v3c5: The Fuhrer

Volume 3, Chapter 5

Xu Jun turned his head towards his adjutants and said, “You all go to the lounge and wait. I’m going to speak to the Fuhrer. If you need me then have someone call me.”

“Understood, General.”
[Hans is a military adjutant]

“Obey, Deputy Fuhrer.”
[Dorgen and Randolph are both SS]

The three aides then were guided towards another corridor. While Ruhr knocked on the door and said in a loud voice. “My Fuhrer, the Deputy Fuhrer, Reinhardt has arrived.

“Come in.”

Then Ruhr opened the door, and signaled for Xu Jun to walk in.

He first glanced into the room. However, he was surprised that the Fuhrer’s officer was quite small. A large dark brown desk stood near the door and atop it was the standard desk lamp. Behind the desk was a high bookcase. Filled with thick books and giving an overwhelming feel. In the middle of the room was a light green carpet and a coffee table. Surrounded by a few chairs and a simple chandelier was hung overhead. The walls were bare, with no luxurious decorations. On the wall to the left was a large map of Europe. On the opposite wall was hanging the party flag and a few oil paintings of mythological scenes.

However, in the middle of the room stood a man. Xu Jun secretly took a deep breath when he saw that infamous face.

Hitler had his well-known medium stature. Among the other burly senior commanders, he was relatively small. Wearing a tan uniform, black pants, and a lone iron cross that decorated the uniform. The black hair was still combed his signature style and his mustache still neatly trimmed.

Xu Jun immediately went up and gave the ceremony, “My Fuhrer, I have returned…”

However, he never finished that sentence as he was interrupted midway.

“Ah Reinhardt, my dear friend, you’ve finally come back. Do you know how many days I’ve been looking forward to seeing you? Quick, quick sit down.”

Adolf Hitler gave a strange smile, interrupting the tribute ceremony. Then out of excitement pulled Xu Jun towards the seat in the center. He pulled a chair to sit opposite of Xu Jun, and then began to speak.

“Reinhardt, you have always been a miracle-worker. Bringing me miracles and hope every time there is trouble. It was the same in 1923, 1933, and 1934 as well. Every time you can bring me hope, resolve my crisis, and help me further my ideals. You truly are really an angel sent by God.”
[MD: I think the events referred to are: 1923-Beer Hall Putsch, 1933-Enabling Act of 1933, and in 1934 either the Night of Long Knives or the German Referendum of 1934]

“My Fuhrer, I…” Xu Jun would have liked to say some words of modesty but was then mercilessly interrupted again by Hitler.

“Reinhardt, do you know what a great deed you have done? Your victory saved me, saved the Germans, saved the entire Reich!”

Xu Jun felt inexplicable hearing this, what did he do that was so great? But his face still kept a smile plastered on. Giving the occasional nod, as if he truly understood Hitler’s words.

“I’m sure you understand. No, I know that you also understand this. That is why you’ve been fighting so hard. Göring is a fool, and Himmler is the same. Their wisdom is only towards their respective positions. Not like us. We are the geniuses, the only ones capable of leading the Reich.”

When Xu Jun heard Hitler compare Xu Jun to him, he felt cold sweat run down his back. He finally understood why Liu Bei almost pissed his pants when drinking with Cao Cao.

[MD: This is a story from Romance of the Three Kingdoms when Liu Bei, a minor warlord at the time, was invited to drink with Cao Cao. And Cao Cao remarked that Liu Bei may one day become his equal. Causing Liu Bei to almost piss himself in fear that Cao Cao would kill him to eliminate a future threat.]

What kind of person was Hitler. He’s even convinced that Xu Jun is an angel brought by God. Making Hitler place him on equal footing as him. This is ridiculous! Might as well believe the sun is square. Xu Jun finally stabilized his nervousness, but luckily he kept the appearance of a humble smile on his face.

“Do you know how concerned I was about your disappearance? I was prepared to send all the troops in the front to search for you. But I didn’t expect that you would crash into a Wehrmacht division. But yes, I always wanted to ask you. When did you learn to fly? I remember that you never mentioned it to me.”

Hitler’s words poked into Xu Jun’s weaknesses.

“Really worthy to be the mastermind of the Third Reich. To pick up on something like this.” Xu Jun muttered in his head.

Jack never learned to fly. But that doesn’t negate the fact that he could have read about it. Although this excuse might be crude…

“My Fuhrer, I never learned to fly.”

