v4c6: Save

Volume 4, Chapter 6

“Captain, haha, you’re kidding.”

The SS Sergeant said to Xu Jun, “Please leave this Jewish kid to us. As you can see, we’re very busy and don’t have very much time.”

“Do I look like I’m kidding? Xu Jun coldly replied, “The girl is now under the administration of the German Army. No one can take her away now, sergeant!”


The SS soldiers hearing Xu Jun’s words, their faces suddenly sank.

“Captain! Your current behavior is defending the Jews, do you understand what you are doing?”

Xu Jun sneered and replied. “I’m doing what I should do.”

Behind him came the voices of the officers. “What is this nonsense, how can a small sergeant speak to a military officer like this?”

“Hmph, what do you want?”

“I fought on the front lines against those Englishmen. And yet a lowly SS sergeant dares to interfere in our affairs?”

“Did not you hear our commander’s words, you idiot? The matters of the Army are not something you SS can comment on.”

“You… You…”

The SS soldiers became extremely angry and the sergeant shouted out. “Who are you! Present your documents immediately!”

As the sergeant yelled, the other two SS soldiers immediately brought their rifles up.

The Army officers had been closely monitoring the two SS soldiers. Seeing their actions, they immediately responded with scores of rifles pointed towards the three SS soldiers.

The actions of the Army officers shocked the three SS soldiers. It seems that they’ve never encountered such a situation. Suddenly, dozens of black muzzles were aimed at themselves. Causing their legs to shake and tremble. Especially the two armed soldiers, their rifles were shaking uncontrollably.

“Put your guns down!”

Xu Jun coldly facing those SS soldiers and ordered. “You are not qualified to see the documents of an Army officer. Call your boss to talk to me … It seems you have not lowered your guns yet. It should be very clear what happens when you point a weapon at an officer. Do not make me repeat it again.”

The two SS soldiers glanced at each other and slowly lowered their rifles, and the Army officers immediately lowered their guns.

“You… You two come with me. I’m going to call our commander.” The sergeant called out and turned back towards the square.

“Oh, quite well behaved. Your strength is not small either.”

Muller’s calm and gentle tone broke the brief silence. The strangeness of the situation made the officers feel goosebumps.

Xu Jun and the officers quickly turned to look toward Muller. Seeing Muller squatting on the ground. Holding a handkerchief and wiping blood and dirt off the Jewish girl.

The officers would never have expected that the serious deputy commander of the corps would have such a side.

“It’s weird, why is not she afraid of you now?” Xu Jun asked inquiringly.

Muller replied with a smile. “This child is quite the smart one, she could even speak German. She heard your conversation with those SS soldiers… Hey, Randolph give the girl some room. Look, you’re scaring the child.”

As the girl turned around and saw Randolph crouching beside her, she quickly fled behind Muller. As the result, the entire group of officers chuckled before mercilessly tossing Randolph out of the circle.

Randolph, as he was kicked out, saw Dorgen standing there solemnly. Dorgen gave him a short look before muttering. “Of course you would be kicked out.”

“How do you know I would be kicked out?”

Dorgen gave an exhausted sigh. “Because that little girl would certainly be terrified of your black uniform. Sigh, this is really a damn mess. The honor of the SS!”

Dorgen fixated his fierce gaze back toward the square.

“These damn beasts are destroying the reputation of the SS. I’ve already recognized the insignia from four different regiments. Those bastards will pay for what they’ve done.”

Dorgen’s eyes flashed a cold glint. Randolph subconsciously retreated a few steps back in fear. Colonel Dorgen had not been directly involved in SS matters for several years now. Ever since he was assigned to Reinhardt, it’s been as a simple aide. But now that he intends to resolve the issue, Randolph was sure that the perpetrators’ fates would be miserable. But, this is the retribution they deserve for harming the reputation of the SS. Randolph thought as he gazed at the square.

At that moment, within the circle of officers, Muller continued to answer Xu Jun’s questions.

“She understood that you were confronting the SS guards. So, she stopped struggling. Hmm, quite the smart child.”

“Oh, that’s amazing, she knows German?”

“She looks lovely, you couldn’t even tell she was a Jew from her appearance.”

“Yeah, her eyes are a beautiful blue, as clear as an iceberg. I’ve never seen such a beautiful blue-eyes and with golden hair. Is this not the ideal German? It’s a wonder how such a girl came from the Jews.”

“It is possible.”

As the officers were talking, Xu Jun was quietly observing the little girl. Being surrounded by so many imposing soldiers, the girl lowered her head and started to sob once more.

“Alright, enough. Can’t you see you’re being rude? Don’t be so close, disperse. You can stare at her later.” Xu Jun said to those officers with a smile.

Then he turned to look at Muller. “Muller, the safety of the girl will now be your responsibility. Do you understand?”

Xu Jun’s abrupt question faintly startled him. However, Muller quickly stooped up. “Yes, sir! It will…”

Muller’s quick actions also started the little girl. She stopped crying then tightly clung onto Muller’s leg. Her eyes full of fear and apprehension towards Xu Jun.

“Haha, don’t be so scared.” Xu Jun squatted down and patted the girl’s head. “We won’t hurt. It doesn’t matter your identity, we will guarantee your safety. With me here, no one can hurt a hair on your body, haha.”

“Sir! They are coming!”

Dorgen’s cold yet booming voice came over the group. All of the officers lowered their faces and glared back at the slaughterhouse. Xu Jun walked to the front of the group and coldly looked at the square. Dorgen and Randolph quickly stood beside him. In the distance, Xu Jun could see the sergeant guiding several SS officers and a large group of armed soldiers towards them.

“… Men, take out your medals! Let those brutes know our strength. We are officers of the glorious German Army! We are not something no-name mongrels can confront!”

