Chapter 19: Bai Xiya’s Suspisions

Autumn winds and soft sunlight, filling already the fast-paced streets.

After returning Ye Ziling’s thirty thousand silver, Ye Chenfeng used the remainder to buy eight low-quality soul crystals and two fire Dan.

“Hmm, I had 300,000 silver but now I barely have 500 left. It seems that the only way to get better cultivation materials is by joining the Heavenly Fire Sect.” Looking at the remaining silver, Ye Chenfeng could not help but feel dejected, sighing and muttering to himself.

The Heavenly Fire Sect is a grand sect that is coincidentally located in Zijin Country. It is simply the largest existence and the most powerful, unrivaled in Zijin Country. However, the examinations to join are extremely harsh, unless they were a genius among geniuses, they would not be able to pass.

But if you manage to pass the examination, you will have access to the Heavenly Fire Sect’s soul skills and their vast treasury of resources.

Originally, Ye Chenfeng did not dare think about becoming a disciple of the Heavenly Fire Sect. However, now that he has the inheritances and skills from the brain, it should only be a matter of time.

“Hmm, why is she here?”

After Ye Chenfeng bought the cultivation resources and returned to his rental courtyard, he saw a familiar figure. Bai Xiya and Ji Qingxue were both chatting underneath a tree.

Today, Bai Xiya was wearing a light green skirt. Exposing her jade skin in the sunlight, shining an attractive charm.

“Chenfeng, you’re back.”

Seeing that Ye Chenfeng had returned, Ji Qingxue gave a slight, charming smile. Behaving like a newly-wed, she greeted and grabbed his arm pulling him forward.

“Qingxue, who’s this?”

Ye Chenfeng looks at Bai Xiya, slightly frowning, gently asking Ji Qingxue.

“This is Bai Xiya, my best friend, who just so happened to visit us.”

“And Xiya, this is Ye Chenfeng, whom I would entrust with my life.” Ji Qingxue quickly introduced.

“Those eyes, seems familiar.” Bai Xiya muttered to herself.

As Bai Xiya was carefully scrutinizing the simply dressed Ye Chenfeng, she glanced at his dark eyes. For some reason, a sense of familiarity arose. After thinking about it, she thought about that Master Chen who also had dark eyes like that.

Also, those two are both quite young, might the be the same person?

“Chenfeng, is this the second time we’ve met? Are you the Master Chen that saved my grandfather?” Bai Xiya asked with a glimmer in her eyes. While also looking for any clues on his face.

“Who is this Master Chen? I think you are mistaking me for someone else.” Ye Chenfeng’s heart was unwavering, and his face revealed nothing but also pretended to be surprised.

“Wrong person?”

Bai Xiya’s brows furrowed slightly, muttering to herself. Still somewhat unconvinced.

Although Ye Chenfeng is very young, perhaps even younger than Master Chen, but she still has this feeling.

“Xiya, what are you talking about, who is this Master Chen?” Ji Qingxue looked at her friend’s excited face and said somewhat doubtfully.

“Do you remember the thing that I mentioned to you? I feel like Chenfeng was the one to save my grandfather’s life, that Master Chen.” Bai Xiya whispered to Ji Qingxue.

Bai Xiya did not give up, continued to insist, while glancing at Ye Chenfeng.

“Xiya, I think you have the wrong person. Ye Chenfeng doesn’t even have a soul beast. With no soul force, how could he have such heaven-defying skills? If Ye Chenfeng had such good medical skills, then I would have long asked him to heal my family head.” Ji Qingxue frowned slightly and whispered back.

Ji Qingxue was still unaware that Ye Chenfeng had since broken through to the third-rank spirit realm. All of which was due to the brain that he received.

“What? No soul beast.”

Bai Xiya’s brow slightly furrowed, she knew that with no soul beast the body could not condense soul force. While Master Chen obviously used soul force when using his acupuncture techniques.

“Well, although Chenfeng has no soul beast, his talent is still very high. I think that as long as he can work hard, his future can still be very productive.” Ji Qingxue said sweetly.

“Excuse me, it seems I was incorrect and had mistaken you for someone else.” Bai Xiya gently sighed in her heart and said apologetically.

“It’s nothing.”

Towards Bai Xiya, Ye Chenfeng still had quite a good impression.

“It’s almost noon, Chenfeng how about you invite us to eat at the Heavenly Angel Restaurant. It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten there.” Ji Qingxue suggested.

“But, but the Heavenly Angel Restaurant is too expensive, we’re still at home. Why don’t we just eat here?” After buying a lot of cultivation resources, Ye Chenfeng was left with only five hundred silver. He did not want to spend his money so lavishly.


Ji Qingxue almost coughed up blood hearing him speak like that. Even she did not expect that after giving him 300,000 silver he would still be so stingy to not spend several hundred on a dinner.

More importantly, her friend, Bai Xiya, was listening to all of this. Losing all face, she wished that she could strangle Ye Chenfeng.

And Bai Xiya heard Ye Chenfeng’s words, but also exposed a trace of surprise, this time she completely believed that she was mistaken.

After all, in her mind, Master Chen was a noble character and would definitely not be so stingy with money.

But what puzzled her was that Ji Qingxue, with her countless suitors, would be willing to marry this man. A man with no soul beast and a stingy attitude.

See Ji Qingxue’s angry complexion, Ye Chenfeng was helpless and could only regret in his heart. He depressingly said, “Fine, we’ll go to the Heavenly Angel Restaurant to eat. But don’t be ordering the really expensive dishes, my body is truly low on money.”

“I know!” Ji Qingxue said while grinding her teeth.

If it was not because of putting up an act, then Ji Qingxue would have smashed his head in out of annoyance. But, she could only conceal the rage in her heart.

Heavenly Angel Restaurant is indeed one of the highest level restaurants in Baidi City. The food is superb, and even receives praise from Ji Qingxue who is all smiles as she was eating.

But Ye Chenfeng was still dispirited because the two women were quite literally eating his money in front of him. With this, almost all of his silver was gone. If he doesn’t get more money then he may go hungry tomorrow.

“In a couple days my grandfather will turn seventy, I hope that I could invite you and Chenfeng, but I was wondering if you would have time?” Bai Xiya invited.

“Of course there is time, Chenfeng and I will definitely come.” Ji Qingxue said without any hesitation.

While at the side, Ye Chenfeng could only quietly sigh and count his grievances in his heart. After this meal, he only has less than twenty silver left, no left money to buy a gift.

“Well, then I’ll see you later then.” Bai Xiya gave a charming smile, and waved goodbye to Ye Chenfeng and Ji Qingxue outside the Heavenly Angel Restaurant.


MD: Poor MC 😦


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  1. Thanks for the chapter, I wonder if the person who claimed that this novel shadowed Strongest Abandoned Son read the raws, as this is another scene that’s virtually identical barring the setting.


  2. Thanks for the chapter MingDelta! Given his luck he can go for a walk and pick up something rare off the ground lol.


  3. i wonder why did the chick stay at Mc’s house anyways? as they have already made all the needed plannings for mC to be a *shield* so why didn she just go back :/


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