v4c7: Assault

Volume 4, Chapter 7


The sharp sound of braking continued to ring in front of the most luxurious hotel in Warsaw. Hundreds of Storm troops in black SS uniforms jumped out of the dozens of military trucks. Within half a minute, they had blocked off the entire street.

Then a dozen SS officers came out from the three dark limousines parked in front of the hotel. All with an exceedingly cold expression. The foremost leader, led with a murderous chill as he proceeded into the hotel.

The lobby of the hotel was already controlled by storm infantry. The well-trained soldiers each carried MP40 submachine guns. They firmly stood on guard at every passage and corner of the lobby. Their threatening gazes extended everywhere. The ordinary guests were quickly silenced by the fearful atmosphere.

An SS Obersturmbannführer, equivalent to the Army Lieutenant Colonel, slowly led his men toward the reception desk in the lobby. The shiny black boots let out crisp noise with every step on the Italian marble floor.

The lobby manager stood behind the reception desk looking at the SS officer. His eyes full of fear and despair, he quickly recognized who this ruthless and brutal officer was. Manuel Tiffel, the tyrant of Warsaw, wherever he appears, will become a sea of blood. This brutal SS officer actually held the title of “Dr.”. Aside from the battlefield, he preferred or rather demanded to be called Dr. Tiffel.

Now that this killer appeared, Tiffel did not speak. Only giving a quick stare at the lobby manager. Raising his hands, covered with black leather gloves, and traced along the marble desk.

The lobby manager looked at the devil standing in front of him in fear. His legs started to tremble behind the table. With two submachine guns pointed at him and a murderer that could take away his life at any time, it was a miracle that he had not fainted yet.

After a few hard taps on the reception desk. Tiffel stopped and coldly asked the lobby manager. “Where are they?”

“Right, sorry. Sir, who are you referring to…”

“Where are they!”

Tiffel’s hands slammed onto the desk as his shout pierced the lobby.

“Wh… Who… are you looking for… here…”

The lobby manager felt his legs turn soft. Almost on the verge of collapsing.

“Who else! Those Army officers! Those damn Army officers, no, those traitors! Where are they? Don’t tell me you don’t know! My people have already investigated, and they stayed at this hotel last night!” Tiffel grabbed onto the manager’s collar and pulled him over the desk.

“The, the Army officers that came in last night? Last night, it wasn’t me… I wasn’t on duty… but, but please let me check!” The lobby manager screamed out as he felt an uncontrollable stream flow down his pants.

“Then check!”

Tiffel threw the manager back and turned to the man standing beside him. “What reports from the Gestapo?”

“They reported that there has been no movement from the group since last night. No one has left the building.” A junior officer respectfully replied.

“Why did they not check which room the group was in?”

“I’m not sure, I also felt it very strange how the Gestapo didn’t investigate very extensively. Ever since we asked for their assistance last night, the attitude from the Gestapo headquarters was strange.”

“Those dogs.” Tiffel sneered. “They should not overestimate their ability. They are still too cautious to investigate anything with the military. A useless bunch.”

“Yes, Dr. Tiffel.” The aide quickly said.

“Have you not found it yet!” Tiffel roared back at the manager.

“Yes! Yes! They’ve taken the entire sixth floor.”

“Did anyone leave the building?”

“No. They had their food sent up from the restaurant. They did not allow anyone on the floor except for meals.”

“Is that so?” Tiffel then covered his nose. “What is that smell?”

“Sir… It’s me…” The manager’s voice quivered as he looked towards his trousers.

“How vulgar.” Tiffel scoffed and turned his head to whisper to a 2nd Lieutenant SS officer beside him. “Get rid of this Polish scum. I do not want to see him again.”

“It will be done, sir.”

Then Teller shouted to the SS officers standing in the lobby. “All officers listen, the ones that we are going to arrest are on the sixth floor. Leave a squad to patrol every exit. Everyone else ready your teams, dismissed!”

Those officers quickly became busy, and soon, the heavily-armed soldiers filled the lobby.

“Everyone, we are to arrest all of those German traitors. They are shameless liars who are faking as German Army officers. They dare to shelter those Jewish mongrels. Do not treat them with respect, they are nothing! They are armed, if they resist, shoot them on the spot. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir!”

