Chapter 19: Upgrading Star Stream

Being mage guardians, gargoyles are a favorite of all mages and magic casters. However, mages prefer versatility and most gargoyles are sub-par in that aspect. Their abilities outside of acting as bodyguards are essentially nil. However, it would be a huge waste to do nothing. So, for many mages, they not only serve as guards, they can also be converted into safes.

Both of the two gargoyles are like this.

As he looked over their stone fragments, Rhode spotted quite a few good things. As a level 15 rare elite, the gargoyles’ “drops” were quite worthy of their difficulty. Besides the assorted precious stones, crystals, and some gold coins, Rhode also found three magic items.

Ice Talisman [Elite Item]: When attacked, automatically triggers the Ice Protection Shield. Can resist 50~150 damage, immune to low water attacks.

Oath Guardian [Excellent Item]: +5 Spell Effect, +5 Magic Resistance.

Misty Ring [Excellent Item]: Can activate an “Illusionary Body” for half an hour. Cooldown: 10 days

These are all very good mage equipment. If was sold at the auction houses, they’ll definitely capture a high price.

Unfortunately, that’s all they are, mage equipment.

In the end, the equipment was given to Leiya. Although not an offensive mage, she would still benefit from these items. He gave the Ice Talisman and the Oath Guardian and kept the Misty Ring for his own use.

Needless to say, Leiya was very surprised to see Rhode so easily part with those two pieces of equipment. In a normal mercenary group, they’ll usually encounter a lot of magical items, but it was rarely dealt out so casually. Normally, these will almost always be sold to help pay for the group’s expenses.

It’s this standpoint that shows the gap between NPCs and Players. As members of this world, the ultimate goal of mercenaries is to make a living. So even if some equipment is found, most of it will not stay with the group. In fact, mercenaries rarely accept tasks with too high of difficulty. In the player’s eyes, they simply waste their lives doing third-rate tasks like escorting carriages and the such.

But players are different. Their goals upon entering the game is to become better and stronger. That means becoming better equipped, more experienced, more famous, and more powerful. This is the focused pursuit of all players. For them, magic equipment isn’t really a rare commodity. Rather, it was something they hoarded and ultimately forgot about.

The Ice Talisman had some good properties, but Rhode doesn’t need it. He can eventually find a high-level water spirit and get the same benefit of water immunity. Hence, it wasn’t a big deal to dispense this “low-level” equipment. Truthfully, to him, “high-level” equipment is limited to legendary, pseudo-artifact, and artifact-level items. Unless, or course, it was his personally crafted items like the “Sword of Piercing Sky” or “Saint’s Heart”.

But, in Leiya’s opinion, this equipment was already quite “high-end”. It should be noted that a medium-sized mercenary group won’t typically carry more than three to five pieces of magical equipment. Furthermore, as a support unit, Healers are even more unlikely to get good equipment. It’s not prejudice, just the fact that their position and tasks rarely require it. But now, as a healer of a small mercenary group, she actually got two good pieces of magic equipment in a blink of an eye?

This even made Leiya doubt whether or not she was dreaming.

However, compared with Leiya, Metz’s understanding was much deeper.

As a businessman who traveled around, Metz certainly understands how precious this magical equipment was. Even in a place like the bustling port of Celag, fetching two or three thousand gold coins wouldn’t be a problem. And yet, Rhode nonchalantly gave it away as if it were a loaf of bread. And this air of calm is not the same as showing off. This much he can tell, instead it came from the heart. As if Rhode was acknowledging its usefulness but still found it unattractive.

This ability to casually look down upon magical items was not something an average person could do. Metz has dealt with many people, including mercenaries and nobility. But even in their eyes, these items would still be considered very valuable. Few people could do such a thing so directly, yet Rhode didn’t even give a second glance.

But what does this mean?

This means that in the eyes of this young man, this type of magic equipment is nothing more than ineffective rubbish… What kind of personality and background does this entail?

Before, Metz had mostly grouped Rhode in as a member of the countless nobles in the mainland. But now, he couldn’t help but more closely associate him with those ancient families or royalty. Only they would have the heaps of magical items to warrant such a response. This was quite an intriguing situation. A person with seas of wealth won’t care about a couple drops of gold.

The thought made this fat merchant excited for a moment. As a small businessman, he usually had no chance interact with ancient nobility. After all, all of these big aristocratic family will have huge helpers in all sectors. Such a place was outside of his realm of competition. Now that there’s such an opportunity, if he can grasp it well, there may be a great opportunity.

However, this kind of thinking was like a flash, disappearing after a brief thought. Metz was quite a smart man and prided himself on understanding what others thought. Even though this young man didn’t complain too much, it was obvious that Metz wasn’t very helpful to the group, causing his excited breath to dull slightly.

