Chapter 16: A Silent Night

As the night grew deeper, a soft light surrounded Baidicheng City. The lights covering the city like a thin veil.

“Well it’s getting late, you should get some rest, I’ll leave.”

As the two sat silently, Ye Chenfeng took note of the darkening sky and got up to leave.

“Chenfeng, stay. I still have some things that need your help. Ji Qingxue quickly shouted at him and said, her cheeks reddening.

“What is it?” Ye Chenfeng wrinkled his brow and said with a calm tone.

“I, I want to use a memory stone and record us sleeping together…”

Although Ji Qingxue is not timid in front of Ye Chenfeng. She could not help becoming embarrassed when she thought about it.

“Sure thing”

Ye Chenfeng understanding that she needed some recordings, nodded his head and agreed.

“Ye Chenfeng, you wait, I need to first change into some nightgowns.” Reassuring herself that this was for the sake of escaping the hands of Jiang Shanshui.

After closing the door, the red-faced Ji Qingxue was holding her luggage and fishing through the clothes.

After some hesitation, Ji Qingxue called out from within the room: “Ye Chenfeng, you can come in.”

Walking into the room, Ye Chenfeng saw the dimly lit room. Seeing Ji Qingxue clad in a black skirt, sitting on the bed watching himself.

The tight nightgown outlining her maturing body, enough to make many a man drool. The crystalline smooth skin shining in the moonlight, producing an invisible temptation.

Below the trim of the black gown was a set of two straight and perfectly rounded legs. Exposed to the air, they radiated an astonishing glow.

Although it has been a long time since Ye Chenfeng really interacted with Ji Qingxue, he even he had to admit that she was really an astonishing beauty.

“Ye Chenfeng, I must trouble you.”

Seeing Ye Chenfeng’s stare, Ji Qingxue felt somewhat uncomfortable. Fortunately, even if he gets out of control, she would not have an issue.

“I’ve got your money, it should be enough for now.”

Ye Chenfeng hearing this removed his gaze and slowly walked towards the bed. Taking off his upper garments, revealing his slim torso. Sitting beside the still somewhat cautious Ji Qingxue.


Ji Qingxue took a deep breath, restraining the embarrassment inside. She took out the prepared memory stone, placed it in a recording position.

Memory stone opens, the two as if rehearsed, opened the blanket and then laid on the hard wooden bed.

Their bodies close together, Ye Chenfeng could smell the faint fragrance of Ji Qingxue. Giving his heart a relaxed feeling, could not help taking a deep breath.

Of course, Ji Qingxue was aware of this little perverted action. She wrinkled her brow and was quite angry, but to complete the task she could only restrain it. Placing her head on Ye Chenfeng’s shoulder and closed her eyes.

Soon the whole room quieted down, leaving only the sound of the two people breathing.

At first, she was uncomfortable with such a position, but feeling the warmth that Ye Chenfeng radiated. She calmed her restless heart.

Since the pressure of Jiang Shanshui, Ji Qingxue has always been underneath a lot of stress, greatly affecting her cultivation. But somehow when nestled together with this man, it felt as if all her troubles were gone.

Slowly, she forgot the troubles, forgot the people, forgot everything, a quiet feeling. Finally, nestled in the Ye Chenfeng’s shoulders did she fall asleep.

Feeling Ji Qingxue’s calm breathing, Ye Chenfeng knows that she already fell asleep. Gently turning his head, looked at her innocent face, shook his head and got dressed and left.

In the morning, a ray of soft sunlight spilled through the window, lighting the dark room and waking Ji Qingxue up.

“I, I fell asleep.”

When Ji Qingxue slowly opened her eyes, then suddenly sat up, her exquisite face showing shock.

She could not imagine that she allowed herself to fall asleep with someone she hardly knew.

“It’s good that he didn’t do anything to me.”

Thinking of this, Ji Qingxue quickly removed the memory stone and scroll through its contents.

Seeing herself resting on his shoulders, and Ye Chenfeng not having any misconduct, she murmured, “I’ll consider you honest, if you dared, I would cut your hands and feet.”

But seeing her face showing a quiet smile when nestled together with him, Ji Qingxue had a puzzled face.

She could not understand this feeling of serenity from Ye Chenfeng.


“Sigh, the stage is fully consolidated.”

Outside the house, Ye Chenfeng was practicing for most of the night. Managing to reinforce and consolidate the third stage.

After consolidating the realm, Ye Chenfeng got up early and left the house. Walking towards the Baidi House, the reason was to return Ye Ziling’s money.

“Well, Ye Chenfeng, you’ve finally appeared, I’ve been looking for you for several days.” Ye Chenfeng just entered the Baidi House, heard the sound of Di Wanxian. Thinking of how he was framed by Ye Chenfeng, he could not resist giving me a beating.

“Yo, Ye Ziling, are you up?”

Ye Chenfeng came to Ye Ziling’s small courtyard and gently knocked on the door.

“Why did you come see me?”

Hearing the voice of Ye Chenfeng outside, Ye Ziling’s brow slightly wrinkled, hesitated a moment. Then changed into some nicer clothes, opened the door, looked at the man standing outside.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m here to pay back the money.”

Ye Chenfeng looked at the women wearing a gauze skirt, and delicate facial, Ye Ziling. Taking out the 30,000 silver and stuffing it into her hands.

“I said, this money is what I give you, I don’t need you to return it.” Looking at the 30,000 silver, Ye Ziling was quite shocked and whispered.

“I am now rich, and I do not want to owe you anything or owe the Ye Family anything.”

Finished, Ye Chenfeng turned away.

Watched Ye Chenfeng’s receding back and the 30,000 silver, Ye Ziling had a thought. The Ye Chenfeng seems different from the past.




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