v3c16: Reflection

Volume 3, Chapter 16

Last night’s experience was still like dream to Xu Jun. He managed to take down the Luftwaffe’s Hermann Göring and also accomplished all of his desired goals. Furthermore, as an unexpected bonus, he currently has complete control over the entire Luftwaffe.

Surely it must be impossible to have so much luck, right?

Göring however, made two fatal mistakes. First, he did not take any of his assistants to headquarters. Of course, he never thought he would ever need an entourage to assist him, but this pointed at his overconfidence. He always thought Hitler would support his views and that bringing his men would be of no use. The most likely reason for the negligence was due to the fact that it seemed like an ordinary meeting. He would attend, then leave that night since he was unwilling to stay in that cramped fortress. However, this led to Göring leaving his guards behind. However, even luckier for Xu Jun, Göring’s liaison at headquarters, General Karl Bodenschatz was unable to attend the meeting due to acute diarrhea that morning.

Göring’s arrogance caused him fall into an unfavorable situation. As he was near unrivaled in authority in Germany, or so he thought. However, the biggest issue with Göring during the meeting was his lack of allies. No one was willing to speak up for him, either because they hated him or they did not dare to offend the rising Deputy Fuhrer. Leaving him unable to refute any of the accusations, and backing him into a corner. If his men were present, he would have never been trapped like that. Because of this Xu Jun was able to quickly seize this opportunity to deal Göring a fatal blow.

However, his most unforgivable mistake is that he assaulted Hitler. It was simply digging his own grave. He obviously did not understand Hitler’s mind. If he had bowed and asked for forgiveness, then Hitler would have maintained his old sentence. Then afterward, he would have a chance to call for reinforcements. Then convincing Hitler otherwise would not have been too difficult. After all, they have known each other for several decades.

Hitler was forced to make that decision, and for Göring to not see that is beyond stupid. Then as a result, he lost his temper, and the fear of being disposed of made him lose his reason. But of course, this is just speculation, it would be impossible to ask him now.

However, thinking back. If Göring never assaulted Hitler then he would never have been permanently removed. If that was the case then it could only be a half-victory. As it would have created a powerful and troublesome enemy. It was possible to become a major issue in his future plans. At the time, it was only an impulse as the meeting started. A small scheme to take down Göring. However, Xu Jun had neglected to take these issues into account. If the plan failed then it would have been particularity disastrous. Just the thought made Xu Jun break out in a cold sweat. Realizing his strategies were still shallow and his political skills were too lacking. Perhaps next time he would not be so lucky.

But there is no doubt Xu Jun hit the jackpot this time around. Göring miraculously went out of control. Leaving his men helpless to even support him. Early this morning, Hitler issued a command to the commander Reich Main Security Office to thoroughly investigate the Luftwaffe command and those with connections to Göring. It seems his goal is clean up the Luftwaffe as soon as possible. It would be hard to describe the terror the Luftwaffe’s senior commanders felt being stuck in an interrogation room with Himmler.

On the topic of Göring’s fate, Xu Jun felt that his punishment was deserved. Looking at history, if he remained, Germany would be defeated and tens of millions of innocent lives ended. Although he had not yet committed those mistakes, history would have repeated itself if he was allowed to remain. Thinking of this, Xu Jun felt quite pleased that he potentially saved the lives of millions.

During the second half of the meeting. Xu Jun finally detailed his insidious plan. The expressions on Hitler and general’s faces were all hilarious. All of them looking at Xu Jun as if he was the reincarnation of Clausewitz or Schlieffen. So, after some small questions, the plan was unanimously passed. All of the commanders started to work. The generals and marshals all started to discuss troop movements and optimum deployments. Even Hitler enthusiastically watched the discussion all night.

Early this morning, Hitler personally a car to take him to the plane. Wishing to him to quickly rush to the front lines to implement the plan. Because based off Xu Jun’s calculations the enemy would start their move soon. Hitler indeed that pressed for time and that every minute was precious. Any delay would leave their plan for naught.

He then quickly rode Cologne in Göring’s Mercedes-Benz, where a plane was ready to take him to the French front. Only Hans, Randolph, and Dorgen accompanied him personally.

However, there were other support officers that went along with him. Because Xu Jun cannot manage every aspect of such a large operation, Marshal Keitel lent almost half of the Wehrmacht command (OKW) and Army command (OKH) to Xu Jun. The experienced staff and secretaries would surely be of much help. However, the total staff that accompanied him bolstered the number to about forty people. Bringing with them high-level communication equipment and luggage. Finally requiring a total of five Ju-52’s. As they flew over the German border, they were accompanied by a group of Me109’s. Creating a formation totaling in 47 planes as they flew towards Arras.

As they reached Arras, the plane circled a few laps before slowly landing on the airfield.

As the plane was taking its approach, Xu Jun could already see that beside the airfield were soldiers from the 7th Panzer Division. The troops and the tanks all have been arranged a large and neat formation welcoming his return. The officers that he recognized were standing in the forefront of the formation. As the plane came to a stop, he was given a hearty welcome.

Xu Jun stood up and took his adjutants out of the cabin. When he first appeared out of the door. He was given a loud “salute” and a gun ceremony by the soldiers.

Xu Jun gave a quick wave of his hand as he stepped down from the plane. Muller quickly approached with the other officers. He first saluted Xu Jun and looked at him with a gaze of respect. Almost too excited to speak.

“How are you, Colonel Muller, what do you think of the 7th Panzer Division?”

“Reporting to the General, I am very grateful for your appreciation. General! I swear to you that I will live up to your expectations. I will go all out to lead the 7th Panzer Division for the Third Reich and fight for your honor.”

Although he had been trying to calm his own excitement, his voice still had traces of trembling.

“In addition, please allow me to congratulate you. You have once again created a record. You are now the youngest general of the Army.”

“Ha ha!” Xu Jun patted the insignia on his shoulder.

“Ah, it is only two stars not enough for your congratulations. I just have to increase the amount of work that I need to do.” Xu Jun then pointed to the men behind him.

[MD: Two stars = Lieutenant General]

“Hans also jumped two levels, he’s also a colonel. Randolph is now an SS captain and Dorgen is a lieutenant colonel. But it seems you also rose a level. Speak nothing of us, you’ve risen the fastest. Even jumping three levels, just two days ago you were only a captain.”

Muller quickly said, “General, if not for your recommendation Army Command would never have agreed to such an exceptional promotion. It is my honor to have this level of trust.”

“Of course not! Colonel Mueller, this was won by you. It was obtained by your own bravery and talent. Although I recommended you, if I did not witness your skills then I would have never promoted you on a whim. Now my only hope is that you use your strength to prove that my decision was correct. That you can afford this great responsibility.”

“General! I swear that I shall prove my worth on the field of battle!”

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  1. No, a completely fictional character, His full name is Stirling Muller. Remember that Muller was only small captain when the MC found him.


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