New Series! And Other Stuff

During my break, I tried TL’ing Grand Secretary Shen Li. However, the task was too daunting and I could not continue by chapter 3.

GDOC 1&2 (Dropped) Grand Secretary Shen Li

HOWEVER, I did pickup a fantastic War-Western Fantasy genre Chinese series; Battle in the Third Reich.
Here is the 1st Chapter, really short introduction. (I will officially post the 1st chapter when I add the series to NU)

I also need an Editor. However, this job is REALLY easy. All you need to do be subbed to the website then after I post something, you read it and change errors as needed. You don’t even need to rush to read/edit, just whenever you read the chapter, change any obvious errors. Not asking for much.

Just contact me and the first couple people will have “Editor” authority on this website.



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