v4c9: SS Captain

Volume 4, Chapter 9

Dr. Tiffel directly left Xu Jun’s room and sped straight to the lobby floor. His anxious heart almost jumped out of his chest. That lobby manager best not have been disposed of yet. Otherwise, he and his subordinate would probably be the ones buried alongside him.

Sprinting down the stairs, the gasping Tiffel looked at the lobby hurriedly. However, he still saw no one behind the counter – the lobby manager had disappeared.

He felt his heart half chill as he grabbed the standing soldier and roared: “Where’s the lobby manager!? Where’s that damn Pole gone?”

The soldier looked at the distraught commander in front of him both frightened and speechless.

“Hurry and speak or I’ll shoot you!”

Tiffel pulled out his pistol and started to point it at the soldier before his two officers rushed up and stopped him.

“Sir! You can’t do that! The Deputy is still upstairs.”

“Yeah, do you want to anger the Deputy Fuhrer again?”

As soon as Tiffel was reminded of that frightful Deputy Fuhrer, his heart suddenly shuddered. He quickly put the pistol back into the holster. Taking a moment to stabilize his emotions, he looked up and nodded at his men. Then slowly faced the soldier.

“He… he, he… Lieutenant Sörenstam took him away.” The soldier quickly said as he finally recovered, and avoiding Tiffel’s menacing gaze.

“Where is he!?”

“He… He’s in the cafe.”

The commando replied while pointing his finger at the corner of the lobby area.

Tiffel coldly snorted and hurriedly rushed to the cafe. As he burst into the shop, the sight was like a slap to the face.

That damn idiot, Sörenstam, had fallen asleep and was contently lying on a couch. A few other low-ranking officers surrounded were gathered nearby. Many of whom were carrying a cup of coffee as they chatted leisurely. As Tiffel and his group nearly broke down the entrance, these officers all looked with shocked expressions.

Tiffel’s angry glare caused the officers to immediately stand up and look blankly at their commander. They were well aware of the consequences of angering the commander, leaving their coffee to tremble ever so slightly in their hands. However, Tiffel didn’t have the time to manage this. Stepping forward in monstrous strides, he gave the sleeping Lieutenant a good kick.

“Ah! What’s the matter!” Sörenstam yelled as he jumped up in alarm.

“Oh, Sir….”As Sörenstam saw the person above him, he sloppily rose in salute.

“Tell me, what happened to that Pole?” Tiffel gritted his teeth as he muttered those words. Currently resisting the temptation to shoot this imbecile right before him.

“Uhh may I ask which Pole you’re referring to?” Sörenstam asked puzzledly with drooping eyes. It seems as if he was not fully awake yet.

“Who else, that lobby manager! What did you do with him?” Tiffel started to feel his blood pressure constantly rising.

“Oh…That Polish bastard, right? Didn’t you want me to take care of him?” Sörenstam seemed to understand and confidently nodded.

“You imbecile!”

Finally, Tiffel could not bear it any longer. Approaching like the wind and grabbed onto Sörenstam’s collar. Roaring mere inches away from his face. “You are mentally handicapped! Don’t tell me you really disposed of that Pole. But if you did, even if you were the son of the Governor, you would be damned!”

Sörenstam was finally awakened Tiffel’s roar and looked back with a fearful expression. “Sir, you’re not kidding right?”

“Who would joke with you. Now, tell me truthfully. It’s no use covering your laziness with lies. What did you do?”

“I… I already dealt with him. ”

As soon as he heard Sörenstam’s reply, Tiffel felt as though his strength left his body and almost collapsed. Slowly letting go of the collar and slumped down on the sofa.

When this is over, he would be sent to military court for questioning. Nothing of the trial, if you offended the Deputy Fuhrer it was already understood what the verdict would be. Giving a dull glance at the carpeted floor, he felt the urge to cry at his luck.

“Doctor, what happened?”

Sörenstam gave a puzzled look at his commander who looked like a dead fish. “Were there any problems with that Pole? Was he a member of the resistance? I’ll arrest him immediately.”

Tiffel merely grumbled dejectedly. “It’s useless now, him being a member of the resistance is useless, arresting is also useless…”

Realizing something, Tiffel jumped up and grabbed hold of Sörenstam’s collar once again. “Arrest? Trial? You mean he’s not dead?” Tiffel fiercely stared at Sörenstam.

“Who said he’s dead…” Sörenstam was quite startled by the sudden change in his commander.

“Didn’t you say that you dealt with him?”

“Yeah, I had some men throw the lobby manager into the laundry room. Didn’t you say that you didn’t want to see him when you came back down?”

Ah, fortunately, this guy was a fool. But fortunately, this idiot has never been assigned any of the “handling” aspects of this occupation. Thankfully, he didn’t understand the true meaning of the words.

But now was not the time to throw a banquet in celebration, Tiffel turned back to his own men. “Immediately go find the lobby manager! You heard what the Deputy Fuhrer said. Give him the gift from the Deputy. Treat him well, our lives are at stake. You know what to do. I want to take a break now. Go ahead and go.”

