Chapter 14: Breaking Through


Soon after Ye Chenfeng left, Qiao Jingyuan woke from her unconsciousness.

Opening her eyes, she suddenly tensed up and curled up into a ball. Scanning the surroundings.

“Who’s clothes is this?”

Qiao Jingyuan checked her body and was surprised to see that her injuries were nearly fully healed, and found that she was covered by a robe.

“Him, it was that person that saved me.”

Despite Qiao Jingyuan’s fuzzy memory, she did recall how a young man fending off the black-robed bandit.

“Thankfully, I had not been violated by that bandit, he really saved me.”

Qiao Jingyuan shed tears of excitement, her heart very grateful to the young hero.

“Who was that man? His face seems so familiar, as if I’ve seen him before… ”

“Is it him?”

Thinking of the possibilities, Ye Chenfeng’s figure popped up in Qiao Jingyuan’s head. Following by a disappointed shake of the head, and sighed. “It can’t be him, if he doesn’t even have a soul beast how could he have beaten the bandit.”


After saving Qiao Jingyuan, Ye Chenfeng did not leave the Baiyun Mountains, instead he went deeper and found a secluded pool.

“This place is pretty good, I’ll absorb the Fire Dan here.”

Ye Chenfeng’s body soaking in the cool waters, he took out the Fire Dan and prepared himself.

Feeling the heat from the Dan medicine, Ye Chenfeng took a deep breath, adjusting his body, then swallowed the Fire Dan whole.

After about a minute, Ye Chenfeng felt a burning sensation in his stomach. Waves of warm energy nourishing his internal organs and his muscles.

At this point, Ye Chenfeng felt like he was thrown into a hot oven, the energy growing stronger and more intense. Causing him to feel as if he was a burning and his muscles on fire.

If it was not because of the cold water around him to suppress the fire energy, Ye Chenfeng would not be able to bear the pain.

All his life, Ye Chenfeng was confidence in his ability to persevere. However, absorbing the Fire Dan was so painful, it caused him to shiver.

In the face of the otherworldly pain, Ye Chenfeng could only clench his teeth and cultivate the Six Pulse Heavenly Body. Using the fire energy and the pain to accelerate his transformation.

Slowly, black liquid started to ooze out of Ye Chenfeng’s pores as he continually worked to refine his body.

As Ye Chenfeng was emitting more and more heat, the cold pool grew warmer. The surface of the pool forming a fog.

“Hold on, this, this is nothing. I will push through.”

Ye Chenfeng took a deep breath, and increased the speed of the Six Pulse Heavenly Body, rapidly fusing his cells with the abundant fire energy.

One hour, two hours…

As Ye Chenfeng approached the three hour mark, his consciousness was reaching it’s limit. His spirit barely hanging on until, suddenly, more and more black liquid spilled from his body.

“Transformation, rebirth.”

Feeling the changes in his body, Ye Chenfeng feels relieved and continues to endure the agonizing pain.

Finally, when the Fire Dan is almost depleted, Ye Chenfeng heaved a loud breath. His body felt renewed, having excreted a lot of impurities.

Although Ye Chenfeng felt very weak, he was brimming with excitement as his improvement from the transformation was not at all small.

“Six Pulse Heavenly Body, second stage, Refining Muscle is truly difficult.” Feeling the change, Ye Chenfeng muttered to himself.

But he’s not disappointed, as long has he enough cultivation resources, he is confident that he can work his way to completing the entire Six Pulse Heavenly Body.

Feeling his new power, Ye Chenfeng walked out of the pool and came to a ancient tree. Big enough that four people could barely wrap themselves around it.


Ye Chenfeng roared loudly, his muscles flexing with newfound might. A powerful force concentrating on his right fist, smashing into the tree.

A splitting sound resounded, the tree swaying as it could not withstand the strike. Several large cracks appeared on the surface of the tree.

The cracks spreading through the entire trunk, toppling the old tree. Shaking the ground violently as it fell.

“2,500 jin of strength. At my current power, I might be able to contend with a first-rank Illusory Beast.

Feeling the increase in power, Ye Chenfeng let out a satisfied grin. With his strength alone he could defeat a sixth-rank spirit beast and fight a first-rank illusory beast.

However, those at the Illusory Beast realm can start cultivating soul skills, and Ye Chenfeng who’s relying only on strength will have a hard time defeating them.

Wanting to increase his strength as fast as possible, Ye Chenfeng decided to try to tackle the bottleneck and break into the third-rank spirit beast.

Compared to refining his body, cultivating his soul force through Soul Eater was much easier for Ye Chenfeng.

As he fully released Soul Eater, the soul force from the soul crystals flowed towards his body, entering his Blood Egg.

As the last soul crystal loses it’s luster and disintegrates into dust, cracks become visible on the surface of the Blood Egg.

Then, a powerful soul force gushed out of the Egg. Rushing into Ye Chenfeng’s body and promoting his cultivation. Helping him break through the bottleneck and reaching the third-rank.

In just one day, Ye Chenfeng broke through to the third-rank from the second-rank. This cultivation speed could not be compared in the entire Zijin Country.

Showing how monstrous this soul tactic was.

“Time to go back.”

Ye Chenfeng took a deep breath, washing himself in the water, then exited the Baiyun Mountains.

On the way back to Baidicheng, he saw someone unexpected.


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