Chapter 43

Chapter 43: So Much Danger but Still Not Dead

It’s not known when the Zhao army finally retreated. It’s also unknown when the camp walls were relieved from the sounds of killing. Maybe, it was after the Qin infantry successfully attacked the Zhao rear.

Afterward, the Zhao army receded in a disorderly rout. The initial momentum dissolved into muddled chaos.

The Qin defenders took advantage of the confusion and launched a counterattack of their own. Under the pincer attack, the Zhao army was fully repulsed from the walls, fleeing into the cover of the forest.

The sky was already dark.

The soldiers above the walls only felt as if their arms were numb to all senses. The dark armor was coated in blood, indiscernible whether it was theirs or the enemy’s.

The bodies were strewn in piles several meters high below the walls, forming ramp-like hills. The thick blood seeped into the land and contaminated the air.

Everyone still standing collapsed in exhaustion, kneeling even atop pools of blood and flesh. They gasped loudly and greedily breathed the air.

“Eugh.” In a pile of dead bodies, a corpse was pushed upwards. The wet blood from his gashed neck spilled out onto the person underneath.

Gu Nan held her spear in one hand heaved away the corpse with the other hand, allowing black-colored blood to flow down her hair and armor.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha…”

Gu Nan’s throat dry and crackled. Three arrows stuck out of her body. Neither side’s archers needed to aim. In such a densely-packed place, an arrow was bound to hit something.

She had to deflect several of these wandering arrows, most being near misses. In the final volley of arrows, she grabbed a dead soldier and hid herself underneath, narrowly avoiding the calamity.

She took three arrows in total, one to her left shoulder, one to her waist and one to her thigh. Among the defenders, there was perhaps no one without injuries. Even her wounds were considered light.

It’s painful. If it was any other time, she would be screaming, but she was too exhausted to muster a sound.

The Zhao have retreated.

I’m… not dead yet?

Gu Nan looked around, but the blood in her eyes blurred her vision.

A bitter smile formed on her face.

Fate really likes teasing me. I’m just a person that wants live an easy life. How did I get this ghastly place?

She turned to seven or eight dead bodies hunched against the corner, a bright red pool of blood forming. Her eyes lowered in rumination.

Is this the true face of this troubled world?…

Truly, people are less than dogs…


In this quick battle, the Zhao army and the Qin army had more than twelve thousand casualties. The division of losses was four to six, but this was because Zhao had the advantage of surprise.

But it was the sudden appearance of a Qin army at their rear that cut off their escape route. Considering the final result, the Zhao was the ones suffering a huge loss.

When thinking about this clash between Qin and Zhao, countless people tremor at the thought, but it is a battle that will be etched deeply into their memories.

But of the defenders, only one was known to all the Qin army.

Surnamed Gu, called Gu Nan, disciple of Bai Qi.

This Miss Gu was already known to everyone. However, besides being the rare woman in the camp, few thought anything notable of her.

But now, no one dared to forget that figure, which was like a god of slaughter standing atop the walls.

A touch of the spear meant death. The spiraling dance was overflowing with coldness but held an overbearing majesty. No one would dare think that it came from this feeble-looking girl.

Because of her great strength, each strike was heavy like catapulted-boulders. With only physical strength, she was not limited by the consumption and fatigue of internal qi.

Even if someone avoided a having bloody cavity blown through their chest, a strike to their arms and legs would blow it to mangled bits, eventually dying with an unrecognizable corpse. With a single sweep, any witnesses would breathe a cold gasp.

Some people tasked with counting casualties found eight hundred corpses that suffered her blows. That is to mean, this one girl killed nearly a thousand Zhao soldiers.

Nearly a thousand men. Even the most ferocious commanders could not boast of killing so many by themselves.

If it was not a defensive battle with attackers incrementally climbing up the walls, eight hundred soldiers were more than enough to leave her dead. But regardless, her kills amounted to nearly one-seventh of all Zhao losses.

Even more, Gu Nan was struck with three arrows but did not retreat. This bravery moved the hearts of the defenders, particularly among the veteran soldiers, who have experienced countless life-or-death experiences.

In the fiercest fighting, there have never been generals who rushed forward. For those tasked with holding the vanguard, it was the first time anyone’s blocked the enemy before them.

Mentioned that Miss Gu, their eyes turned a bit red.

Meanwhile, what’s Gu Nan doing?

She’s on her bed, waiting for a doctor.

With three arrows embedded into her, she’s unable to continue moving. And since there was not a female army medic, Bai Qi had to send men to scour the surrounding villages to find a female doctor. If there was not a female doctor, a woman was fine as well. According to the army doctor, it was merely to have someone tend to her wounds.

But fortunately, word arrived that a female doctor was indeed found and was being escorted back to the camp.

Well…, since time was short and the soldiers were concerned about Gu Nan’s condition, it would be more accurate to say the soldiers kidnapped a female doctor.

After more than a day, Gu Nan was still not awake and was drifting in a semi-conscious state.

Within Bai Qi’s tent.

“Old Bai, you sure are ruthless huh.” Wang He smiled wryly. “Three arrow wounds and more than ten sword cuts. When I went down to check, it was like she took a bath in blood. Just looking at it made my hairs stand up.”

Bai Qi continued to sit, his head down and hands clenched. “One day, she will become the heir to my responsibilities and burdens. It’s only this much pain and suffering; it’s probably not enough.”

“But still, this is a battle of a million men, after all. She’s only this old. In all my life, she’s the only that’s like that.” Wang He frowned. “What the hell were you thinking?”

“I was thinking about preparing her as quickly as possible.”

Bai Qi said faintly. Others may not know, but he’s well aware that his time is not much longer.

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