“Good, now, divided into two teams. Each will go up the stairs on both sides. Be careful not to disturb them. Major Skayer, you saw them yesterday. You lead the team up the left, I will go on the right. We will meet back on the 6th floor.”

The SS Major replied: “Yes, but Dr. Tiffel, is it necessary for you to go personally? We can have someone else lead the team.”

“No, Major, I want to see with my own eyes what kind of people would be so daring to cause trouble in my district.” Tiffel coldly replied.

Then the SS officers and soldiers split into two teams. As Tiffel was going up, he became increasingly angry.

These people continued to find trouble ever since they appeared in Warsaw. They invaded his cousin’s restaurant and ate the meals. Even then, they detained him. Even Tiffel was unable to secure his release at this moment. Poor Ralph was being pushed around like a rag doll by these men. From his point of view, this was a direct insult to himself. Although Ralph used Tiffel’s name, the Army officers didn’t even show a hint of respect.

Furthermore, there was the report from the Jewish zone. They said that they encountered a group of German Army officers and soldiers. All decorated with senior medals. However, they also seemed to have sheltered a Jewish devil during a purge. From his subordinates’ description, this would most likely be the same group that apprehended Ralph.

The Army Captain was the recipient a Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves. At the time it really shocked him, if that was the case, it would be illogical to pursue revenge. But when the two reports were compared, a flaw appeared.

Ralph vowed that those who ate at the restaurant did not have any medals. But when they arrived at the Jewish zone, they were all covered in them. There must be a reason for this inconsistency.

At first, Tiffel was still very cautious on this matter. Although there were doubts, but if wrong, it would not be a fun experience. First, he reported it to his superior, Brigadeführer Hans. But even that old man never knew about this Army tour in Poland. Then he asked the Gestapo themselves. They didn’t have any reports of Army officers coming to Warsaw. By then, this matter started to feel very suspicious. At that point, he asked the Gestapo to investigate the group’s true identities.

But he was not one to put all his faith in the Gestapo. So, he contacted the command for the 10th Corps. Repeatedly mentioning the officer’s appearances. However, it was clear they had not such men. He was then advised to contact the Army Command to check. But even now, he had not received a response. This should mean that the Army never scheduled any men off for vacation from the 10th Corps, right?

As he realized this, he could finally ease his heart. If these people were fake, perhaps a saboteur, spy, or deserter. If he seized them, it could be some additional merit. But to still have the audacity to be so arrogant in his city, it was inexcusable.

As Tiffel thought of this, his eyes flashed a fierce light. Drawing his pistol as he continued forward.

“How many floors?” He asked the man behind him.

“Two more.”

“Alright, everyone speed up. Keep silence.”

“Yes, sir.” Everyone accelerated up the stairs. But at the same time, everyone was careful of his own weapon. If it was dropped or mishandled, they would surely feel the boss’s wrath.

Both teams quietly reached the sixth floor. Finally, someone carefully pushed open the door to the floor.

“Sir, the corridor is clear.”

“Good, let’s go and control the exits.”

Dr. Tiffel and his team quietly proceeded to the corridor. At the same time, the other team arrived on the other side of the hallway.

“What should we do, sir?”

“Proceed to search the rooms.”

“Yes, sir.” As the soldiers scattered.

“Reporting, the doors of these rooms are not locked.”

“It’s only baggage, no one’s there.”

Several officers came forward to report.

“Continue to search, they cannot just fly away.” Tiffel coldly answered.

“Yes, sir.”

“Sir, we found this in some of the rooms.” A officer said as he held up a bunch of Army uniforms.

“Good, this is evidence.”

“We found a lot of weapons.”

“Immediately seize them. Is there no one yet?”

“Not yet, sir.”

“Where else have we not searched?”

“Only in the big lounge on the other side of the corridor.”

“All right, with me.”

As Tiffel proudly strutted out the corridor, he started to hear the faint sound of voices. It seemed to be quite a few people.

“They’re all here.”

Tiffel raised his hand and made a silent gesture to his men. Then put his ear on the door and listened.

“There’s a lot of people inside. There is also something that sounds like a child. It’s them.”

Tiffel took a few steps back and nodded to the several officers.

Then the squad leaders looked at each other and slowly approached the door holding their submachine guns. At the same time, they kicked their feet towards the door.

With a crisp sound of the wooden door cracking open, the men rushed through the entrance. The other soldiers swiftly followed behind with their rifles.

