Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Casually Finding a Doctor, Maybe Luck’s not that Bad

Wang He fell silent. Towards the politics and drama of the imperial court, he was only faintly familiar. But among what he had heard, there were some rumors the King was preparing to act against Lord Wu’an.

But these were still merely fleeting rumors.

“Old Bai, the Qin King knows how to use his subordinates well. He shouldn’t dispose of your authority so soon.”

“En…” Bai Qi sat, mostly unresponsive. “Has the doctor arrived yet?”

Wang He sighed. “They’re already on their way. Meng Wu went personally, promising that he’ll be back within a half-day.

“But… your disciple’s injuries are quite serious, it’s still uncertain if she’ll be fine until they arrive.”

“…She’ll make it. She’s my disciple after all.”

Wang He reluctantly closed his mouth at his stubborn remark.

It’s unfortunate that he does realize that although Bai Qi seemed dull and quiet, he’s actually more flustered than anyone else, merely experienced in hiding it under his face.

The Zhao army’s attack was fiercer than all his expectations. His assumptions pointed towards a strong probing attack, after all, an actual all-out attack was too suicidal. But it was only later that he realized the error of his assumption. With certainty, he was sure the Zhao would’ve never retreated without the sudden ambush to their rear.

This time, his own boundless experience misled him. The opponent was truly suicidal.


His hands were clutched together.

Do not worry.


“Hey! Hey! What are you doing, let me go! I’m warning you, if you force my hand, my martial arts are very strong!”

As the woman’s screams and yells spread, many soldiers’ eyes were drawn over. They saw a young woman, about twenty years old, being dragged into the camp by two large soldiers.

Following behind was a group of silent soldiers, led by a worried-looking Meng Wu.

The woman wore the tidy robes of a doctor, which highlighted her delicate and slender body.

But the surrounding soldiers only cast a faint glance. If it were the past, such a sight would warrant more attention, but no one bothered to spare any more of their energy now.

Firstly, the recent battle exhausted everyone involved, and all the soldiers were still recuperating their bodies and strength. Secondly, she was merely a beautiful woman, so what of it? She could hardly compare to their “General Gu,” even in appearances.

“I said, let me go!”

As the woman continued yelling, Meng Wu’s face continued to darken as he became more and more irritated at this accursed woman!

“zing!” With only a faint ringing sound, the long sword at Meng Wu’s waist was drawn and reappeared a few inches away from the girl’s face.

“Shut up with your ruckus. I’m taking you to heal someone. If you can’t heal Brother Gu, I will draw on your face with this blade.”

Meng Wu said with a frightening sternness.

Sure enough, the woman quieted down.

Meng Wu snorted. Returning his sword, he flicked his cloak back as he continued his brisk pace forward.

Before long, the group arrived in front of Gu Nan’s tent.

The two soldiers hauled the woman up to the entrance.

Meng Wu pointed at the tent and said, “The patient is inside, do it well.”

After that, she was directly given a slight shove inside.


The woman fell to the ground with a small thud, groaning as she rubbed her butt.

Earlier, she was just minding her own business and heading down the mountain. But who could’ve guessed that she’d encounter a group of burly men on the road, asking if she was a doctor with a serious expression?

Just as she nodded, she was swarmed and rounded up, dragging her to this army encampment.

As she recalled what happened, she bit down on her mouth for her grievances.

Humph, if it wasn’t for a doctor’s compassion, I would be happy to teach these brutes a lesson.

Snorting, she stood up. Since she’s already here, she might as well look at this so-called patient.

The tent was simply decorated, with a small brazier, a short table, a basin, and a bed.

Laying on the bed was a person, apparently fainted.

This…, is this the Brother Gu that the guy mentioned? The woman thought curiously and leaned forward.

Only when she looked clearly did she almost let out a shout, covering her mouth.

A woman, a very beautiful woman, lying on the bed, asleep, without even a whisper of noise.

On her body, the armor was unbounded, revealing more than ten wounds, with three arrow shafts jutting out of her. The arrows weren’t pulled out yet, because once they were, it must be quickly bandaged to prevent blood loss. Otherwise, it’s better to wait until a doctor could carefully remove them.

This beautiful girl’s face was covered with mostly-dried blood. Rather, it was like her entire body was bathed in blood. Any regular person that suddenly saw her would jump up in fright.

The woman quickly recovered. Although her heart was filled questions, she didn’t have the time to think about it. Without much delay, she went to check on Gu Nan’s wounds.

Besides the obvious arrow wounds, there was an assortment of blade cuts all over her body. They were mostly shallow though, and the blood loss was minimal, some have even begun to scab.

The most serious wounds were still the three arrows lodged inside, which required immediate attention

The woman frowned and ran outside.

Meng Wu was pacing back and forth, looking towards the tent with degrees of admiration and concern.

Brother Gu is truly an unfathomable figure, to which common reasoning does not apply. To face a thousand men, even he had long since dreamed of trying it. Regrettably, he was tasked with commanding the rear, reserve units. Otherwise, he would not have passed on the opportunity to slaughter some enemies with Brother Gu.

Still, Gu Nan’s injury remained a source of worry for him. In ancient times, an arrow wound was a particularly difficult injury to manage and recover from. To lose a life from the symptoms of an arrow is not out of the discussion either.

Suddenly, the opening of the tent was lifted and the female doctor rushed out, yelling out loud. “Hey, whoever, get me some clean water, a clean towel, and a large basin!”

Although he naturally wanted to become angry at the sight of this woman, he abided with her request without any carelessness. “Quickly, prepare it!”

All the surrounding soldiers rushed away, fetching water and grabbing water basins.


In the middle of the forest.

Zhao Kuo lifted the flap on the tent and walked in. He was physically and mentally exhausted.

He had still underestimated the Qin army.

The situation at the time looked to be improving, but all of it had been foiled by the sudden appearance of a few ten-thousand Qin infantry. The Zhao army was eventually sent reeling, resulting in their situation plummeting back to their original state, trapped and starving.

Truly, thirty thousand infantry was a tiny group compared to the entirety of the Zhao force. But it was still troublesome to eliminate, requiring time and focus. As Zhao troops were entangled on their rear, the Qin main force can begin counterattacking. This pincher attack sowed confusion among the soldiers and led to their defeat.

The Zhao army is now in a dilemma. After their hasty retreat, they were trapped on a large hill between the Qin army and the Dan River.

A makeshift camp was constructed after the exhausted soldiers felled the surrounding trees. However, the defensive capabilities of this camp were meager and almost useless.

Once the Qin army lumbered over, the Zhao army can only suffer a huge loss.


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