v1c11: Future Archives

Volume 1, Chapter 11

“What? Why can’t I go back? ”

Xu Jun was anxious, if not for the fact he could not move, he could have jumped up long ago.

“Because…. from the historical point of view, you have already died at that time… Also, there is no record of you returning in our archives. You can never go back, history does not allow it. According to the Federal Time and Space Administration’s strict laws, history cannot be changed, any change can cause very serious consequences.” The middle-aged answered seriously.

“In theory, we have already violated Federal law. We saved you, instead of letting you die in your own time. However, at the same time. We caused your death, an even more serious crime. If we didn’t save you then we would be severely punished.” He helplessly said.

Xu Jun started to get really desperate to go home saying, “What you do now? Surely you can’t make me stay on this ship forever?”

“Of course not, we have already thought of a solution to your question. Now there is a program that you can take, if you do not agree with it, we can think of another way.”

“What program, say it quickly.” Xu Jun anxiously asked, “Just let me return to Earth, to continue living there.”

Then the middle-aged man entered a few numbers into the console. Then the screen displayed a document. “If you really are interested in the program, please look at this file first.” And then the middle-aged man and pressed another button, and that girl appeared again.

“Federal Archives No.1436, Federal Government Time and Space Administration. In 2158, the Federal Biochemical Program was launched, mainly to solve the labor shortage problem. In 2162, the first biochemical-created person was born. In 2169, biochemical people began to spread. Year 2170, biochemical people were completely accepted into society, as technology began to improve, humans began transplanting biochemical organs. Year 2172, Biochemical people were easily corrupted due to the inability for the AI to learn morality. Thus, in order to manage the growing biochemical crime rate, the Federal Government passed the biochemical management law. Reducing the AI’s capacity and were to be under strict human control.”

Hearing this Xu Jun decided to pause the computer. “Biochemical People? I remember that it was a plot from science fiction, so in the future biochemical engineering will be able to create people?”

The middle-aged man replied, “Yes, biochemical engineering is indeed able to design and produce various biological points and processes. However, it’s incorrect to portray them as humans, simply AI with biological bodies. Due to the energy crisis and the strict control of the population, Earth’s population was under a sharp decline for decades. Which leads to the serious shortage of labor after obtaining sufficient energy. In order to solve this problem, some people proposed using biochemical engineering to create people. This was due to the fact that robots can’t think and have limited capacity for intelligence.

Xu Jun felt incredible, the future could even mass produce people. But currently he has his own issues, no need to worry so much about the future. Asking, “These things are indeed very interesting, but what does this have to do with me?”

“No need to worry, look further down.”

“Top secret file 18654, Time and Space Administration investigation into cases potentially causing serious harm to humanity’s survival. In 2190, an organization called “The corpses”, preached ancient fascist dictatorship and racial theories under the guise of historical remembrance. Which had been banned by the Federal Inspection Agency. But the organization did not stop their activities, instead moving into the darkness.

Year 2210, the organization secretly purchased a DK3-type time shuttle. In the name of historical research, carried out two trips. These trips were not recorded in the Administration’s records nor under their supervision. After investigation, the relevant personnel were arrested, however, the evidence had been destroyed. Due to lack of evidence the person was released. While the shuttle was confiscated by the government.

In 2211, parallel timeline theory is confirmed via detection of a temporal branch. In order to avoid temporal resonance from the timelines contacting, the Administration decided to close all channels into that space. However, the channel could not be completely closed. If the alternate branch timeline establishes contact with the main timeline, then temporal resonance could occur at any time. Thus, changing history and endangering humanity’s survival.

The Time and Space Administration investigated and found that a criminal organization called the “Eagle Group” cause the creation branch timeline. Two years ago, in year 2210, an illegal transmission of instructions was sent to deliberately change the past; resulting in the serious consequences now. All criminal gangs have been captured and all evidence of the crime has been seized. The Time and Space Administration is still continuing to handle the case. Currently working to find a way to permanently cut off the two timelines.”

Xu Jun after listening to the document felt that the matter was difficult to comprehend, but could vaguely guess the middle-aged man’s plan.

Xu Jun said to him, “Alright so I’ve read the document, now let’s talk about your program. What do you want me to do? Don’t you want to send me back in time?”

The middle-aged man laughed and said, “You guessed it, we want to send you back. Not only for your sake, but also ours.”

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