v4c10: Strength

Volume 4, Chapter 10

“Dr. Tiffel, can you guarantee everything you just said was true?” Xu Jun asked with a seemingly cold gaze.

“Of course, everything I said was a fact. However, some of this was based on speculation and suspicious reactions. Hence, I cannot be completely certain as for their true motives. Everything will be up to you and your adjutant to decide.” Tiffel respectfully answered.

Xu Jun nodded and gave a slight smile. “If your suspicions are correct, then it is truly a shameful conspiracy destabilize the Party. A despicable snare, the participants are no more than insidious rebels. This is the second rebellion in the history of our Reich. The first being SA rebellions fabricated by that Ernst Röhm. However, even if they are hidden deep in the shadows, we can still reveal their faults. Dr. Tiffel, you deserve your share of the credit for bringing this conspiracy to light. Perhaps after all this is over I will personally report your dedication to the Fuhrer.”

“Thank you, Vice-Head for your acknowledgment!” Tiffel’s heart felt like a blooming field of flowers in light of the Deputy Fuhrer’s change. If he was really interested in the conspiracy theory then this was simply a path out of this mess. He suddenly stood up and started to shake Xu Jun’s hands vigorously.

Xu Jun gave a slight nod to Tiffel and then continued to stare at the conference table in deep contemplation. His officers were already angry and impatient with Tiffel’s rash actions. In their eyes, he dared to act so casually before the greatest military general Germany’s ever. They obviously wanted to express their objections but were quickly shut up. Of course, it was well known that when the Deputy Fuhrer went into contemplation, no one’s allowed to interrupt his genius thinking.

However, contrary to Xu Jun’s outwardly cold appearance, his heart was also jubilant. Things have proceeded as planned. This was just a major step in the first half of the plan. All of the facts, all of the evidence is lining up. But to achieve such a result was reliant on lots of careful planning and luck. But based on how things are going, his luck is quite good. Of course, to realize the plan still required power. Thankfully, Jack had already left him with quite the legacy.

From the outsider’s perspective, Reinhardt von Straud was a darling of history. A young genius and a lucky man trusted by Hitler. However, few people knew the true face of this “Apostle of God”. Only select leaders at the core of the Party know the power of this affable little youngster. It can be said that most of Adolf Hitler’s successes were half due to this man’s wisdom. In the recent years, his terrific organizational skills and ability to incite action helped the Party weather through dozens of crises. Finally, during the bloody “Night of the Long Knives”, the core members of the Party finally realized the full terror of this young man.

While all the leaders of the Party were still struggling in their respective battles, this young genius secretly consolidated his own power. All sorts of people, either harmed by Nazi rule or pushed aside by other forces, they were taken up by him. No one knew how many people he arranged nor how many military units were under his control. Although his actions were not permitted, the other Party leaders were also desperate to gather men for their own departments. Leaving no one to oversee Jack’s actions. However, as the Apostle’s hand reached into their territory, it was too late. The “Bishops” as they are referred to, were hidden throughout all parts of the government.

No one could get evidence that this “Apostle of God” truly controlled the vital body of the Reich. Mainly because the primary investigative force in Germany, the Gestapo, had already fallen into the hands of the “Apostle”. Some leaders of the Gestapo sensed something was amiss and ordered for a secretive investigation of the Deputy Fuhrer. However, their response from their subordinates was always previously known information. Normally, it would not be impossible to find what color of underwear the senior leaders of the Party were wearing. Yet strangely when it involves the Deputy Fuhrer, they couldn’t even find what color the bedroom was. A few days later, the head of the Gestapo was summoned and reprimanded by the Fuhrer. Soon afterward, it was secretly revealed that he had engaged in several scandals. As for the rest, he was thrown into solitary confinement in a nameless Gestapo camp.

During the “Night of the Long Knives”, he was assisting Hitler with the removal of Röhm’s SA units, he silently purged everyone with intimate knowledge of the existence of the “Bishops”. Of course, there were some that he could not risk touching. All information was destroyed, and those “rebels” were hanged alive under the watchful eyes of the Party members. From that day onward, the core leadership all silently agreed that cooperation was the safest choice.

