Chapter 18: Consequneces of Commitments

“Humph, what’s going on here?” The person who seemed to be the leader, shouted. The crowd hearing this, quickly making a path for the armed officers.

“Captain Xu, I’m Di Wanxian, this evil-doer wants to kill me, quickly save me.” Di Wanxian who was still kneeling on the ground. However, seeing the slowly approaching law-enforcement officers, found new hope and loudly shouted.

Di Wanxian who was still kneeling on the ground. However, seeing the slowly approaching law-enforcement officers, found new hope and loudly shouted.

“Young master Di.”

As the Di Family was quite influential in Baidi City, many of the officers would be able to recognize Di Wanxian. However, when Captain Xu saw him being forced to kneel, he was startled. Immediately casting his eyes on Ye Chenfeng, trying to guess his identity.

“Captian Xu, this man is lawless and evil! Furthermore, he has no background, as long as you can help me catch him, you will have my family’s gratitude.”

Watching Captain Xu hesitating, Di Wanxian could naturally guess why. Quickly clarifying and even promising benefits.

“Hoh, no background!”

Hearing Di Wanxian’s words, Captian Xu felt much more at ease. Then coldly looking at Ye Chenfeng and loudly ridiculed, “Think you are so bold as to publicly attack someone?!”

“Publicly attack? The way I see it, it was them that publicly attacked me. Of course, I had to defend myself so I hit back.” Ye Chenfeng folded his hands behind his back and said nonchalantly.

“Impudent, you still want to be arrogant in front of me?” Capitan Xu’s eyes shone a fierce light and shouted, “What are you two doing standing there, capture him!”

“You sure are righteous.”

Ye Chenfeng sneered. Then an oppressive aura burst out, with Ye Chenfeng as its center.

Now he’s like a lone wolf, baring its sharp fangs.

Feeling Ye Chenfeng’s terrifying oppressive might, the two law-enforcement officers dared not get any closer. Fear shrouded their hearts so that they simultaneously stopped their steps.

“You…. what do you want? You want to fight the law with violence!?”

After his shock subsided, he loudly warned. Not thinking that the young man would have such powerful combat strength.

“If you are not afraid of death, come at me together. But don’t blame me for being harsh.” Ye Chenfeng coldly glared at Captain Xu and the others and stated.


Captain Xu and others could definitely feel Ye Chenfeng’s killing intent. So, no one dared to blindly approach him.

Di Wanxian who was still kneeling on the ground was also stunned. Feeling the outburst from Ye Chenfeng’s body, Di Wanxian started to sweat bullets and his body trembling.

As the atmosphere grew tenser and fighting seeming imminent, a graceful figure approached out of the crowd. Wearing a long red dress, Qiao Jingyuan loudly shouted, “Ye Chenfeng is my friend, who dares to touch him?!”

“Miss Qiao.”

Both the Di Family and the Qiao Family are giants in Baidi City. However, the influence of the Qiao Family far outshines that of the Di Family. So when Captian Xu saw Qiao Jingyuan appear, he had to respectfully greet her.


Ye Chenfeng did not anticipate that Qiao Jingyuan would appear and help him. His brows wrinkling as he contemplated, suspecting that she might have seen through his disguise last time.

But after some thought, Qiao Jingyuan was drugged quite severely and his face was covered. The possibility of recognizing him was minimal.

Besides, even if she did recognize him, Ye Chenfeng would naturally not admit it.

Although Qiao Jingyuan is indeed very beautiful, she focuses on benefits too much. To Ye Chenfeng it could threaten to limit his progress and instead felt that there was no need to interact with her further.

“Ye Chenfeng, I wanted to find you for something, can we talk alone?”

Qiao Jingyuan didn’t bother speaking to Captain Xu, instead looking at Ye Chenfeng with a complex gaze and softly asked.

Qiao Jingyuan happened to see Ye Chenfeng’s domineering strength she automatically thought about that shadow-like man.

