Chapter 22: The Loser Can Scram

“Bai Grandfather, Qingxue has come to wish you a happy birthday, may your fortune be boundless as the Eastern Sea and life long like the Southern Mountain.” Ji Qingxue approached Bai Xishan and said sweetly before presenting a painting as a gift.

“How come you did not visit me sooner when you came to Baidi City? It is not as if I’m an outsider.” Bai Xishan was naturally happy but could not help poking some fun at her.

“Bai Grandfather, do you want me to give you a surprise?” Ji Qingxue said while giving a meaningful glance at Ye Chenfeng. “Today, I brought someone for you to see.”

“Chenfeng greets Bai Grandfather, may your blessings may be deep as the seas.”

Grasping the underlying meaning of the glance and her pleading eyes, he gently stepped forward and approached Bai Xishan.

“Who is this?” Bai Xishan furrowed his eyebrows slightly and asked.

“Bai Grandfather, this is Ye Chenfeng, my fiancé. The reason I arrived a few days ago in Baidi City was to accompany him. Since then we have lived together and a private life.” Ji Qingxue’s face blushing slightly as she shyly said.

“Live together, private life, hmm…” Bai Xishan has heard the name Ye Chenfeng before. But because he cannot form a soul beast, he was exiled from the Ye Family. But why did Ji Qingxue want to marry him?

“Does your grandfather know this?” Bai Xishan said seriously.

“I’ve been looking for an opportunity to tell him, I think he will know in three days at the latest.” Ji Qingxue said.

“Well, since you are happy, I should not affect your decision.” Bai Xishan gently sighed in his heart.

“Thank you, Bai Grandfather, we’ll be departing.” After achieving her purpose, Ji Qinguxe quickly took the initiative to pull Ye Chenfeng out of the hall and outside.

“Ji Qingxue, was this to your satisfaction?”

After the two left the Bai manor main hall, Ye Chenfeng gently brushed off Ji Qingxue’s smooth silky hands off his wrist. Giving her an indifferent look and said emotionlessly.

“Ye Chenfeng, don’t get angry, I promise that after that I won’t use you as a shield again.” Ji Qingxue was unsure why but when she saw the indifferent and cold eyes, her heart seemed to panic.

“Chenfeng, Qingxue, if you two are hungry, I hope you can stay for the feast.” At this time, the ever-graceful Bai Xiya approached and softly suggested.

“Okay, Chenfeng just told me that he was a bit hungry.” Fearing that Bai Xiya would be suspicious, she gave a sweet smile, said softly.

“Yeah, I am a bit hungry.”

Ye Chenfeng exposed a charming smile, suddenly reaching out and grabbing Ji Qingxue’s soft waist. Her face slightly flustering.

“What is it? Do you feel uncomfortable?” Ye Chenfeng looked at Ji Qingxue with a puzzled expressing and thoughtfully asked.

“No, no, I’m fine. It’s nothing.”

Ji Qingxue was wondering if this was an attempt to get revenge and mock her. While she was somewhat angry, she did not dare show anything externally.

“Chenfeng, Qingxue, you two are so close.” Looking at the two, Bai Xiya said with some envy.

“Xiya, you will one day find your own happiness.” Ji Qingxue forced herself to calm down, showing a charming smile and said.

“Hope so.” Bai Xiya thoughtfully said.

Bai Xishan, as highly respected figure and also the father of the City Lord. Invited almost all of the major families to his birthday, in order to entertain the guest, he arranged a grand and scrumptious feast.

As Ye Chenfeng was walking to towards the feasting hall, he saw Lian Sanjun and other walking in their direction.

Ye Chenfeng not caring about their intentions, his right hand pulled Ji Qingxue closer towards him, wanting to bypass Lian Sanjun and the group.

But as Ye Chenfeng and Lian Sanjun walked pass each other, a woman in the group let out a shriek.

With her shout, it instantly attracted the attention of those around them. Pairs of suspicious eyes glaring over.

“Hong Yun, what happened?”

Lian Sanjun asked the flirtatious woman with an ever so slight sneer, deliberately asking aloud.

“He, he touched my butt!” The woman stretched out her slender fingers, pointing at Ye Chenfeng and loudly accused.

“Ye Chenfeng, you sure have guts. Harassing even my friends, don’t believe I won’t beat you into a pulp.” Lian Sanjun’s eyes looked ruthlessly at Ye Chenfeng, coldly threatening.

“Touched her butt?” Ye Chenfeng saw the two with a strange glint in their eyes. He could guess that they had malicious intentions. Forming a slight smile, he counterattacked. “I am sorry, my taste is not that heavy, even if she was presented at my doorstep, I would not touch her butt.”

“You!” The flirtatious woman did not think that Ye Chenfeng would not be afraid, but instead also ridicule her. Her face blue from anger, shaking the arm of Lian Sanjun. “Sanjun, he has harassed me, now he’s bullying me, you must take revenge for me.”

“Ye Chenfeng, we are respectful people, yet you do not have the courage to admit it that you did this?Lian Sanjun aggressively asked.

“So boring.” Ye Chenfeng said while shaking his head.

“You, you despicable villain!” Seeing the crowd growing, the woman used her talent at acting. Creating a distressed look with her eyes tearing and passionately accused.

“You were just passing by, you also said that I touched your butt. Have you any witnesses? Even if all of us had three eyes, no one can say that they’ve seen it.”

“Furthermore, do you think you’re prettier than my fiancée? To tell the truth, even if you stripped in front of me, I would not be moved.”

Looked at the poor and delicate woman, Ye Chenfeng continued to counterattack. He didn’t feel guilty at all considering that she first had malicious intentions.


The flirtatious woman trembling in anger from the humiliation in her heart.

“Ye Chenfeng, you really think I won’t break you.” Lian Sanjun said while glaring at him, killing intent rising within him.

“I think this was all your scheme correct?” Ye Chenfeng’s mouth slightly forming a smile.

“Come on then, the loser can scram.”


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  1. Thanks for the chapter MingDelta! Good time to settle all his troubles and grudges since he doesn’t plan on staying in this city for long.


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