The most unbelievable thing was that Hitler was completely oblivious to this. No one would dare tell him of the Deputy Fuhrer actions. This is mainly because all evidence was destroyed and also no one was foolish enough to risk being brutally murdered for nothing. Thus, after a certain period of time, the existence of “Bishops” became the secret that no one dared to speak of.

Now that Xu Jun had inherited all of this power, he had his own domineering shadow force. As he looked at the “Bishops” from Jack’s memory he could hardly believe it. These people were now all heads and key leaders in their respective department. More than enough to control information flow and serve as intelligence branches. These are all greatly talented people and served Reinhardt alone. Rather, they are loyal to him due to both necessity and gratitude. If not for his protection they and their families would have long been thrown into concentration camps or simply executed. It is also for this reason that they do not feel any favor with the Party and its ideals. The primary reason they were selected. After all, Jack needed a group loyal to Reinhardt and not Hitler. However, all this painstaking effort were rendered useless for Jack once Xu Jun took over his position.

With the ability to wield such a powerful shadow organization, Xu Jun is determined to make good use of these forces. Perhaps these forces can be what breaks down the system of Nazi oppression. Never would Hitler and the Party think that a rebellion would occur in this manner. This visit to Warsaw was only the first exercise where he directly used his power. Only Xu Jun was uncertain whether or not he could successfully tame this monster or be devoured by it. But this was his first step towards realizing his aspirations.

Thinking of this, Xu Jun’s face turned solemn and firm. Lifting his head, he turned to look to the officers to his sides. Asking faintly: “What are your opinions on Tiffel’s words?”

“It does seem to be a conspiracy directed against you, General. As evidenced by Tiffel’s words. It is indeed an unforgivable crime. I think we should use your military might to quash this insult. So long as you issue the order, I will immediately go and have an infantry regiment rush over from the French front.”

“Yes, General. We are all in agreement. If it is your order, we will rush to execute it.” The other officers shouted earnestly.

Only four people at the conference table remained silent. Hans was sitting and blankly staring at the table. With his duty as adjutant, he was responsible for helping his commander assess the risks of each decision. The two others were Dorgen and Randolph. As this matter involves the SS it would be inappropriate for their input without the formal request from Xu Jun. The last was Tiffel. He could see the anger of the Army officers and could sense the great prestige that the Deputy Fuhrer held within the Army. In this situation, he had no chance to state his opinion. If he said something wrong, he could very well face the collective wrath of these fanatical officers.

“There is indeed a conspiracy here, but I want to affirm that the Gestapo were not involved. They have received my order the moment we arrived in Warsaw. They were told that under no circumstances were they to reveal my identity. I sent them to secretly monitor all the suspicious figures and signs around us. Hence why I was so prepared long before Tiffel’s group raided us.”

After listening to Xu Jun, these officers were taken aback. It turns out that the Gestapo already sided with the General. No wonder why the General was so well prepared.

“There is no need to guess the situation with the Gestapo. In the end, I am still the Deputy Fuhrer. It would be their responsibility to enforce my commands and protect my security. But, what we should be more concerned about are the suspicious actions of the other departments. The local official’s reply was understandable because of my request not to disclose my identity. However, the Army’s status is slightly tricky. I’m not too sure why the 10th Corps did not confirm the tour. Now there are two possibilities. One is that there was a mistake in the communications when I had planned the trip. Or perhaps the Army is also brought into this conspiracy. However, I think the chance of that is very small. Our glorious Army would not participate in such a farce. Until I do some questioning upon my return, it can only be at most speculation.” After saying this, the officers around all nodded in consent. Obviously very happy with the amount of trust their commander placed in their Army.

Xu Jun went on to say: “After listening to what Tiffel said, I think the most suspicious factor was the reaction from the Warsaw SS headquarters. I told Himmler that I wanted to come to Warsaw for a few days. Hence, it would be impossible for the local commander to not have received Himmler’s notice. From that perspective, the local commanders surely have some issues. Or perhaps they are the true masters of this conspiracy.”

