Chapter 13: Drugged

Warning: Somewhat NSFW

“Not good!”

Feeling the danger behind him, the black-robed man was shocked and quickly moved to dodge Ye Chenfeng’s heavy punch.

Although he dodged the strike, but the power contained in the fist shocked him, causing his breathing to become uneasy.

“Who, who are you?”

The black-robed man took a deep breath, and calming himself. Closely observing Ye Chenfeng, he grimly asked.

To the desperate Qiao Jingyuan, this moment was as if the immortals had descended. Her eyes shone with new hope towards the newcomer.

When she glanced at Ye Chenfeng, her heart sensed a familiar aura, as if it was déjà vu.

“Now that I’m here, I’ll kill you.”

Although Ye Chenfeng never had a great impression of the arrogant Qiao Jingyuan, he still wouldn’t have her consciously harmed.

“Just by yourself?”

Calming down, the black-robed man found that Ye Chenfeng was actually weaker than himself. Secretly relieved, he once again controlled his soul beast and formed his black baton, and swung it towards Ye Chenfeng’s head.

As the man swung his baton, Ye Chenfeng calmly received the stick with his fist.

Seeing this, the black-robed man’s face formed a sneer: “A fist against my black stick, do you not want your arm?”

And Qiao Jingyuan was left stupefied, as he could not see how a fist could stop the strike.


Ye Chenfeng’s punch that contained the might of 1,500 jin collided with the black stick, followed by a crisp snapping sound.

But while Ye Chenfeng’s fist was fine, as large split formed on the black baton.

The black-robed man’s smile instantly solidified, as a powerful force traveled down the stick. Onto his hands and shaking his whole body, barely managing to hold onto the stick.

The next moment, Ye Chenfeng suddenly took a large step. His body shooting towards the man’s body. Not waiting for him to react, Ye Chenfeng released another punch, breaking through his defenses like glass, aiming towards his chest.


The black-robed man’s chest instantly collapsed under the force, and his blood spraying uncontrollably from his mouth. His body drawing a beautiful arc across the air and landing with a loud thud.

As he was about to be hit, he quickly used his soul force to create a barrier, limiting his injuries.

Seeing the man trying to escape, Ye Chenfeng dashed to catch up. As he jumped into the bushes, he was then ambushed again by the black-robed man. Releasing his soul beast again, opening it’s mouth and biting towards Ye Chenfeng.

Facing the sudden attack, Ye Chenfeng was still as calm as if casually. His 1,500 jin of strength was instantly poured into his fists and with one punch felled the beast.

The next moment, Ye Chenfeng activated his Soul Eater tactic and a bloody vortex formed on his hand. And began rapidly devouring the weakened soul beast, swallowing its soul energy.

In only three breaths, the soul beast was completely swallowed up by Ye Chenfeng.


After his soul beast was swallowed, the backlash immediately hitting the black-robed man. Blood spraying from his mouth crazily and directly fainted on the spot.

“Wow, such pure soul force, it seems directly devouring a soul beast is even more effective than absorbing soul crystals.”

After absorbing the soul beast, Ye Chenfeng felt a river of extremely pure soul force flooding his meridians and pouring into his Blood Egg.

In only 5 breaths, his strength reached the peak of second-rank and was incredibly close to breaking through to the third-rank spirit beast.

Feeling his strength increased again, Ye Chenfeng immediately came to the man in black. Without any hesitation, swiftly ended his sinful life.

Killing the black-robed man, Ye Fengfeng of course looted his body. Finding 68,000 silver, 5 low-grade crystals, and a blood-red colored Dan pill.

“Fire Dan, this person has a fire Dan medicine.”

Ye Chenfeng once saw a Fire Dan in the Baiyun Shop. However, it was a fifth-grade Dan Medicine and quite rare. More importantly, it was too expensive so he had to give it up.

But now a Fire Dan was right in front of him, making waves of joy move in his heart.

With this Fire Dan, as well as the soul crystals, he is confident that he can start cultivating the Six Pulse Heavenly Body’s second stage, refining flesh.

After sufficiently looting his body, Ye Chenfeng returned to where Qiao Jingyuan was. But upon seeing that she was not fully clothed, his eyes were confused as he adverted his gaze.

But at this point, Qiao Jingyuan was fully under the effect of the drug, with her hair messy lying around, and her body squirming all over the place.

Her body trembling on the ground like a snake, twisting around and tearing at her clothes.

Ye Chenfeng who was only fifteen years old, never experienced something like this and was stunned. Seeing Qiao Jingyuan’s glowing skin and seductive posture, his heart fluctuating within his confusion.

At this time, the drugged Qiao Jingyuan climbed over to the distracted Ye Chenfeng and started to kiss his body.

Once Ye Chenfeng realized what was happening he removed Qiao Jingyuan’s clinging body. Biting his tongue to suppress his desires, he hit her neck, knocking her out.

“You’re lucky, it was me. If it was someone else, they probably wouldn’t have the integrity.” Ye Chenfeng took a deep breath, and took out a silver needle hidden in his arm. Activating Heavenly Needle and purifying her system of the aphrodisiac.

After about 10 minutes, the drug gradually fades away from Qiao Jingyuan’s body and her breathing becoming more uniform.

Ye Chenfeng looked at the woman lying on the ground. Without any distractions, taking off his clothes and covering her body, and placed her in a cave. Then left without much thought.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 13: Drugged

  1. Thanks for the translation!

    Promising novel and a really cool MC with the devouring skill as he can always power up after killing strong opponents..

    Will there be a Harem in this novel or will there be only one love interest or no romance at all?

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  2. Idk, tbh I haven’t read that far in the RAWs. But I just assumed that it’d end up as a harem.


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