“Oh? Then how did you manage to land that injured plane. Even the best pilots told me that it was a miracle.”

“It was indeed a miracle, my Fuhrer. You know that I gave the final approval to the production plan of the He111 bombers. As such, I became very interested in this aircraft. Once I specifically obtained and read its flight manual. Even asking a pilot on how to fly the plane. However, never would I have thought that this knowledge would save my life. After the plane was hit, the pilot dead, my mind suddenly recalled the flight manual. The result is that facing death, this was all I could try. I did not expect that I had such good talent at flying. Apparently, enough to control that injured bird. Even now, it’s hard to believe.”

Xu Jun could not believe what nonsense he just spewed out of his mouth. This was an insane excuse, any normal person would never believe such a thing.

But, Hitler is not an ordinary person.

“Ha ha. You don’t believe it even now? Believe me, I do. In fact, it is only logical. Both of us are people sent by God to save the German people. Your performance just proves my point of view, the Germans and Aryans are the superior ones. They are God’s favorite people, born with a variety of talent. Surpassing that of other races. Only under the leadership of God’s favored people can we, noble Germans, defeat those despicable enemies. And you, my dear Reinhardt, once again proved that you are part of that elite. We are to determine the outcome of Germany. I have long said to you that we are the noble races. Only to live among those inferior nations, especially those Jews…”

Xu Jun stared at Hitler’s unusual excitement. His heart finally relieved. This guy, bathed in his thoughts of racial superiority has already went insane. Making his clumsy lies that much easier to believe.

“But didn’t history state that he only became mentally unstable after the Soviet Union closed in? Did history change? Or was it… Jack?” Xu Jun muttering in his head. Still pretending on the surface to listen to his speech. Occasionally nodding or asking some short questions.

Finally, after an hour of rambling did Hitler realize that he veered off topic. Swallowing his saliva, he smiled and asked Xu Jun, “Now, where were we?”

“What? Oh, uh. You were talking about the Jews….”

“We can speak about that for a later time. About the first topic.”

“Oh, yes the forced landing.”

After Xu Jun said this, he did not expect Hitler to reveal an excited expression again.

“Yes, yes, you know down shocked I was when you fell onto the 7th Panzer Division. Especially knowing that there was only one regiment protecting you. With those despicable British surrounding you. I was almost sickly from worry.

I immediately ordered Military Headquarters to send troops to rescue you as soon as possible. You have to know that your safety trumps even that of entire regiments. Your location was also incredibly important, that is why a Panzer division was specifically sent there. At that time, I thought everything was over. The intelligence stated you were facing two entire brigades of British. I almost lost you and the hope of Germany.”

Now, Hitler’s gaze began to be serious.

“The British almost caught the key of the entire plan. If you were defeated and the British secured Arras, then they would have opened a lane to Southern France. They would then be able to cut off the other three Panzer Divisions and sever their supply lines. Do you know what that means? That means that I would lose three of our most elite Panzer Divisions immediately after losing the 7th Panzer Division. The main force of the British and French would be able to slip away from our grasp. I then would not have the strength to win this war.”

Hitler’s face began to reveal the grim expression.

“The Wehrmacht, I don’t trust them. I also know that they do not trust me. Just because I give them benefits do they follow me. So, I want to tightly control them. Only when I am the real master can I rest assured. But if the war fails, Germany will lose everything. The enemies of the party will return. The Germans and the Wehrmacht will abandon a lost cause. Just as they did in 1918. Germany will once again to lost his chance to rise again.”



[MD: Yes, if you were wondering Hitler is sort of an antagonist in the series.]

5 thoughts on “v3c5: The Fuhrer

  1. I think the series is inferring that Jack continued to feed more ideological thoughts to Hitler during his time with him. And you know how much Hitler relied on Jack so he just soaked up what Jack told him. Thus making him even more invested in the racial superiority and making him sort of insane at times.


  2. Hitler is a crazy nigga. lets see how it will happen. to xu yu revert the Jews “massacre” is rather dificult.


  3. Well, how should i say it… i was looking for a different Hitler. But yeah, how foolish to think that a “normal” Hitler wouldn’t be censored.
    What a pity, really a pity. A sort if collaboration would be intresting.
    This Hitler is too much easy to control… well, i think that is a good step for a Doichland über Alles. But it’s a kind of waste imao.
    Let’s see how it will continue.


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