v4c11: The Advent of the Storm

Volume 4, Chapter 11

“77th Storm Company gather in the lobby! Hurry it up!”

As Shackett ordered, the roar of the soldiers resounded in the lobby of the hotel. The storm troops who were guarding the various halls all shed down and concentrated in the downstairs area. All of the soldiers stood energetically, waiting for their commander to issue new orders.

However, the order was not issued as expected. Shackett stood still without saying a word, staring at the stairwell as if waiting for someone. Every one of the soldiers held their breath in anticipation. They’ve already made their guesses as to the new commander. An entire lobby full of people was now quiet. Without even the sound of excess breathing.

With tidy footsteps, six additional soldiers appeared walking down the stairs. Each carrying a rifle and stood at attention at the foot of the stairway. Following them were Xu Jun and his officers. The soldiers present could feel their spirit burning with excitement. To be so close to the legendary Deputy Fuhrer, it was something that they dreamed of. They were full of gratitude for the Deputy Fuhrer’s forgiveness.

Had this not happened, they would have received strict disciplinary action from their commanders. If not for their ingrained discipline, they would have jumped up and cheered long ago. Now, their faces were firm and solidified. Trying their best to look mighty and heroic. But their hidden fanaticism could not escape Xu Jun’s eyes. Only giving a nod, Xu Jun walked forward with a slight smile. Coming to a quick stop, he gave a salute to his new soldiers. Almost immediately, the sound of clicking heels came out as the soldiers all returned the salute.

In 1940, there was no dedicated training regime for the Waffen-SS. The soldiers were all trained by the Army and were also required to follow the Army protocols. At this time, the Waffen-SS can be said to have a lot more consistency in the troop quality compared to the Army or SS. Rather, they were all strictly selected from a pool of candidates, unlike other branches. Their training could be even more severe compared to the Army. Their weapons were better than the average Army soldier. So, in terms of individual combat effectiveness, they were absolutely better than the Army. Hence, each of the Waffen-SS operational teams could either be categorized as advanced or elite units.

Their loyalty to Germany and their frenzied obedience towards the Nazi system made them more tenacious and cruel on the battlefield than any other force. However, it’s a pity that they never had enough qualified officers. Many of the officers now are there based only on their loyalty and not military competence. Most of the unit officers were really old Army officers cut for their low ability.

Guided by these unqualified commanders, most Waffen-SS units rarely fought tactically. It was slightly better on the front lines where the leaders were more experienced but average garrison units were not very good in this aspect. But, due to this weakness, the Waffen-SS usually fought with brute force. Leaving them to fight in much more bloody engagements, particularly as a vanguard force. In turn, causing a higher casualty rate among both them and the enemy.

All of this craziness led many of the Army generals on the French Front to protest about their behavior. The 2nd SS Panzer Division obviously had no intention of taking prisoners. Sometimes fighting until the enemy was wiped out. Sometimes accepting the surrender but then directly killing the prisoners. This, in turn, made the Army’s fighting harder as well due to the French’s reluctance to surrender. This incident made Hitler feel somewhat discontent. Finally, with his intervention, the Waffen-SS did its best to abstain from more senseless killing. The Army would instead take the prisoners and finally, the Army generals accepted the presence of these trouble-makers.

In the history known to Xu Jun, during the invasion of Russia the rate of replenishment was unable to sustain the rate of casualties. So more often than not, second-rate soldiers or really anyone available would be enlisted. The result can be imagined that the elite units began to fall apart and their reputation becoming more and more murky.

Xu Jun now standing in front of these energetic soldiers, his heart quite hopeful. Not only does he have a method of preventing senseless massacre occurring, he can also stop the degeneration of the Waffen-SS. It was like the burden on his shoulders was increased once more. But Xu Jun didn’t mind.

Xu Jun pondered a moment and then shouted to the soldiers before him. “Tell me what the name of your unit is called?”

After hearing the question, the soldiers all froze. Glancing around, they all showed signs of confusion.

“The Waffen-SS 77th Storm Company.” Finally, a courageous soldier stood forward out of the team and answered.

“What did you say? I could not hear clearly? Did not you eat enough?” Xu Jun gave an exaggerated frown as he looked at the soldier with contempt.

The soldier quickly raised his voice and called out: “Reporting to the Vice-Head, we are the 77th Storm Company of the Waffen-SS.”

“Hm, it seems there’s such a weak soldier in my command.”

Xu Jun turned to face Muller with a displeased expression.

The soldier, after hearing this, gave a panicked expression. Then he exhausted all his strength as he roared out: “We are the 77th Storm Company of the Waffen-SS!”

“Yes, that’s right! That is a soldier of mine. This is a soldier of the Cerberus Corps. Very good. Enter the column, soldier.”

“Yes, sir!”

The soldier shouted and then stepped back into the formation.