“Miss Qiao, your friend publicly beat Young Master Di. I’m afraid if we let him go, we could not explain this to the Di Family.” Captain Xu said hesitantly.

“You can explain to the Di Family, he was a member of the Ye Family. More importantly, if he was wronged, my Ye Family may not sit idly.”

Before Qiao Jingyuan could say anything, the voice of Ye Ziling rung out through the crowd.


Ye Chenfeng was not concerned about people from the Ye Family. However subconsciously, he doesn’t want anything to bind him to the Ye Family in the future.

“The Imperial City’s Ye Family!”

If the appearance of Qiao Jingyuan causes Captain Xu to hesitate, then Ye Ziling’s appearance directly sealed the matter.

If he offended the Ye Family, not to say anything of Baidi City, even perhaps in the whole Zijin Country he could not have peace.

“I apologize to Young Master Ye, I really could not see Mt. Tai.” After Captain Xu found Ye Chenfeng’s identity is definitely not simple, immediately changed his face, bowing as if facing an ancestor.

“Scram!” Ye Ziling felt disgusted at his shamelessness and coldly said.


Captain Xu and the others were like frightened chickens, hurrying to leave.

As Captain Xu had already long left, Di Wanxian did not dare to stay a second longer. Awkwardly jumping up and ran down the street.

“Thank you.”

As Di Wanxian and the others left, Ye Chenfeng directed looked at Ye Ziling and nodded.

“Ye Chenfeng, you be good to yourself.”

Ye Ziling left after saying, turning her body to return back to the Baidi House.

“Ye Chenfeng, I have something to ask you, can you honestly answer me?” After the crowd disappeared, Qiao Jingyuan turned to Ye Chenfeng with her eyes glimmering and softly asked.

“What is it?” Ye Chenfeng could already guess what it was that she wanted to ask.

“Was it you that saved me that night? Qiao Jingyuan looked at Ye Chenfeng with a complex stare, and said after some hesitation.

“‘That night?’ What do you mean? Surely, you are mistaken.”

Ye Chenfeng wrinkled his brows and said with a puzzled expression.

“Was it really not you?” Seeing Ye Chenfeng’s puzzled expression, Qiao Jingyuan exposed a trace of disappointment.

Although in her heart also didn’t believe that it could have been Ye Chenfeng. But seeing the scene of him beating Di Wanxian, it was very similar to that person.

“Excuse me but I really do not know what you’re talking about.” Ye Chenfeng said while shaking his head.

“Nothing, forget that I said anything.”

Qiao Jingyuan didn’t notice any traces of lies from Ye Chenfeng’s words, so after a wry smile, left.

Watched Qiao Jingyuan leaving, Ye Chenfeng could only gently sigh in his heart.

After receiving the inheritances from the brain, he now has much higher aspirations than ever before. Zijin Country would not be able to contain him.

He doesn’t want to become too attached to this place, so as to not affect his Dao heart.



TL Note: tbh I don’t know what this title is supposed to imply. So I did the literal translation instead of making something up.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 18: Consequneces of Commitments

  1. I can sorta understand why he didn’t admit it, but wouldn’t admitting it be better? He’ll probably get rewarded for it and he could use the reward to boost his power.


  2. Ehh yeah the rewards, but it’s also unneeded trouble if they do find out. Like the Ye Family and Bai Family will try to recruit him and it’ll hinder his progression in the outside world.


  3. You know… i never understood these cultivation stories… they will spend there whole lives 90 % meditating, doing strange drugs, then have a fight over stupid things.. all so they can be stronger then the next guy.. yay i spent 200 years meditating now i can beat my evil cousin who kissed my other cousin… and started a family later with a different girl. However as soon as i make him disabled. Ill have to fight others who are upset and dont think it is right to make people disabled for petty reasons. Then ill drag in other family members and there cousins because i couldnt get over a dumb he kissed her first.


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