Xu Jun said that while pulling out his piles of medals from his pocket. Hans quickly came to help Xu Jun put them on. The officers were also extremely excited. They had yearned for the chance to finally display their newly-awarded medals in public. Pairing up, they quickly helped each other. Xu Jun had ordered them to take off their medals at the airport as it would be too conspicuous. Now that the Commander allowed the officers to take them back out, they were quick to seize the opportunity.

A few moments later, the SS sergeant and the SS officers arrived. The head officer was at the rank of Sturmbannführer. Equivalent to an Army Major. Whereas the rest were Obersturmführer. Or in the Army, 1st Lieutenants. Xu Jun gave a cold look at the SS officers, not budging his feet to approach or greet them.

When the SS Major arrived before the Army group, he was quite shocked. What kind of Army officers were these? They seem so rough and imposing. Then he looked at Xu Jun’s chest and collar. His expression visibly changed into one of shock at the sight of the numerous bright, shining medals.

What was this! He could not believe his eyes. In front of him was a handsome, Army Captain. On his collar, sitting impressively was a sliver Knight’s Cross with silver Oak Leaves. Also hanging on his chest was another Iron Cross, and various war medals and badges. War Merit, Tank Assault, Infantry Assault…

This captain was definitely a great hero of the war. The SS Major’s authority was suddenly reduced in half. Any such hero would have connections with the highest of commanders. Especially the Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves. That medal was personally awarded by the Fuhrer! Only a handful of people in Germany have received this medal. He has forgotten who exactly won these medals so far in the war, but he could not dare to offend anyone of those men. The SS Major felt a cold sweat run along his back.

Then, as he looked at the group behind the captain, he almost passed out. Not to mention the officers, and even the soldiers’ chests were equipped with an iron cross. What kind of Army group is this!?

He was ready to strangle the sergeant that brought him here. How did he not mention to him that these Army officers were heroes and covered in medals? Does he know the consequences of offending them? Even generals would be gracious when meeting these men. Because even generals felt no need to bring unnecessary trouble upon themselves. Besides, most generals didn’t even have such awards.

At this time, even the sergeant was dumbstruck. Where did these medals come from? With the appearance of such decorated figures, he forgot all about that little Jewish devil. To offend these war heroes for the sake of a Jew, it was not worth it.

Now that all the SS officers were standing there, they completely forgot why they were there in the first place. Currently, they were more concerned about how to get out of this embarrassing situation.

Xu Jun looked coldly at the crowd of SS officers, while inwardly praising his quick thinking. Now that the war was just beginning, medals was still a rarity within the Army. Even most Colonels and Major Generals’ chests were sparsely decorated. During the summer of 1940, a senior medal was enough to quell officers and generals.

“Major, what do you want to do with so many soldiers?” Xu Jun asked the head of the SS group. “Is it because of that little Jewish girl?”

“What? Ah, yes, Captain.” The SS Major hurriedly answered. In any case, he could not shame himself before his men. Deliberately frowning and putting on a strict face to show this captain that he was not afraid of him.

The Major coughed a few times, then said: “First, please tell me you and your team’s identity and the reason for coming here. My men reported to me that a Jewish devil escaped from the ranks and was caught by your hands. He said you refused to hand over this kid, but also used weapons to threaten them… But, well of course, they could be mistaken so… um, I am here to clear matters. If this may or may not be true, please… give me a clear explanation.”

The tone of the Major was stern at first, but it softened immediately after seeing Xu Jun’s increasing ugly face.

“We belong to the 10th Corps of the Army. We have just received the honors from the Fuhrer. Also, we were given a one-month vacation. We were led by Lieutenant Dorgen to travel and visit Poland. We’ve just arrived in Warsaw today, yet we encountered this incident. I think it should be you that give us an explanation.”

“Ah, they really are from the front lines. They just met with the Fuhrer, my God. These freshly-decorated heroes are the worst possible people to offend!”

The Major clenched his teeth and answered. “We are enacting punishment. This was an order from the SS headquarters. I hope you will not interfere.”

“Do not worry, we will not interfere with your SS. But, your SS best not interfere with the actions of the Army.”

“Ok? What do you mean, Captain?”

“This Jewish girl placed under the administration of the Army. It means, you cannot take her away.”

“Captain, may I ask you the reason for taking in this little Jewish devil?”

“Very simple, she attacked my men, that 2nd Lieutenant over there. The one with the knight’s cross. It was an insult and provocation to our German Army. It cannot by any means, be forgiven.”

As Xu Jun stated those words, the little girl started to trembled and started with teary eyes at Muller. Muller chuckled inwardly and crouched down to comfort her. Whispering: “Don’t be afraid, Commander Reinhardt is just lying to them, we won’t hurt you.” The little girl gave a quick nodded. She was aware that she had no other choice but to trust these German officers.

“We’re going to bring this Jewish girl back for punishment. Hence, we cannot simply give her to you. Do you understand, Major?”

The SS Major’s face suddenly had a look of understanding. These officers wanted to settle a grudge with this girl. If that was the case, there was truly little to be done.

“So, how are you going to deal with this Jewish kid?”

“It shouldn’t be of concern how we deal with this child. But… it seems this child’s body’s nice. We may be in need of a little maid. Bring us water or whatnot. We decided to have her serve us during our stay. Right… Yeah, it’s it. That is why she’s being taken into the Army’s arm.”

“What… Oh… So, it’s like that. Well, nothing then.”

That SS Major was stunned at Xu Jun’s words. Even to his knowledge, his men didn’t engage in such pedophilia. But it shouldn’t be up to him to make any comments. So long as it doesn’t create further trouble. If news of this incident gets out, it will surely travel up the military command. This was the best way to assure silence on both sides.


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