Chapter 17: The Evil will be Evil

“Ye Chenfeng, where are you think you’re going, hehe.”

As Ye Chenfeng was about to leave, an obnoxious voice reached his ears.

Waiting outside for what felt like a thousand days, Di Wanxian finally made his move.

“Di Wanxian… I’m surprised you’re not hurt, but up and swaggering around.” Ye Chenfeng said with a sneer.

Seeing the gorgeous clothes and the repulsive smile, he naturally knew who it was. Behind him were several of his henchmen, however with his current strength how could he be afraid?

“Little boy, you dared to frame me. However, this time I will cripple your legs, and make you kneel before me.” Di Wanxian clenched his teeth and said with anger.

“But you are correct, you sure are much bigger.” Ye Chenfeng said mockingly.

“You, a dead man, dare treat me as a fool?! Look, this useless piece of trash dares to insult me. Make him kneel and beg for mercy.” Di Wanxian leisurely commanded of his henchmen.

“Break my legs?”

Ye Chenfeng sneered. He indifferently looked at the three men all at the fourth-rank Spirit Realm.

The next moment, Ye Chenfeng’s body released a powerful force. Like an eruption, his aura caused the men to have a feeling of suppression.


The ground beneath creaking, Ye Chenfeng with a mighty burst of power. The whole body suddenly accelerated, before the four could respond, he had arrived in front of them.

His right hand reaching out, fingers opening, clawing for the throat. The speed of the hand brought terror to the four.

With Di Wanxian’s throat being gripped by Ye Chenfeng’s fingers, his faces instantly solidified. Turning the color of pig liver and breathing turning ragged from shock.

“Boy, you’re looking for death.”

Seeing Di Wanxian’s throat grasped by Ye Chenfeng, after recovering the three followers released their soul beasts. Fusing them together into one, amplifying their strength.

“Do you want to see him strangled by me?”

Ye Chenfeng’s mouth forming a slight smirk and coldly warned. His hand suddenly tightening, turning Di Wanxian’s face turning red.

“Let me go…”

The body grasped by Ye Chenfeng, Di Wanxian’s breathing grew increasingly more difficult. He looked like a duck being strangled.

At this point, Di Wanxian was really afraid of the man in front of him. Afraid of Ye Chenfeng’s cold eyes and the killing intent radiating from them. His heart felt as if it was dropped, his body shaking from endless fear.

“Boy, if you do not want to die, put the young master down. Otherwise we will make you regret being born.”

The three followers gave a warning in fear of Ye Chenfeng acting too rashly and pinching off Di Wanxian’s head. Even if they could kill Ye Chenfeng, they could not escape the punishment afterwards.

“Make them kneel down.”

Ye Chenfeng ignoring the warnings, looking at the fearful face of Di Wanxian, and said to him.

“Cough, kneel, kneel to him.”

By now, Di Wanxian was frightened near to the point of insanity. Not daring to go against Ye Chenfeng’s orders, shouted.

“Why are you not kneeling? Do you really think I won’t pinch off his little head.”

Ye Chenfeng looked at the figures, his fingers gradually tightening. His grasp made Di Wanxian felt like he could die at any moment, flailing his legs in the air.

“Stop, we’ll kneel.”

Seeing Di Wanxian about to be strangled to death by Ye Chenfeng, the three could only clench their teeth and kneel.

“Very good”

Ye Chenfeng nodded his head, and looked at the purple-faced Di Wanxian and said: “Di Wanxian, this time I spare you. However, should there be a next time, I promise you’ll have a miserable fate.”

Finished, Ye Chenfeng released his grip and threw Di Wanxian like a rag-doll towards the men.

Seeing Di Wanxian freed, the three men kneeling quickly leaped up from the ground and charged towards Ye Chenfeng.

“Truly acting reckless.”

Although Ye Chenfeng is only third-rank, his power is more than enough to steamroll the three men.


A crisp sound of a fierce slap, the first of the henchmen flew across the air and landed more than 10 meters away.

Then, Ye Chenfeng’s hands moved with lighting speed, to receive the other two henchmen’s attacks.

Feeling the strength of Ye Chenfeng attack, the two henchmen’s face drastically changed. Quickly channeling their soul force into their fist to increase the attack power.

Then, a bright light came from each of the two men. A roar came out from the light with a soul beast appearing.

“Too weak.”

Feeling the two’s powerful attack, Ye Chenfeng remained unmoved. His hand suddenly moved then using the 2,500 jin of force, completely destroyed the soul beast.

The rebound caused the two to scream like pigs from the pain.

Then, Ye Chenfeng sent forth a terrifying palm, landing atop their shoulders. The force enough to damage even their souls, sending them down into a kneeling position.

“It seems that I need to teach you a lesson that you won’t forget.”

Relying on his strength, Ye Chenfeng completely suppressed his three men. Something that Di Wanxian would have thought impossible.

At this point, Di Wanxian had a bewildered expression amidst his fear, it was only a few days since he last saw Ye Chenfeng. Yet how is he so powerful?

“Ye Chenfeng, the ones that offended you are those three, not me, no need to get angry at me.” Di Wanxian said with an extremely terrified expression.

“Is that right?” Ye Chenfeng gave a cold look at the scared witless Di Wanxian and said, “Kneel.”


Di Wanxian’s face twitched a bit, then gave an ugly look at Ye Chenfeng.

“I do not like to repeat myself, if you do not kneel like a proper dog, then don’t blame me for breaking your legs.” Ye Chenfeng gave a cold stare at Di Wanxian while releasing some killing intent.

“Puff!” Soon, Di Wanxian could not withstand the oppressive aura, his body reflexively kneeling on the ground. The humiliation breaking his previous arrogance.

“Who is that person, with such great courage, even forced those people to kneel. Is he not afraid of the backlash from the families?”

“You may not know but to dare humiliate them in public, he probably has an even more fearsome background.”

Seeing Ye Chenfeng’s oppressive might, inevitably the crowd would be discussing.

As Di Wanxian humiliatingly knelt on the ground, four law-enforcement officers passed by.

Seeing the four law-enforcement officers in the distance, he acted as if he saw a saint, half yelled half moaned, “save me, help, Captain Xu, someone’s trying to kill me!”

Hearing Di Wanxian call out for help, Ye Chenfeng frowned slightly, his mind flashing though a number of ideas.

If he was caught and taken away by the officers, it would be hard to live in Baidi City anymore.

“I hope you do not force me, or you might regret it.” Ye Chenfeng’s eyes flashed a cold light, and muttered.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 17: The Evil will be Evil

  1. [ “Ye Chenfeng, where are you think you’re going, hehe.”As Ye Chenfeng was about to leave the

    As Ye Chenfeng was about to leave, an obnoxious voice reached his ears. ]

    Something seems to be missing. ^

    however with his current strength how could be afraid? > How could he be afraid?

    “No, but you correct, you are sure are much bigger than me, hehe.” > but you are correct, you sure are much bigger

    A dead man, you dare treat me as a fool?! > You, a dead man, dare treat me as a fool?! ( sounds better imo )

    He right hand reaching out > his right hand reaching out

    “Do you want to see his strangled by me?” > Do you want to see him strangled by me?

    There are some other minor errors / typos, whichever they are and some parts could use some polishing. I suggest getting an editor if you don’t already have one.

    Also, thanks for the chapter!


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