Chapter 21: Indignation of Lian Sanjun

A rosy veil from the East appeared the next morning. Intertwining with the thin morning fog of the plains.

“Finally… Finally broke through to the forth-rank.”

Focusing on breaking through most of the night, Ye Chenfeng finally made it. The Blood Egg revealed a third crack on its surface. It seems that every time he nears a breakthrough, the Egg forms a new crack and supplies him with the final soul force needed to break through.

At this point, Ye Chenfeng has a premonition, if he supplies more and more soul force to the Blood Egg and more and more cracks appear. Then maybe at some point, he could hatch his own soul beast.

As Ye Chenfeng was working on consolidating the realm, a series of rapid knocks came on his chamber door, waking him from his cultivation.

“Ugh, why are you here so early?”

Opening the door, Ye Chenfeng found Ji Qingxue standing outside, wearing a pure white skirt, radiating a charming demeanor.

“Early? It’s almost noon.”Ji Qingxue angrily rebutted Ye Chenfeng. Then said, “Ye Chenfeng, last night there were some assassins that came. If not for me, you might be dead by now.”

“An assassination attempt last night!? Impossible, I did not hear anything.” Ye Chenfeng said while faking a shocked expression.

“I really doubt that you were not a pig in your last life.”

Watching the Ye Chenfeng’s surprised expression, She could not help but become more and more depressed, coldly saying, “As a reward, you must give me two thousand silver, so that I can buy a birthday present.”

“Nope.” Ye Chenfeng said almost reflexively.

Muttering in his head, “If not for the money on the assassins I would only have a couple dozen silver, now she wants two thousand silver? Preposterous!


Seeing that Ye Chenfeng’s stinginess is quite heavy today, she could only compromise, “I only need to borrow two thousand from you, I’ll even double the amount when I return it.”

“I already said that I have no money.”

“You… how can a man be so stingy, I did not say no to you. And also if not for me last night, you would already be dead.”

Ye Chenfeng’s constant refusal left her stomping her feet, her impression of him falling to the extreme.

“Fine. I’ll give you two thousand silver.”

Watching her gaze burning with anger, he could only sigh, leaving him helpless as he pulled out the two thousand and stuffed into her hands. “Before you return the 700,000 silver, try not to borrow money from me, making money is not easy.”

“Hmph!” Clutching the money, Ji Qingxue stormed away.

Watching her walk away, he helplessly shook his head. Shutting the door and continued to return to cultivation and consolidating the realm. The Baidi House assessment would be coming up in 2 months and he needed to prepare for that.

In the past, the top three would be able to participate in the entrance exam for the Heavenly Fire Sect.

However, ultimately the Heavenly Fire Sect’s entrance exam is very difficult to pass. If he wants to have a decent chance of passing, he would need to redouble his efforts.

“Ye Chenfeng, these are the clothes that I bought you, hurry to accompany me to the Bai Manor for the Bai Head’s birthday.” Two days later, she once again knocked on the door of Ye Chenfeng’s room, throwing him some gorgeous clothes, and coldly urging.

After about two minutes, Ye Chenfeng came out wearing some attractive clothes.

Although Ji Qingxue was still angry about Ye Chenfeng’s stingy attitude, but after he put on the clothes, he seems to have changed into a different person.

His face, like a sculpture, his tall nose, and a somewhat dazzling smile. Her disgust could not help but alleviate a lot.

“Ye Chenfeng, Xiya ‘s father is the Baidi City Lord and her grandfather is a very influential figure in Zijin country. Until we reach the main manor, try to speak less.” Ji Qingxue said, fearing that Ye Chenfeng would put them in a difficult situation.

“Don’t worry, I won’t talk.” Ye Chenfeng smiled and nodded his head.

After the agreement, the two entered a carriage that Ji Qingxue hired beforehand. Riding to the center of Baidi City, the manor covers a very wide area. The construction of the buildings was also very luxurious.

Today was the Bai Family Head, Bai Xishan’s seventieth birthday. The long winding halls were all draped with red silk, brightening the household into a sea of red furnishings.

Waves of melodious music mixed with the noise of loud chatter. However, Ye Chenfeng was rather fond of quiet and serene environments, not too much this bustling scene.

“Let’s go in.”

Getting off the carriage, Ji Qingxue extended her arm to Ye Chenfeng and said softly.

Leaning on Ye Chenfeng’s arm, Ji Qingxue had a feeling of easiness that she rarely felt. This feeling was quite foreign to her and so cast it to the back of her mind. However what was strange was that his somewhat thin body still gave off an imposing aura, as if fearless towards even the fiercest storms.

“Chenfeng, Qingxue, you both came.”

The two just came into the bustling City Lord’s Manor. Even in the busy courtyard, Bai Xiya immediately found them.

Today Bai Xiya, wore a bright skirt and a necklace of gemstones. The two standing together were enough to attract all of the attention with their charm and beauty.

“Who is that women hanging around that trash?”

Wearing a set of gorgeous clothes, his posture tall and straight, Lian Sanjun was over looking the scene. Seeing the fairy-like Ji Qingxue he could not help but ask Di Wanxian beside him.

“This is the first time I’ve seen that girl, definitely not from Baidi City.”

Because of the failed assassination attempt on Ye Chenfeng, Di Wanxian still was unaware of the existence of Ji Qingxue.

“Damn, did not expect that waste, Ye Chenfeng, would have such luck with women.” Lian Sanjun exposed a slight sneer, Ye Chenfeng naturally became his new focus.

But little did Lian Sanjun know that Ye Chenfeng was the Master Chen that he had been looking for.

“I’m going to see my grandfather, once he knows that you’ve come he will surely be glad.” Bai Xiya gently holding onto Ji Qingxue’s smooth silky hands, walking down into a lively and dignified hall. Finally seeing an aged man, wearing robes decorated with cranes. Bai Xishan was sitting on the chair greeting the visitors cheerfully.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 21: Indignation of Lian Sanjun

  1. He is broke and letting her borrow money. No wonder people comapre this to Abandoned Son, with spineless mcs.


  2. i really dont get him at this point anyways… why keep it in secret that he is powerful and why keep it in secret that he is broke beacuse he used em all already… and lastly why keep it in secret from the waifu that he already cleaned up the assassins… >->


  3. idk dude, the suffering will end in just a few chapters…
    Ji Qingxue will still be a dense girl and have no idea how strong the MC is for a while.


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