Then Xu Jun turned to Tiffel. “Dr. Tiffel, tell me honestly. Who exactly ordered you to conduct his Jewish Massacre? As far as I’m aware, the Fuhrer, I, nor the senior SS leaders ever approved of such an order.”

“It was Brigadeführer Hans.” Tiffel quickly answered.

“Who then gave this order to Brigadeführer Hans?”

“That… That I’m not very clear of…”

“What? Did not see the signatures of the others on the order?”

“No, it’s not that. The order only had Brigadeführer Han’s signature.”

“Is that so…” Xu Jun pondered silently for a moment. Then a new glint came from his eyes.

“Dr. Tiffel! Do you know how deep your crimes are right now? Not only did you use weapons to threaten me but you committed an even greater crime! You actually dared to participate in the killing of civilians who were under the administration of Germany! This is a crime that undermines the reputation of our Reich! You should know that both I and Fuhrer believe that the Jews cannot be treated too harshly. It is merely enough to shame them, they will still be required to work hard for the good of Germany. They are our precious labor force. We cannot simply dispose of them so casually.

But even of greater importance, your massacre may perhaps bring irreparable harm to the reputation of our Reich. If our enemies know the truth of this, we will become the enemies of the world! The neutral countries will look at us with disdain. Our enemies will view us as savages. Throwing our international situation into a passive state. Did you think of this when you received the order? Now, I ask you again, where did this order come from? Because the ones behind this incident may very well be the same ones plotting to kill me. If you still insist on ignorance than the full responsibility will be borne by you and Brigadeführer Hans. If the SS commander is able to recognize other accomplices then I think he can escape an untimely death. But you, Lieutenant Colonel Tiffel… You’re dead if you do not remember the names of planners this instant.”

Tiffel felt petrified by those words. This reaction from the Deputy Fuhrer was not something he expected. “This, this must have a deeper meaning! Surely, he understands that I truly don’t know the true culprits! There must be something he wants me to do, but it must be inappropriate to openly state! What does he want? What is his purpose?”

Unexpectedly, Xu Jun saw Tiffel’s sweaty face and his tone suddenly changed. With a smile, he calmly said: “No need to be so nervous. Your situation is not irreversible, there are still opportunities to rectify your faults. As long as you can round up those SS and Party officials involved in this massacre and conspiracy, then your case will be much better. I will give you a chance to redeem yourself. You and Colonel Dorgen will take the initiative to arrest these people and their trial will be your responsibility. If all is accomplished then it would be no problem for me to promote you to Standartenführer. What do you think?”

Tiffel took a few moments to absorb everything that was just said. Like a light bulb, he finally understood the meaning of Xu Jun’s words. Chuckling inwardly, he realized that this Deputy Fuhrer was truly a great conspirator. His motive is clear. He set this whole thing up with the express purpose of conducting a major clean-up of the Polish SS officers. All by using him, a Lieutenant Colonel. It seems that those people never realized how much of a mistake is to be on the opposing side of the Vice-Head. Except now everything was not exactly within his own control. His choices are either to be executed or be promoted.

Rather, Tiffel was not too concerned about being unable completing the task so this incident could be considered a good thing. So long as he wholeheartedly follows the Deputy Fuhrer then his rise up will be inevitable. The Deputy Fuhrer is essentially offering a chance to follow him, only an idiot would let this opportunity pass.

Tiffel is determined to make his new commander aware of his abilities and loyalty. He shot up fiercely and shouted: “I understand. I will use my actions to express my unending gratitude for your magnanimity and tolerance. Please accept my allegiance to you.”


MD: So it seems like I won’t be able to finish Volume 4 like I had initially planned. Due to some constraints regarding time, I’ve planned that v4c14 will be my last chapter that I’m translating. I will be going on an indefinite hiatus and I’ll probably return with a brand new series.



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