“Now, what is our unit?”

“Reporting to the Vice-Head, we are the 77th Storm Company Waffen-SS!!”

All of the soldiers shouted with all of their strength. Shaking the glass in the lobby. Everyone felt their blood boiling.

“Good, very good.” Xu Jun nodded his approval.

“Do you know the purpose of Waffen-SS?”

“We are the guardians of the German Socialist Workers’ Party! We are great Germany’s strongest warriors. We are Germany’s sturdiest protectors!” No one was hesitating this time as everyone shouted out.

“Do you know why you’re called storm troops?”

“We are like a storm in the winter. We fly forward and pierce icy fear into the hearts of the enemy. We sweep away all obstacles that stand in the way of our Germany!”

“Good, now is the time to confirm your strength and loyalty.”

Xu Jun gave a satisfied nod.

“The glory of our great fatherland has been tarnished by a group of cruel beasts and despicable schemers!”

Hearing this, every one of those soldiers looked nervously at Xu Jun. Holding extreme anger in their hearts as the Deputy Fuhrer began to explain the offenses that have been committed.

“Yesterday, in Warsaw, a horrifying and brutal massacre occurred. Five thousand innocent lives were cruelly deprived. Those five thousand were all Jews.”

Those soldiers gave a confused look. Jews? How does the death of five thousand Jews affect the honor of the fatherland?

“The honor of Germany has been compromised. If this matter is known our enemies, they will use this incident against us. And we will be powerless to stop them. In yesterday’s killings, there were a large number of elderly, women, and children. It is because of this that we would be seen as butchers. We Germans will no longer be seen as noble and civilized in the eyes of the other nations! We will be nothing more than savage beasts! This is something that cannot be tolerated!”

Hearing this, all of the soldiers understood Xu Jun’s meaning. They all feared for Germany’s glory. If this event was really true, then it would be impossible to provide justification. In that situation, the honor of Germany may very well be tarnished. Realizing the immensity of the situation, the soldiers began to feel immense anger at those idiots that planned such a stupid scandal.

“And!” Xu Jun raised his voice further. “Apart from trying to tarnish Germany’s reputation. The conspirators also wanted to take this opportunity to murder me!”

“What! There is such a thing!”

“Sir, tell us who those people are!”

“Yes, Vice-Head, let’s go grab them all!”

“Kill these conspirators and kill the traitors!”

This piece of news really set the soldiers off as they started to all shout.

“Quiet! Everyone quiet!” Xu Jun raised his hands and motioned for everyone to settled down.

“Your task now is to arrest the organizers and planners of this conspiracy. You will be under the leadership of Colonel Dorgen and Captain Shackett. Seize them all. All those that took part in the massacre, both soldiers and officers. We want to erase this matter completely. Do you understand?”

“Understood, Deputy Fuhrer!”

“If anyone dares to resist, you have the right to shoot him on the spot. Also, the Gestapo will be cooperating with you in this operation. These conspirators are the scum that has been hiding inside our Party. Some of whom are still high-ranking officers and government officials. There may be some people that you know.”

“Vice-Head, please trust us, we will not bring shame upon your reputation. No matter who, we will show no preferential treatment to anyone that harms our fatherland.”


Xu Jun nodded once more. Then he asked the group again. “Your name?”

“The 77th Storm Company, Waffen-SS!”

“No, you are now the Storm Company under the command of the Cerberus Corps. I am now appointing you, but you will need to use your actions to prove that you have the strength for this honor.”

When those soldiers heard this, this appointment meant that no one besides the Cerberus Corps could command them. This was the highest honor that a small unit like them could be given. Now the soldiers received a renewed conviction to prove themselves.

This led to some of the soldiers to start secretly planning. To return the Deputy Fuhrer’s grace, it would be better to just kill the conspirators the moment they surrender. After all, to let them sit comfortably in the car ride back was too much of a luxury. Xu Jun didn’t expect was his own behavior would lead to the officials spewing endless curses towards these demonic soldiers.

“Tell me, what team are you?” Xu Jun shouted again.

“We are the Storm Company under the Cerberus Corps!”

“What is your honor?”

“Our honor is our loyalty!”

“Then soldiers, go!”

“Yes! Vice-Head!”

The soldiers were divided into teams and rushed out of the hotel. Each taking their own truck, they stormed into the streets of Warsaw.

Releasing a sigh, Xu Jun turned to face his own officers with a smile. “It seems Warsaw will be quite lively.”

Not waiting for his officers to reply he continued down the stairs under the escort of the six soldiers.


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  1. just for information SS is not storm troop. the real name is Schutz Staffel and that means protection squadron.


  2. Thanks for the chapter!~ Looking forward to next chapter.
    Is the final chapter (14) a cliff hanger? I hope not or I’ll die… T^T


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