v1c14: Action

Volume 1, Chapter 14

Just then, the room was filled with the sound of a report, “Commander, we have found the location of the target, we are locked on. Please come immediately to the command room.”

“Ah, the key moment has finally arrived, my general, you will also soon be needed. Oh, and don’t forget your uniform, I will be waiting for you in the command room.”

“How do we know that he will be wearing his uniform?” Xu Jun asked.

“Our reports said that he wears his uniforms on any occasion, never talking off.” Tom then ran out in a hurry.

Xu Jun is now growing increasingly nervous. This decision, whether it was a blessing or a curse, there’s now only one choice. In any case, I want to go back to earth, and live well. Thinking of this, Xu Jun put on his general uniform, his military hat, and walked to the command room.

Tom was already in the room, along with several other crew members who were busy in their posts. Seeing Xu Jun walk in, Tom nodded to him, and then let Xu Jun sit down on a seat. Then he began explaining the situation.

“Using a special signal, we have been able to lock onto Jack’s location. In one minute, we will make our move. We will use a time delay device to slow the time down to 20,000 times that of normal. So at the time of Jack’s capture, time will be almost static, this will eliminate most of our problems. However, it also consumes much more energy. So, our window will only be fifteen minutes. Of course, we still have enough time to copy his latest memories. Allowing to get the information on the beacon. Because you have already merged with his other memories, this fusion will only take about half an hour. We’ll take Jack away, you replace his position, and then we complete our separate jobs.”

“Okay, let ‘s start, I think I’m ready.”

“Well, start opening the temporal channel, be ready with the time delay device.”

Tom then handed a piece of metal to Xu Jun, “This is my gift to you, this is a memory tablet. Inside are things that may be helpful to you, this is all I can do for you. You just place it on your forehead and press the button inside to transfer the memories. Don’t use it now, wait until you go to that world and then use it.” Xu Jun nodded his head, put the piece of metal into his chest pocket.

“Entering channel!” A crew-member called out. Then the hull began to shake. About two seconds later the vibrations stopped.

“Let’s get started!” Tom ordered, “Open the 3D imaging and search for the target’s location.” A realistic three-dimensional hologram appeared in the middle of the command room, showing the surrounding terrain. Once Tom and Xu Jun saw the image they were both surprised.

Xu Jun groaned, “God, seriously, that bastard brought us into a battlefield.”

The hologram showed the “Spartan” hovering over a German Heinkel He 111 Bomber. In the surroundings were all kinds of fighter planes exchanging fire. Tracer rounds were seen all throughout the air. A few planes were dragging a trail of smoke as they descended to the ground. Several parachutes were spread out through the air. The scene was strange to see as time was essentially stopped.

“The date is year 1940, May 21st. Time: 13:49:52.” “The target is within the bomber.” “The assault group has entered into the passage.” “The assault group has entered the plane” “The situation is under control.” A crew-member gave a constant report.

Tom said quietly to Xu Jun, “Let’s go.” And then got up and went out. Xu Jun quickly went to catch up. Through the spacial passage connecting the ship and plane, Xu Jun and Tom entered the bomber plane.

After entering, Xu Jun was fascinated by the sight of what was in front of him. This wasn’t a bomber, this was a bomber modified into a luxury business jet. Entering the cabin Xu Jun could see a crew-member standing on the red wool carpet control firing one of the window mounted MG15’s. The splashing shells still floating in the air. Behind him were a couple rows of leather seats. Both on the left and right of the compartment with a wide aisle in the center. There were currently two lieutenants and two soldiers seated. However, now the four men were like four wax figures. Fixed in place, while their faces showed some traces of fear and tension.

“I know them, they are the staff from the army.” Xu Jun felt that he would perhaps actually be able to fill the role.

In front of them was the machine gunner who was squatting down on the deck reaching for the ammunition box while also squeezing the trigger. Causing a waterfall of bullet casings to fall. And then they went inside the business class section. This compartment was further to the back of the aircraft and was separated by a layer of armor on the outside, and even housed armored doors.

Opening the door, Xu Jun went inside. If this was a traditional bomber, then this would be the bomb cabin. Where all the explosives would be held. Both sides of the aisle would house four, 250 kg bombs each. However, now it was completely transformed into an office space. The original aluminum wall was covered with oak boards. Emblems of the Nazi Party decorated the room. Four rows of windows were covered with dark-red velvet curtains. On the left side of the cabin was a small desk, the right side a leather sofa leaning against the wall. The overall design was well coordinated and gave a spacious feel to the otherwise cramped cabin.

There were another four people in the office. Jack was still sitting in the desk, while two crewmen from the “Spartan” were installing the memory extraction device.

The culprit was sitting there, his face stiff and expressionless, his eyes held a trace of an evil color. Xu Jun really didn’t want to know what he was thinking at that moment. There were two-armed SS soldiers, both gazing outside the windows to the battlefield outside. The fourth man was a young major who was apparently joking with Jack.

“My adjutant, Major Hans.” Xu Jun recognized his face: “He’s the direct subordinate of Jack. Well, at least his moral character is good.”

Tom then turned to Xu Jun and said, “Our mission is almost over, we will leave as soon as the memory is extracted, you will stay and complete your mission. Our time is running out, do you have anything to say?”

Xu Jun replied: “Nothing, start it.” The two crew-members brought Jack to the side, and Xu Jun sat down in the desk. Then they attached a few electrodes to his forehead.

Tom went on to say, “Once we transmit the memories to you, you will be temporarily unresponsive. While your present situation isn’t great, I think you can find a way. Remember you mission, you only have 6 months to complete your task. If you haven’t destroyed the beacon after 6 months then temporal resonance would occur and our world would be destroyed. Good luck.”

Xu Jun wryly smiled to Tom and said, “I hope so, anyway, I’ve already died once, and now it seems nothing can scare me anymore. The best of luck to you also.”

Then Xu Jun felt a burst of intense pain in his forehead, countless images flooding into his mind. Followed by him losing consciousness.


End of Volume 1

Next, Volume 2: Smoke, Battle of Arras



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