Rhode, on the other hand, didn’t care about the three pieces of equipment. Rather, he was completely concentrated on the two heart-shaped jewels in his hands.

Gargoyle’s heart.

The condensation of an artificial soul.

The explanation may be a bit complicated, but in player’s words, if you think of a gargoyle as a robot, then the gargoyle’s heart is the chip.

The value of such a thing is self-evident.

In the Dragon Soul Continent, alchemist creatures are very high-end creations. Creating life is God’s patent, and even mages can’t violate this law. Hence, artificial souls are the next best thing. Because of this, a complete core of an artificial soul is very rare, and not something every mage can craft. But for a mage, having an alchemist creation is one of the highest goals they chase. It’s like how a handsome man must have a sports car to prove his worth.

This kind of item is rarely sold and the market for it is essentially nonexistent. But when they are sold, the price is, naturally, very high. In a normal auction, 100,000 gold coins wouldn’t cut it. If it’s the black market, even higher. Based on the quality, the best artificial soul cores can even sell for millions. Enough to buy a small territory. What’s more, mages are naturally very rich and rarely sell their creations.

But Rhode didn’t care much about the money.

There are things in the world that money cannot buy.

Such as this gem’s other ability.

Forced Summoning Spirit Evolution +1.

Experience is shared between the summoner and the summon. Should Rhode gain 1,000 points in combat exp, then he actually only gets 700. The remaining 300 points are distributed to the spirit. Although this roughly one-third of the experience doesn’t seem like much, it will accumulate and become a great burden. A reason why it’s much more difficult to use the Summoning Swordsman compared to other professions. In fact, according to the game setup, if Rhode was in a different profession, he’d be at least level 12. But with Star Stream and Soaring Spirit Bird grabbing his experience points, he’s only level 10 at the moment.

As for his summons…

[Eternal Holy Sword (10th): Star Stream, no attributes, can be integrated.
~ The dust of history cannot bury its dazzling glory ~
Level: 5, The glory of victory charges ahead, sharpness.]

Once summoning spirits reach level ten, they have the opportunity to evolve. After evolution, not only will they change, but the ceiling will be increased by another ten levels until the next evolution. The gargoyle’s heart has the ability to forcibly raise the level of a spirit to the tenth level. This way, not only would it save experience points, it would also reduce the time to level up.

What can’t be bought with money?

Time, it is a type of money that cannot be calculated with mere gold.

Rhode has no idea what the maximum evolution levels of Star Stream is, but according to his experience, the summoning card ranks at the end of the deck are generally not too high. A total of three evolutions is typically their limit. If he used both of the two gargoyle hearts in, due to the level difference, the sword would probably not grab any more of his experience.


Rhode was lost in thought. This card was very unique and strange. When he took this card from the Company President, he clearly told him that this was the only card in the world. At the time, Rhode didn’t think much more about it. But now, it did seem a bit weird.

Only this one?

Before, the system prompt told him that he only obtained 1/10 of the Eternal Holy Sword Deck. What about the remaining nine? And furthermore, this is the tenth card, the last one. There should be nine cards in front of it.

But this is a real head-scratcher, this card’s not available in the game because it is merely a souvenir. Furthermore, he’s never encountered a single mention of an Eternal Holy Sword Deck in any lore or forum. And this is unlikely to be hidden in the game because the card was born after he won that competition. Because of setting up the guild Starlight, the game company specially designed and gifted this card to him. It shouldn’t be possible to connect a system operation with an out-of-system item.

But, might as well try it anyway.

Deciding on a decision, Rhode reached out with his right hand and held one of the stones in his palm. Soon, a line of system prompts appeared in his vision.

[Gargoyle’s Heart (Magic Item), Do you wish to use it?]


With Rhode’s answer, the summoning mark on his right hand issued a faint glow. Then the dark red gemstone shattered and vanished into mist. Immediately, a new message appeared.


Star Stream.

[Target – Star Stream – Forced Evolution]

[Level 10 Accomplished]



The flawless white card once again appeared suddenly in his hand. The beauty made Leiya and Metz stare curiously.

Finally, a line emerged.

[Evolution completed]

[Eternal Holy Sword (10th): Star Stream, no attributes, can be integrated.
~ The dust of history cannot bury its dazzling glory ~
Level: 10, The glory of victory charges ahead, sharpness.
The white wings protect all, guardian.
The holy light dispels darkness, aura.]

[Additional Skills: Sharp Precision, Wing Protection, Shining Light. Able to be used three times per day.]

Not bad!

Seeing this line of text, Rhode nodded with beaming satisfaction. Star Stream has three special skills, and these skills are also attached to the weapon. That means that it wouldn’t consume any mana to use them. The number of applications was almost unlimited. Also, these were quite top-grade skills for their level and it can be imagined what role they’ll play in battles.

But the next system prompt, Rhode could not help but be startled.

[Magic condensation detected]


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