Chapter 20: Killing Night

“Ye Chenfeng, you, you obviously had enough money for the dinner from the 300,000 silver that I gave you. So why are you intentionally shaming me in front of Xiya?”

Bai Xiya just left and the smile on Ji Qingxue’s face immediately disappeared. Angrily glaring daggers at Ye Chenfeng.

“Ji Qingxue, I think you’ve forgotten one thing. The 300,000 silver is mine, and I shall use it as I please, it does not concern you. Especially as you still owe me 700,000 silver as part of the deal. So, put away your little lady temper otherwise I won’t play along with your scheme anymore.” [MD: Sassy MC]

Ye Chenfeng coldly responded, not caring for her identity or appearance.


Facing Ye Chenfeng’s harsh words Ji Qingxue at a loss of words, but it was evident in her eyes that she was still angry.

“Also, if you want to send a gift, you’d better do it yourself. I don’t have the money to help you buy a gift.”

Finished, Ye Chenfeng turned and walked back to his rental courtyard, ignoring Ji Qingxue who was grinding her teeth in anger.

“Ye Chenfeng, I hate you.”

Ji Qingxue who was always the center of attention, being ignored like that was simply not putting her in his eye.

But after thinking about how her own situation, She could only frown and hide her resentment. Letting go of her dignity and silently follow Ye Chenfeng back to that run-down courtyard.

A quiet night, the cold moonlight pouring onto Baidi City, giving the city a faint silver glow.

Back in his courtyard, Ye Chenfeng was in his room, closing the door. Then took out one of his soul crystals and activated his Soul Eater tactic. He started swallowing the soul force and began preparations to attack the forth-rank spirit realm bottleneck.

The angry Ji Qingxue did not disturb him, so after he returned, he immediately shut himself in the room, had not come out even for dinner.

As the night grew darker and darker, Ye Chenfeng was sitting silently, his keen perception noticing three strangers entering his courtyard.

“I was worried that I would run out of cultivation resources, but it seems I’ll be receiving a gift tonight.” Sneering, Ye Chenfeng opened his eyes, his mouth forming a malicious grin.


But before Ye Chenfeng was about to attack, the sleepless Ji Qingxue sprung up. Aware of the three intruders, rushed out of the room and started fighting the three men.

Even though Ji Qingxue is facing three men, she is not at a disadvantage. Due to her high talent which caused her to break through to the sixth-rank spirit realm. Coupled with her high leveled soul beast, the Ice Bird, she was able to quickly gain the upper hand.


The Ice Bird flying underneath the dark sky, with a screech unleashed an attack on the three intruders below. Penetrating into their chest, creating bloody holes.


Seeing the fearful might of Ji Qingxue, the three assassins immediately took the initiative to retreat. With their heavy injuries, they disappeared into the night.

“Hmph, he’s really a coward.”

Ji Qingxue frowned as Ye Chenfeng was nowhere in sight as she was fighting off his assassins. Thinking that he was too scared to show himself, she felt that he had no dignity to speak of.

But little did Ji Qingxue know that Ye Chenfeng had already left. Hidden outside, ready to ambush the three and consume their soul beasts to further his cultivation.

“Damn, this is really unlucky, who knew that that kid would have such a powerful woman around him. If we were even a bit slower, our bodies would have been stuck there forever.”

One of the black-clothed men said solemnly while clenching his bloody chest.

“Brother, now that we failed to assassinate that Ye Chenfeng, how do we explain this to Young Master Di?”

“Hey, when we return we can only hope that young master will consider our loyalty and hopefully help heal us.”

“Hoh, who said you could return?” As the three assassins were escaping towards the Di Family household, a ghost-like voice rung into their ears.

The cold voice caused the three to simultaneously stop and turn towards the source of the voice. Seeing a figure rapidly catching up and stopped close to them.

“Who are you?”

The three men looking at the figure stopped in front of them, vigilantly asked.

“Didn’t you come to assassinate me? If so, how could you not recognize me?”

Ye Chenfeng under the bright moonlight said, indifferently looking to the three.

“You’re Ye Chenfeng!” The assassins were shocked beyond belief.

Because the information they received from Di Wanxian was that Ye Chenfeng lacked a soul beast and had no real strength.

“Yes, it’s me.”

Ye Chenfeng folding his hands behind his back and slowly walked step by step towards them.

“Since you have come to court death, we shall help you.”

Although Ye Chenfeng’s appearance here was very strange, but they could not retreat. Choosing to release their soul beast and pulling out their daggers, charged at Ye Chenfeng.

The three were all in the fifth-rank spirit realm, their speed was naturally very fast. In a blink of an eye, appeared in front of Ye Chenfeng.

Thrusting their daggers towards his chest, aiming for his heart.


Facing the three fatal attacks, Ye Chenfeng used his strength of 2,500 jin and concentrated it into his fist.

With the sound of shattering steel. Ye Chenfeng’s fearful might connected with the sharp dagger, shattering it directly. Then hit one of the assassins in the chest, launching him like a broken kite. Unknown if he’s still alive or dead.

While Ye Chenfeng dealt with one of the three, the other two were still racing towards his chest.

But throught the Six Pulse Heavenly Body profound law, his skin was tough like iron. The two sharp daggers only left a small laceration, no real damage was done.

Seeing Ye Chenfeng’s fearful defenses, the two were shocked. However, the next moment an oppressive palm was rushing forward towards them. Heavily striking their chests, they fell on the ground, unconscious.

Relying only on his physical strength, Ye Chenfeng was able to suppress the three. Feeling somewhat proud of himself, but he could not forget the most important task. Quickly activating Soul Eater and devoured the soul force of the three men.

“Wow, such pure soul force!”

Seeing the changes in his body, Ye Chenfeng exposed a slight smile.

“Oh, three thousand silver.”

As Ye Chenfeng was plundering the three’s bodies, then buried them, found himself a small amount of silver. While small it was still something.

The three thousand silver would just so happen to solve Ye Chenfeng’s most urgent needs.

After the bodies were buried, Ye Chenfeng immediately returned to his own room in his courtyard. Washing his body of any blood stains, and then began to control his Blood Egg to absorb the soul force that he obtained. Preparing to break into the forth-rank spirit realm.


MD: Sorry of the slower releases, I’ve been busy [reading TGS]

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  1. Thanks for the chapter MingDelta! Looks like Heaven pities the poor. Right when he needed more resources three weaker people come to assassinate him.


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