It felt like a rock fell off his chest as he dropped onto the sofa once more. Now was the time for him to carefully sort through his ideas.

“First, it was my cousin that dared to antagonize the Vice-Head. He even used my name to try to intimidate him. Isn’t that just bringing about trouble for me? That useless thing, I should send him back to Berlin as soon as possible. I already knew that he would brew trouble sooner or later. But I would have never thought it’d be so large. Offending the Vice-Head, he’s just looking to be executed. The current situation was somewhat fixed already. So long as the Vice-Head believes in my words, he could spare both me and my cousin. But really, this situation was all his fault. Once I get my hands on him, he’ll be in for a beating.” Tiffel started to grit his teeth in anger.

“The issue with the Jewish areas are a bit trickier. The one really behind this was the Commander. His orders were mainly for the purpose of vacating buildings to receive more Jews sent from other areas. So, the order called for the removal of at least five blocks of Jews. Really there was nothing wrong with the command itself. Only there were not enough precautions taken.

It was stated at the end of the order that all the exits of the Jewish quarantine were to be strictly blocked off. A gag order was also in place regarding the details of the operation. Another important detail was that only SS Special Operation forces are to participate. Other forces are to be barred, no exceptions. Finally, the order states that only a verbal report of completion was necessary. No written reports and any written documentation of the operation will not be retained. All documents relating to the order are to be destroyed after completion of the task.

From these strict measures of confidentiality, the upper command is probably very afraid of word leaking out. This shows that the SS is acting alone. It’s possible the Deputy Fuhrer was not informed of the operation. Based off of the Deputy Fuhrer’s reaction, it should have proved this point. But it still will be a mess to decide who to side with.

It seems that this matter should be treated with the utmost caution. Any carelessness would cause the wrath of the Senior SS commanders to befall me. But, if the Deputy Fuhrer did not know then perhaps the Fuhrer is unaware as well. Luckily, I haven’t found the time to destroy the documents from Brigadeführer Hans yet. They are still stored in my safe and handing them over should be enough for the Vice-Head to spare my life. So long as I report truthfully, it will leave the impression of due diligence.” Thinking of all of this, Tiffel just grabbed a cup of coffee from a waiter and proudly drank it.

“Now onto the most important issue. How do we make the Vice-Head believe that I’m merely a tool? Based on the calls to the Brigadeführer and the Army, it can be seen that they were trying to mislead me. Hmm, they wanted… perhaps they wanted me to deal with the Vice-Head? Commander Hans’ attitude is also very suspicious. He probably knew that the Deputy had arrived in his district, he must have also participated in this conspiracy. Gestapo as well, they must have known something was wrong since last night. They didn’t even investigate as thoroughly as they often do… They should have long since known of the Deputy Fuhrer’s identity. But even so, they didn’t inform me of anything. They must be part of this conspiracy as well.

But really, the main blame of this conspiracy was the Deputy Fuhrer. The Deputy Fuhrer wanted to find the cause of the Jewish killings in Warsaw. Hence, trapping me, a little Lieutenant Colonel into being an informant. But on the other hand, all of these departments and figures must have wanted to borrow my hand to murder the Deputy Fuhrer… They knew full well that I’ve always been the more impulsive of commanders. So, they set up this trap. Fortunately, this time I brought the Waffen-SS soldiers. These well-trained soldiers are not as habitual to randomly shoot after they bust down a door like my regular troops. Thankfully, there were no serious consequences.

[MD: This is just a conspiracy theory that Tiffel is using to explain everything that’s happening. Does everyone want to kill the Deputy Fuhrer? Idk either.]

All this time I thought I had terrible luck. If it were not the fear of losing his own soldiers then he would have never demanded the mobilization of this Waffen-SS company. If I brought my own troops, then this hotel would run rivers of blood. If the Deputy Fuhrer was truly injured or killed. It would be without a doubt that all SS officers in Warsaw would be unable to escape the coffin.”

Leaving Tiffel to feel quite happy inside for his gracious luck. So long as the Deputy Fuhrer acknowledges all of this, he would be in the clear.

Then Tiffel suddenly felt a feeling, as if he forgot something important. He pondered hard as he glanced at his coffee. “What was it? It was an important task.”

“Oh! He needed me to arrange a conference room. Shit!” Jerking up his body, he threw the coffee mug haphazardly onto the table as he sprinted to the main desk of the lobby.

By then, the Polish lobby manager was already brought back by Tiffel’s men. Currently, he was surrounded by several of his officers who were trying to appease him.

Hearing the familiar roar from the cafe, everyone turned to see Tiffel sprinting over. The lobby manager was once again scared to the point of collapsing.

“Meeting room! I need a larger meeting room. It must be the best and the cleanest. Do you understand? If you can arrange it, I will ensure that no one will ever bother you again in Warsaw.” Tiffel ran up and prevented the manager from collapsing the on the ground. “Immediately, be quick.”

“You… You’re here… A meeting room, right?”

“Yes, it needs to be the best you have.”

“The… Third. There is one on the third floor… It is the best we have. It’s used for meetings for the hotel directors. However, it hasn’t been used for a long time. It still needs to be cleaned.”

