiya’s level is the outer ring seventh layer. With her talent, she’s likely to eventually break past the boundaries of the outer ring and enter the middle ring.

This level of talent was already quite rare for a level 6 caster. But this only further supported his prediction for her future.

“Remember, from now on, don’t worry about casting healing magic on me. Even if I am wounded. Pay more attention to Mr. Metz and give him a Guardian Shield if it becomes dangerous. Do you understand?”

“This… I understand, Mr. Rhode.”

Even though some of Rhode’s commands baffled her, she could still understand the logic behind everything.

“How many days of supplies do we have, Mr. Metz?”

“Um, enough for maybe three or four days.”

Holding the bag in his hand, the fat merchant thought for a moment before he answered begrudgingly.

“If we save some of this…”

“It’s be a good chance to lose weight.”

If Rhode had even the slightest smirk, Metz would have thought it was a joke. But unfortunately, Rhode’s expression was still very calm and stone cold. Before the fat merchant could issue a complaint, Rhode had already turned his head and faced Leiya.

“Use your Divine Radiance.”


Leiya nodded slightly as she extended her hands and closed her eyes.

Soon, a cluster of soft lights slowly emerged from the girl’s palm. A faint white light spread out in all directions. Unsure if it was an illusion, Metz looked around at the thick fog that began to slowly dissipate. By the time he rubbed his eyes, the gloomy mist had already retreated into the distance. The vague ruins now became visible. Incomplete walls and crumbled houses dotted the town. Even so, the newfound visibility gave everyone a greater sense of safety.

“I’ll take the front. Leiya, you stay behind me. Mr. Metz, you follow up in the rear. Don’t get too far away. No matter what happens, don’t act by yourself.”

Among the silent ruins.

The faint glow, imbued with positive energy, quickly dissipated the nearby mist. However, it could not disperse the ever so present feeling of danger. As the group moved forward slowly, they would occasionally stop before resuming once again. But now, Rhode waved his hand and signaled for the two behind him to stop again.

If his memory is correct, he should be close to the first mob spawn point.

Sure enough, shortly after Rhode stopped, several faint spots of light seemed to flash open.

“Wh, what is that?”

Metz immediately tensed up at the glaring eyes that were nearing them.

“They’re ghosts.”

Rhode extended his right hand and soon Star Stream flashed into existence.

“Be careful, they don’t dare get too close.”

Rhode words faded, as they saw three weird figures walk out of the dense mist.

They looked like humans; however, their entire body was surrounded by a flowing mist. The three figures stood there together. It was difficult to even make out their bodies. Only the three pairs of bright eyes proved it was anything but a simple cloud of mist.

Maybe it won’t be so simple.

“Leiya, use Healing Light.”

Hm, healing?

The girl was puzzled as to why healing was to be used on a monster. However, this question was cast aside as she refocused on the magic.

As a Healer, Leiya’s control of magic is very good. Healing Light is a mid-range healing spell. So long as the location of the target is confirmed, then it’s not difficult to cast. But perhaps it was because the target was not a companion, but a monster, that caused her movements to be a bit hesitant. Nevertheless, her actions were concise and the spell was quickly completed.

A white light emerged and wrapped around the misty figure. Originally, the spell was used to immediately restore an intermediate injury. It could even evoke inspiration and guide people down the path of Healers.

But the ghost’s reaction was completely beyond the girl’s expectations. As the figure was surrounded by the white light, a ghastly cry screamed out. The ghost then trembled and contorted as if it was being continually struck by powerful fists. After a few moments, the mist dissipated into nothingness. This scene shocked Leiya as she subconsciously looked at her hands. Likely in bewilderment as to when she could release such a deadly spell.

Rhode, on the other hand, was quite calm. Positive energy had always been the bane of negative beings like ghosts. Not to mention that Leiya is part angel. The positive energy that can be condensed between angels and humans are very different in quality. If she was a pure angel, the ghost would have immediately been dispersed.

Leiya may not understand why a healing spell could have such an effect but it is simply a limitation of perspective. In essence, healing spells are just spells that condense positive energy. It’s only that positive energy will bring about a healing effect when it encounters life. And so, it would naturally have a destructive effect towards negative beings like souls or undead. During the early stages of Dragon Soul Continent, the players often joked that the most tragic thing for a Necromancer is to encounter a group of souls. Because Necromancers use negative energy, attacking undead only served to heal them instead. This realization caused many Necromancers, who once fantasized about manipulating death to dominate the world, to burst into tears. Now they forced to learn some elemental spells to ensure they don’t get killed each time they encounter undead monsters.

In essence, Necromancers and Healers are not very different. For Necromancers, the chances of encountering a living being is relatively high. But for Healers, they were only a support unit until the Dark Advent. Until then, there was a very low probability that Healers would meet undead. Much less experiment on it with healing magic. After all, NPCs were not as informed nor adventurous as players.

But now is not the time to play by the rules.

“Attack the other two!”

Rhode stepped forward to face the increasing number of ghosts as he yelled an order back to Leiya.


Perhaps inspired by the dominating scene, Leiya gave a very energetic answer. Soon two more beams of light surrounded the other two ghosts. As the soft light engulfed them, their charge was ground to a stagnating halt. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Rhode suddenly appeared before the first ghost.


The ghost screeched as it jumped at Rhode as its new target. It reached out with a translucent hand as it stretched out to grasp him.

Although Leiya’s spell had decreased their defensive ability, their attack power is still high. If not carefully dealt with, it would not be a good end.

But of course, Rhode is not a careless person.

His body shifted as he reflexively dodged the attack. All the while, he aligned the strike and then the white blade pierced forward like a ray of light.

Critical attack!

Star Stream accurately hit the semi-physical body in the area of faint condensation. The ghost let out a faint roar as it evaporated into nothingness.

Just then, another two ghosts charged forward.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 14: The Two Attacks

  1. But of course, Rhode is not a careless person.

    His body shifted as he reflexively dodged the attack. All the while, he aligned
    See the problem?

    First sentence, the translator uses present tense. IS.

    The next sentence, it goes back to past tense: shifted, dodged, aligned etc.


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