Chapter 6: Medicine and Tailsman

After an indefinite time, the “old monk” Ye Chenfeng suddenly opened his eyes. Full of strength, his palms suddenly striking towards the smooth rock causing cracks to appear.

His body, was like a bird leaping high, facing the flow of water straight on. His fist continuously bombarded the waterfall, cutting off the flow for several seconds.

“Finally, I’ve reached the first stage of Six Pulse Heavenly Body.”

The waterfall helped negate any ground tremors that would have otherwise been felt. Ye Chenfeng drifted down from the air and fell to the waterfall’s lakeside.

When he felt the body’s outbreak of power, Ye Chenfeng was very surprised.

But to cultivate to the first stage of the Six Pulse Heavenly Body, he consumed all of his soul crystals. He would like to quickly cultivate to the second stage but first, he must find a way to buy more soul crystals.

But since the Ye Family banished him, Ye Chenfeng lost his primary source of money. and the price for a soul crystal was more than ten thousand silver. Ye Chenfeng however, only has less than twenty-two silver. To afford the soul crystals he needed to find ways to get money.

In addition to the lower grade soul crystals, Ye Chenfeng also needs to buy some herbs, to stimulate his potential, easing his cultivation. However, this type of medicine is undoubtedly much more expensive.

“Perhaps the two inheritances can help me out with this dilemma.” Ye Chenfeng took a deep breath and decided to spend time studying the knowledge. The process was simple as inheritance was printed in the depths of his mind.

Ye Chenfeng spent his time like this, eating some dry food, adjusting his state, began to integrate the complex memories of the inheritances.

Although Ye Chenfeng’s memory fragments were very strange, but since he had the God Biting Brain, his comprehension speed reached the point of being unbelievable.

After about two days or so, Ye Chenfeng had successfully merged the medical and talisman inheritance to his memory.

“Good mysterious inheritance, the medical and talisman inheritance is absolutely not comparable to anything in Zijin Country. Perhaps only a major sect would be able to have such superb research into medicine and talismans. His eyes bloodshot, and a resounding headache plagued Ye Chenfeng. The deep understanding of the two inheritances, caused his face to show heavy surprise.

But the knowledge of talismans is broad and profound. Ye Chenfeng to fully grasp talismans, would need to practice. But to practice talismans, as a beginner is simply no different from burning money.

Although the medical inheritance can also make money, but he did not have time to open a hospital. So at this stage, the most immediate solution is to make talisman characters in the shortest possible time.

“Well, how about I paint this offensive-type talisman character.”

Ye Chenfeng thinking for a while, selected one of the easiest talismans. While this talisman is supposedly the one of the easiest in his memories, but the refining materials are still rare and more importantly expensive.

“Blood of a wild beast, Star Powder, high-grade Vermilion Powder, Yellow Jade paper … what is this!”

Thinking of luxurious materials, Ye Chenfeng’s heart of passion was replaced by depression. To him that has only twenty-two silver, it is estimated that even the cheapest Yellow Jade paper cannot be afforded.

“Who should I ask for money?” Ye Chenfeng started to worry about.

Since his soul awakening and being kicked out of the Ye Family, his friends became less and less. Until at some point, he had no friends around, and no one willing to lend money to him.

“Ye Ziling, it seems that I can only borrow money from her.”

Thinking for a while, Ye Chenfeng could only think of that person, and he’s not even sure if Ye Ziling would lend him the money.

“Well, might as well go and try it out.”

Ye Chenfeng gave a helpless sigh, and nibbling on some dry food, he left his secluded valley and traveled back to Baidicheng City.

Because the fear of pursuit by Qi Tongtian’s enemies, Ye Chenfeng did not return to his original home, but directly to Ye Ziling’s courthouse in the Baidi House.

“Why did you come, did you need to find me for something?”

Ye Ziling hears a knock on the door, gets out of bed and opened the door, when she saw Ye Chenfeng standing outside, she was stunned a moment, then said flatly.

“I want to borrow some money.”

Looking the female dressed a thin gauze dress, tall, legs rounded, and a face brimming with youth and vitality. Ye Chenfeng didn’t wish to delay and went straight to the point said.

“Borrow money?” Ye Ziling’s brow slightly wrinkled and said: “How much money do you need?”

“Thirty thousand silver.”

“Thirty thousand silver, what do you want to do with so much money?” Ye Ziling did not think Ye Chenfeng would need to borrow so much money, cold asked.

“For cultivation.” Ye Chenfeng faint response: “At the latest, I will return to you in one month.”


“The thirty thousand silver I’ll give you, I don’t need you to return.” Ye Ziling seeing the shining look in Ye Chenfeng’s eyes, could not help thinking of them grow up together and finally agreed.

“But Ye Chenfeng, this is the last time I will give you money. I hope you do not bother me again in the future.


Ye Chenfeng gave a wry smile, but agreed, but in the future when he earned enough money he will definitely return it to Ye Ziling. After all, he did not want to owe her money, but he would definitely not want to owe the Ye Family.

Wishing to borrow thirty thousand silver from Ye Ziling. Having achieved his goal, Ye Chenfeng without creating any more troubles, turned away.

“Ye Chenfeng, we are already people of different worlds, I hope that you can be good to yourself.”

Watched Ye Chenfeng’s back, Ye Ziling muttered to herself. But she did not know, Ye Chenfeng had a stunning transformation, and that they both of them are the same, Soul Beast Masters.

Carrying thirty thousand silver, Ye Chenfeng directly left the Baidi House, and came to the largest shop in Baidicheng City. Spending nearly twenty-eight thousand silver, he bought nine copies of the Yellow Jade paper, a set of silver needles, and thin face mask.

Ye Chenfeng’s reason for buying the face mask is that he’s afraid that Soul Eater would be exposed, and to prepare for contingencies.

And silver needles, are because of the medical inheritance, there is a set of mysterious acupuncture methods, Heavenly Needles.

The inheritance states that to display the acupuncture method, Heavenly Needle needed the user to release soul force, stimulating the acupuncture points, and releasing the soul force directly through the needles and cure internal injuries.

The purchase of the required things leaves Ye Chenfeng with about one hundred silver. In the eastern suburbs of Baidicheng City, he rented small building as a temporary living place.

“Expensive! Everything is way too expensive, especially the wild beast blood, each bottle is a thousand silver, how do these people get away with robbery!?”

Ye Chenfeng quickly cleaned the dusty room, he placed the materials on the old table, looking at nine bottles of beast blood, he marveled.

He purchased the material enough to make nine copies. Ye Chenfeng did not blindly go making the talisman, but sat cross-legged in bed. Rehearsing in his mind over and over again.

After all, with nine copies worth of the material, each one’s value is more than three thousand silver, once he fails, he will lose everything.

About two hours later, Ye Chenfeng finally felt ready and began refining his life first talisman character.



So an early release this time, I was dumb and had no chapters stored up beforehand. So I tend to release right after I edit and proofread the chapter. I think I’ll use the rest of today to start building up a queue to solve the irregular release times.

TL Note: You can cultivate without a soul beast, but it’s near impossible to progress. So Ye Ziling would not suspect that he has a soul beast yet.

TL Note: The novel never really stated yet but MC is about 15-16 as it said that it was 3 years since his Soul Beast Awakening which held is at 13. He just looks older like a young adult.


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