“Well send one people to clean it then.”

“We don’t have anyone… The cleaners… They didn’t come. I heard that they were captured by the Gestapo.”

“What! Those idiots, even now they are a pain.”

Tiffel let go of the manager and paced several laps around the marble floor. After a few moments, he suddenly came up with an idea. Facing his men: “If there are no cleaners then we’ll do it ourselves. Get those Waffen-SS soldiers to come help out.”

“Sir, we are no longer in command of those soldiers.”

“What is it? Did something happen?” Tiffel asked.

“They’ve been transferred to the Army directly under the Vice-Head. Now they only obey orders from the Colonel and the Deputy Fuhrer. They are even more spirited than the Fuhrer guard.” An officer wryly smiled as he looked around at the soldiers scattered around the lobby.

At the time, Tiffel was too anxious and didn’t pay much attention to the changes in the soldiers. After listening to his officers, he carefully inspected them.

They indeed were not the same. Now, these soldiers are full of energy and were patrolling back and forth in the lobby, full of vigilance. Guarding along the passages and staircases, they were a sight to behold.

“What to do?”

Tiffel started to become worried once more. If the Deputy Fuhrer was annoyed once again then it was definitely not good.

“Sir, we can transfer some cleaners from the several nearby hotels.” An officer suggested.

“Yes, you’re right! You all go the nearby hotels. No matter what method you use, get me a batch of cleaners. Everyone else will come with me and the manager to view the meeting room. Dismissed!”

Tiffel sprinted back up the stairs. Followed by two of his officers and the lobby manager. As he glanced up at the clock, he grew incredibly concerned. His shirt now soaked with sweat.

A while later. “Well, you can begin explaining yourself now, Dr. Tiffel.”

Xu Jun sat at a huge conference table cold looking at Tiffel opposite him.

Now the Warsaw Butcher, the most horrible Captain of Death, the Messenger of Hell, and all sorts of other scary nicknames. He was sitting awkwardly with sweat constantly dripping from his forehead, without even attempting to wipe it off.

If any of his subordinates were here they would not believe that this arrogant SS officer would have such a side to him.

Hearing Xu Jun’s order, Tiffel quickly shot up, knocking over his chair in the process.

“Do not be nervous, Dr. Tiffel. If you can truthfully explain what happened in the lounge then I can forgive you for the mistakes you have made. But you should be careful about the whole thing. Before you speak, I would also like to ask you a few things. How did it take such a long time for this room to be readied and did the lobby manager receive my gift yet?”

Hurried to reply. “Reporting to my dear Deputy Fuhrer. Your gift, I have handed to the lobby manager. He wants me to communicate his unparalleled gratitude for your gift. As for the meeting room, it had not been used for a long time and so I took the time to send someone to carefully clean it. This is the reason for the long wait, I am sincerely sorry.”

“Oh, haha then you worked hard. Tell me is the weather is hot? I see that you’ve sweated quite a bit.” Xu Jun chuckled as he drank a glass of water.

“Yes, I feel a little hot. I am naturally afraid of heat and I’m very easy to sweat.” Tiffel pulled out his handkerchief from his pocket and began to wipe his forehead. Seeing Xu Jun’s gaze, Tiffel unconsciously took a deep breath.


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  1. To be honest, Nazi Germany taking the war to the Soviets was both an idiotic plan and a masterstroke of a plan.

    The idiocy was doing it at all. They didn’t have to.
    The masterstroke of it was the timing, except that they maybe started it too late in the year dragging it to the winter, they caught a lot of people by surprise.

    Of course, if they can avoid either the US or Soviet from getting involved, they can likely deal with the other one as they want, provided Hitler’s not in charge of the military as he tended to make more mistakes than successes in strategy, although some of them were very good.


  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    Btw, is the title really spelled ‘captian’? Sounds odd to me.

    A typo here:
    /“What? What happened?” Tiffel asked.

    // They’ve been transferred to the Army directly under the Vice-Head. Now they only obey orders from the Colonel and the Deputy Fuhrer. They are even more spirited than the Fuhrer guard.”/
    A quotation mark’s missing

    There seems to be something missing here, not sure though:
    /If there are no cleaners then // will do it ourselves./

    /Oh, haha then you worked hard./


  3. Mmh i think you are both right and wrong, fellow comrade.

    Germany and Soviet Union would eventually have been in conflict: it is documented that Stalin was thinking of an attack to conquer the last half of poland to scale down Hitler’s ambitions.

    And it is true that Barbarossa started monts late because of operations in the Balcani (iirc Yugoslavia): if that didn’t happen Germany would have conquered Moscow before the winter (and Moscow was the core of the industrial production of the time, Stalin didn’t have had the time to relocate after the Urals).

    US joined because of Japan.

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  4. Balcans* (sorry, Balcani is the italian word)

    Without Japan the public opinion of USA wouldn’t have allowed Roosvelt (or/and the Congress, idr very well how things worked at the time) to declare war.


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  6. Going back to read my beloved Reich adventures 😋😁i buy a GTX 1050 but i dont have monitor with HDMI. Im a dumbass. Tnx for the chapter Mein kamaradein


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