Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Different Reasons and Explanations

Wang Jian felt a strange feeling of embarrassment.

He didn’t really notice from afar, but now he realized that this “teenager” was, in fact, a woman!

But it’s not really his fault he couldn’t tell. She was dressed in male robes, and he judged her physique highly from her remarkably measured breathing.

Furthermore, what surprised him more was her jade-like face. In any region, she’d be an amazing beauty. Yet, she wore cyan-blue robes of modest quality and her long, sleek hair tied up with a simple cloth.

Then, he noticed a pair of sharp eyes looking at him.

It’s rare to see a woman with such a fierce look. No, it’s rare in the whole world.

What do you need?” Gu Nan asked with an aura of annoyance. However, she was inwardly surprised that someone would suddenly approach her. She shouldn’t know anyone!

“Hm? Oh.” Wang Jian had spaced out for a moment and suddenly remembered to pay courtesies. He coughed slightly, “I am Wang Jian, I greet siste— uh, I mean brother.”

Since she’s wearing male clothes, she probably has her own reasons. It’s not something he could comment on, best to just play along.

Wang Jian?

Her mouth hung slightly agape as she remembered that familiar name.

One of the four Great Generals of the Warring States, Wang Jian. The hero-general that helped Qin Shihuang topple the other six states.

He could be considered a late-blooming talent. It was only until Emperor Qin Shihuang that he was properly used. The previous kings, even the current one, usually didn’t pay too much attention to him.

Then this should be about 260 BC.

As for Qin Shihuang, the future ruler to unite China, he should only be born a year after the Battle of Changping.

I really didn’t expect to encounter this god of war in such a place. Does this count as being unlucky? 

Gu Nan didn’t want to associate herself too closely to these warlike people and their unending stress and responsibilities. Her dream is to be a carefree person, surrounded by food and maids attending her every need.

She’s already committed to going with Bai Qi. If this monster also drags her out to his years-long campaigns, she could say goodbye to any sense of comfort. She might even die without knowing what happened!

“I greet Wang Jian.” Gu Nan cupped her hands and returned with a courteous bow. Seizing the opportunity, she said, “If there is nothing else, I shall take my leave.”

It won’t bring any good to be too friendly with these kinds of people.

“Ah, oh, then take care.” He completely lost the initiative and stood silently as Gu Nan walked away briskly.

Looking at her departing figure, he felt a bit nostalgic.

That woman’s martial arts… so strong and familiar.

The East Market is where all of the horse breeders were. It was also where the hay, harnesses, and other necessities were sold.

“Oh, are you looking for a horse? We have a good selection.” The groom eyed Gu Nan with bright eyes.

He’s never seen such a beautiful “man” before. Although their clothes aren’t luxurious, they weren’t ordinary either. They should be wealthy or of nobility. Judging from her lost expression, she probably doesn’t know the horse market, a lucrative sale should be right around the corner!

Gu Nan heard someone call out to her, and she then saw the groom and walked over. “How many horse sellers are at this market?”

“There are only five places.” The groom truthfully said, then he paused before proudly saying, “But, the best horses are sold by us. I am not exaggerating either. Come and look. Each one is a prized and rare stallion.” Then he motioned for a horse to be brought over and handed the reins to Gu Nan.

It was a dark horse with glossy hair. Its muscles looked strong and well-proportioned. It was a very handsome horse.

“How much is this horse?”

“Hey, Sir has good eyes. It’s not too much. Forty-two gold and this horse is yours.”

Forty-two? Her face turned gloomy and sighed at her still-existant poverty. There’s no possibility she could bargain that all the way down to twenty gold. She also needs to buy a sword.

“Sigh, I’ll go to another stable and look.”

“Ah, don’t be in a hurry!”


After visiting for half an hour, Gu Nan has already seen most of the horse grooms.

The first four were all too expensive, and she’d be helpless to buy anything.

Anyhow, this is already the last stable. If this place doesn’t work, she’ll just come back in a few days.

“Guest, welcome.” The groom hurried up and greeted.

At the very end of the street, there weren’t many passersby, much less potential customers.

“How much are your horses?” Gu Nan was scarred from the tall prices from earlier and could only ask first.

The groom’s enthusiasm calmed down inside. He’s an experienced salesman and he could tell she truly didn’t have much money to spend. “The good horses are about thirty gold. The lower-grade ones are ten or so.”

“Can you show them first?”

“Of course, please follow me.”

The groom walked her into the stables. There were probably a dozen horses and each with their own colors and varieties.

Gu Nan immediately looked at a dark horse in the outermost area.

The horse’s mane isn’t great, but its coat is pure black. However, the reason she took notice of it was the large scar along on its face. It ran over one eye and down another six or seven more centimeters.

It gave this horse a fierce and intimidating appearance.

The groom saw Gu Nan looking at the dark horse and said somewhat embarrassingly, “Sir, I apologize but that horse isn’t very good.”

“Why?” She frowned somewhat doubtfully.

“This is how the horse was when we caught it. To be honest, it has a lazy temperament, it’s not very fast nor strong, and it’s difficult to train. If you try to ride it, it would try to bite you and knock you off. If its personality could be fixed, it’d be a very good steed. Unfortunately, it’s not and that’s why it’s in the lower-grade stable.” The groom lamented slightly.

Slow and uncontrollable. Hmm.

The dark horse heard the groom’s complaints and raised his head.

Gu Nan slowly walked forward as she eyed the dark horse that was munching on hay. There were many scars on its body, and some wounds have yet to heal.

The black horse noticed her and raised its head with annoyance. The eyes were like a mix of black and white.

A bizarre feeling… It felt like those eyes had intelligence in them.

After a bit of contemplation, she turned back at the groom. “I want this one.”

“Sir, are you sure?” The groom asked somewhat hesitantly.

“Yeah.”Gu Nan took out the purse of coins and asked the groom, “How much?”

“Ten gold will be enough.”

She paid the groom and grabbed the horse’s reins.


The sun was beginning to set and dyed the street with a yellow light. There were much fewer people on the street, and the stalls were closing up.

“Clop, clop, clop.”

A person and a horse walked down the street quietly. The horse remained listlessly ambivalent while Gu Nan eyed it strangely.

“Oi.” She looked at the horse that was several inches taller than her. “If I didn’t have enough money, I would’ve never brought such a beaten-up horse. But since I did, you better be good. You got that?”

She wasn’t sure if the horse could understand, but the pair of eyes gave a disdainful glance before snorting a column of air.





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