Chapter 15: Transaction

Ye Chenfeng who was walking back from his seclusion in the Baiyun Mountains, could vaguely see a slim figure standing outside his courtyard gate.

“Could it be her?” Why did she come to Baidicheng City? ”

Although he has not seen her for several years, there was not way that Ye Chenfeng could not recognize Zijin Country’s number one beauty, Ji Qingxue.

While Ye Chenfeng was not too familiar with Ji Qingxue, he was still stunned when he unexpectedly saw her.

Delicate and elegant, with black and elegant long hair reaching the shoulders and especially her pair of dark eyes. If anyone saw her, they would certainly stop and stare.

Ye Chenfeng looked at Ji Qingxue as she returned with a stare.

Quite handsome, with eyes deep as the sea. Because of the long-term training of the body, he didn’t have a trace of fat. His posture was also tall and straight, with an atmosphere of an adult.

Although she felt that Ye Chenfeng was different, she still had some displeasure. However, seeing that the person she was waiting for appeared, she gave a faint smile.

Hesitating, Ye Chenfeng the slowly walked over and taking the initiative to ask, “Why did you come?”

“I have something to do with you.” Ji Qingxue gently responded.

“You want me to cancel the engagement?”

Ye Chenfeng speculated a bit and said the most likely conclusion.

“What, do you really want to break the agreement?” She said.

“Do you think so?” Ye Chenfeng exposed a touch of a smile, said.

“If I wanted to marry you, would you believe me?”Ji Qingxue said: “If I had no purpose for coming, I would not be here.”

“Then you come to…” Ye Chenfeng frowned slightly, unable to figure out Ji Qingxue’s motive for her sudden visit.

“What, are you not going to invite me in?”

Ji Qingxue calmly observed Ye Chenfeng, she found that he really changed. He would normally be excited to talk to her but now his was not the least bit distracted.

But now, looking at Ye Chenfeng’s eyes, he seemed as calm as a pond.

“My place is pretty dirty, if you don’t mind then come in.”

After stating, Ye Chenfeng opened the red painted doorway into the messy courtyard.

Looking that Ye Chenfeng’s home, Ji Qingxue subconsciously wrinkled her brow. As the Ji Family’s treasure, she was somewhat angry that she had to come to a place like this.

Thinking of living in this place for awhile with Ye Chenfeng, Ji Qingxue was shaking her heart.

But when thinking of the consequences of not living here and falling into the hands of the Jiang Family. Ji Qingxue, restraining the displeasure in her heart.


Ye Chenfeng walked to his room and after changing his clothes, he looked at the uncomfortable Ji Qingxue and said.

“Thank you, but I’m not thirsty.”

Ji Qingxue shook her head and said with a voice like singing birds.

“Well, you came all the way here to find me for what? Obviously you’re not here just to see me.” Ye Chenfeng was sitting in a simple armchair and while looking at Ji Qingxue asked.

“He’s really not the same.”

Ji Qingxue said to herself, seeing that Ye Chenfeng was so straight forward, however, it still didn’t change the fact that he didn’t have a soul beast.

“I… I want you to marry you.”

Ji Qingxue said hesitantly, disturbing Ye Chenfeng’s thoughts.

“Marriage……” Ye Chenfeng’s brow wrinkled, his calm collected face fluctuated. Looking at Ji Qingxue’s beautiful face said, “Do not try to be indirect, with my lack of a soul beast and my banishment the Ji Family would never approve. Leaving the only possibility, using me as a shield.”


Ji Qingxue didn’t think that the Ye Chenfeng would be so sharp. His words struck directly at the matter, causing her to be for a lack of words.

“Tell me your true purpose, otherwise you can leave.”

Ye Chenfeng said emotionlessly, causing Ji Qingxue to have a slight feeling of guilt.

“I really am in trouble!” Ji Qingxue took a deep breath then told her whole situation to Ye Chenfeng.

“So this Jiang Shanshui want to marry you, but you want me to marry you as a shield, so he would become unwilling to marry a wasted girl?” Ye Chenfeng gave a wry smile and said.

“Because we were arranged to be married at an early age, the entire Zijin Imperial City knows of our engagement.”

“No matter if they believe it or not, as long as we get married, with Jiang Shanshui’s proud character, he would not lose his face to continue to pursue me.”

“The most important thing is that I have cultivated to the sixth-rank spirit beast. If I can break through to the illusory beast realm, my grandfather would not consider sacrificing me.”

Because her trick was revealed by Ye Chenfeng, Ji Qingxue could only tell the whole situation and plead for his help.

“Ji Qingxue, have you thought about the consequences of doing this?”

Although he gained a lot of strength, he was still too weak. Against the experts of the Jiang Family, he was only an ant. If he was the least bit careless, he would lose his life in this conflict.

“I know it ‘s unfair to you, and the Jiang Family would most likely retaliate against you. But I do not have another option, I sincerely don’t want to end up in the hands of that Jiang Shanshui.” Ji Qingxue said.

At this point, Ye Chenfeng would like to refuse, but after all, he was once quite fond of Ji Qingxue. Looking at her sad helpless eyes, he was conflicted.

“Ye Chenfeng, I promise that if you do this for me, I will compensate you as much as you wish. If you leave afterwards, even the Jiang Family would not be able to find you.”

Looking at the unsure face on Ye Chenfeng, Ji Qingxue promised.

“Can you pay the money in advance?”

What Ye Chenfeng needed now was money. If he had enough cultivation resources then his strength would skyrocket. Even if the Jiang Family wanted to retaliate it would not be a simple conflict.

“Yes, how much do you want?”

Ji Qingxue did not think that money would be enough to sway Ye Chenfeng, revealing a surprised expression.

“One million silver.” Ye Chenfeng faintly said.

“I only have 300,000 silver with me. However, I can assure you that I will get you the one million silver.” Ji Qingxue said resolutely to Ye Chenfeng.

“Deal!” Ye Chenfeng received the 300,000 silver and agreed.

Not sure why, but when Ji Qingxue handed the silver to him. Her heart had an inexplicable feeling, as if something was lost.


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  1. I feel the cultivation ranks translation is wrong, atleast it feels wrong to read.

    “I have cultivated to the sixth-rank spirit beast”

    This just sounds awkward for humans to say.

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  2. hmm well I was kinda concerned about that too. The the two alternatives are stage and level. I’ll experiment when I TL the chapter tomorrow


  3. Oh I think you were referring to the Beast Part. Not much I can do except do a literal translation of the term. 靈獸者 is truly difficult to translate if anyone has alternatives then please say so.


  4. Thanks for the chapter Mingdelta! Looks like she gets to watch his rise firsthand.


  5. Instead of
    “I have cultivated to the sixth-rank spirit beast”

    “I have cultivated my spirit to a sixth-rank beast”

    “I have cultivated my beast spirit to sixth-rank.”


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