“No one is to move. Those who move will be shot!”

“Raise your hands!”

The squad leaders shouted out, holding submachine guns pointing it at the people in the room. One soldier fired several rounds into the ceiling. However, when the officers took note of the people they were targeting, they could only stare.

“Good, good. Was there any resistance?”

Tiffel, seeing there was no further movement in the lounge, triumphant walked in. But as he looked at the situation at the lounge, he was just as stunned as the men before him.

As the dust from the shots fired into the ceiling slowly cleared, they could see that the room was entirely filled with senior Army officers.

Six majors sat around the coffee table at the corner of the lounge. Each leisurely holding a cup of coffee. The lieutenants had colonized the area on the other side of the table. In the middle of the room were three colonels sitting on a sofa. One of which was holding a lovely little girl. A group of captains and lieutenants had surrounded them, each of them were either sitting or standing.

On the far side of the lounge was a gorgeous sofa. Pointing outside to the large outside window, its back still faced the SS intruders. In front of the sofa was standing an Army Colonel and an SS Colonel with a striking black uniform. Possibly standing on-guard the moment the soldiers rushed in.

How could there be so many senior officers? What happened to the 2nd Lieutenants? What happened to the soldiers? Although many of them there were still early or middle-ranked commissioned officers, that did not explain the lack of junior officers and soldiers. Looking at those dignified Army officers look at them with cold eyes, the SS soldiers realized that they could not be fake.

The squad leaders unwittingly retreated a few steps, no one dared to act rashly. The soldiers already lowered their guns and gave a few glances at each other. Making sure that it wasn’t just them feeling the pressure. Then, everyone looked at their commander.

Tiffel was already breaking out in a cold sweat. These people were absolutely Army officers. This military character was not something that could be faked. God, so many senior officers, and an SS colonel. As he looked at the face of the SS Colonel, Tiffel’s heart almost stopped beating.

“Lieutenant Colonel Tiffel! What are you trying to do here?” The SS Colonel shouted.

“What is your reason for bringing so many Storm troops here! Do you want to rebel!” The SS Colonel shouted again as he slowly walked forward. As he stepped forward, the squad leaders on the side involuntarily lowered their heads.

“Co… Colo… Colonel Dorgen!” Tiffel felt his legs grow soft as he looked with a terrified expression at the SS Colonel.

“It’s him, Sir, I know him. Yesterday he was standing next to the Captain. But yesterday he was wearing a 2nd Lieutenant uniform.” Major Skayer said to Tiffel as he pointed at Dorgen.

“Bastard! You idiot! This is Colonel Dorgen from the SS headquarters!” Tiffel shot a kick towards Skayer.

“I was killed by you, you idiot!”

“Lieutenant Colonel Tiffel! You have not answered my question yet. Nor do you know the least courtesy in front of your senior.”

“Ah!! Colonel, this is a misunderstanding. This is. . . I thought you were . . . All salute!!”

At this moment, all of the SS soldiers knew without a doubt that they just aimed at a group of real officers. Their hearts were half chilled. Although, they were only executing orders, the fact remains that they used weapons to threaten senior officers. Listening to Tiffel’s shout, they awakened their sense of awareness. Quickly, they stood straight and saluted as if their lives depended upon it.

“Colonel Dorgen, this is a misunderstanding, you have to listen to my explanation!” Sweat started to appear on his forehead.

“Before you explain it to me, you first explain to my chief.”

“Colonel… Dorgen…. Which one?” Tiffel’s eyes fell upon the men scattered around the room.

“No need to look so puzzled, Colonel Dorgen’s right. I want to hear your explanation of this matter.”

As the voice sounded in the dead silent room, the person sitting on the sofa stood up and turned around. All eyes fell upon a handsome man who showed a hint of a cold smile. The golden braid and the three sparkling stars on his shoulder indicated his rank. And the cross with silver oak leaves cemented his status.

“What!! Dep… Deputy Fuhrer Reinhardt….” Tiffel felt his legs trembling viciously, his men had to rush forward to hold him up.

With the appearance of the Deputy Fuhrer, the armed soldiers at the entrance started to faint almost simultaneously.


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  1. Instead of just dealing with that lot, the MC might take the time to sweep the whole SS clean of their kind. But that would bring problems to Adolf’s jew solution plan , so…


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